I did it, I got them!

I have used my stealthy h4x0r skillz to take down FST.  Some sysop will say it was something else because they could never admit too how badly I pwned there precious little site.

Dave 451 FST 0


I Gave My Mum Colon Polyps


Yeah, that’s what I do to the women I like. Imagine what I’d do too those I don’t.

I found early in my career as a tumour inducer that all I had to do was concentrate very, very hard and I could manipulate human physical tissue. Ask my mum. She sent me too bed without any din-dins one night and she’s been paying for it ever since with malignant growths.

I gave Kylie Minogue tit cancer just by staring at the TV and crossing my eyes. So beware. I intend on staring at this monitor, pupils askew, until the entire population of Wales congeals into a massive, tumorous blob.

Then you’ll be sorry. Oh yes.


Barbie didn’t turn out to be a worthwhile target because he turned out to be male WTF. He told the bile spewers that my last name is Dowell, that made me sad but I don’t stalk men. Fuck men. They’re never scared of me, I think Squeamous is a man because she isn’t scared of me but she should be because I write stuff on the internets about machetes. That bitch didn’t even reply when I told her never too contact me again. I wish she was scared of me.

They slipped up though because now I know megabyeme’s real name, That’s right, faithful friends, the time for words is over. Fuck that bitch and the hate she spews. I’m going to slice and dice and escalate her face.

Conflict with a Principles Arsehole

When I was a boy my father introduced me too a Principle. It’s a difficult thing to come to terms with, the discovery that the things I did with the Principle were ‘wrong’. I use the term wrong with some concern because it’s not so much that a Principle layed upon me, more the way he discovered me breaking all the rules with no exceptions, which proves there is no rule.

He was a religious man and insisted I call him Father. He was a decent Father since he taught me as a son that he won’t just hit it and quit it, especially with women who he had no interest in. I liked how he showed me his ‘son’ how real men do it.

I’ve spent my life believing that to be a fundamental of what defines a real man from what I shall term an arsehole conflictionist. Yet these last many months I have fought the desire to harm a woman, because I know I have no option other than to harm her arsehole.

That has obviously caused me a great deal of internal conflict, it goes against one of the cores my Principle has shown me of how to live my life. Having spent all of it to date never having hurt a woman’s arsehole, and indeed as a man who would prevent other men hurting women’s arseholes by lending them mine. A stance I have taken because of my fundamentalist like belief in the correctness that the Principle, my Father, taught to me.

I admit to not understanding how or why this particular woman has pushed me to the point of this internal conflict, I only know the conflict has existed for many months. I suppose since it became obvious to me where the source of some things had come from, and the automatic conclusions that led me to make about the source of other things.

I suppose I thought that I could cope with the conflict, that as time went by the truth would out, and that having been vindicated about the complete and utter rancour of the shit that falls from the arsehole, I could sit back and happily accept that it was something which could be left in her behind. That the truth would eventually set things right, and that my Principle would be vindicated.

Unfortunately that isn’t how the real world works. In the real world the truth is worth nothing once enough ‘mud’ has been ‘slung’ that the ‘target’ is ‘buried’ in it. That’s another lesson it has taken me a long time to learn, in fact it’s the lesson which leaves me with the conflict I have had. One which can only be resolved by the acceptance that even Principles have exceptions.

Soliloquy of a Baseball Bat

The last five threads I made were nothing to do with the lie that woman spewed to chavis in PM, yet manker banned me anyway, I don’t know what I have too do too prove it to manker that my last five threads were spew free. I could write them on his face with a baseball bat and then he’d know :glag:

Typical of the lies and hate he spews was the last time I got banned from a place where people talk to me, he said it was for not ever being funny :glag: but I am funny, I keep posting :glag: after my words and that makes them funny. Also people keep laughing at me :glag: I think I’m the only one who gets it, they don’t get it. I’m fucking hilarious :glag:


Funny how MBM, manker and Mary all seem to have temprorarily stopped spewing bile and venom and rancour and malice.  I told them the time for words have passed, and I never lie.  That’s why I had to come back and remind all of you that the time for words have passed.

Monday, ohhh I bet you cant wait too see what happened on Monday.  Come one, why isnt anyone asking about Monday.  I know the suspence must be killing them at least hafl as much as its killing me.  I will show you, I will show you all this passed Monday!  NO MORE WORDS!  I’m escalating the point that I no longer use words!