Why, oh WHY won’t you all just leave me ALONE?!!!

I come here EVERY DAY to this little hate site where I was never invited, and everyone tells me to just go away, and everyone keeps posting that my posts make no sense. I tell you all that it is ENTIRELY acceptable to go to someone’s house, place of work, hide behind the front seat in their car, take the same bus as them (even though the commute to that bus takes over 4 hours and is in the wrong way from where you are going)- IF you REALLY, TRULY WANT THEM TO STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM YOU. This is all very simple in my head. Why can no one else understand? WHY? WHY? WHY? And why must you all make posts to my posts when I want you to all STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME?!!!

If I do not comment on your posts today it is because I am delivering some old cookies I found in my cupboard to Squeams. She likes these cookies, so I don’t want to just throw them out with all the starving people in the world. A cookie saved is worth 8 hours of driving to someone’s house, and place of work. She must not be getting my emails, telegrams, billboards I have posted (those are really expensive, you know), answering her phone, going to her mother’s house, visiting any of her friends, dining out in any of the places we ever went, or going to work. She REFUSES to respond from any of these places.

And all I want to do is give her her cookies, and remind her to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!