I did it, I got them!

I have used my stealthy h4x0r skillz to take down FST.  Some sysop will say it was something else because they could never admit too how badly I pwned there precious little site.

Dave 451 FST 0


Stop banning people that are not me

Manker you powermaniac those people you are banning are not me.  Also, stop removing my posts when I tell you it’s me and I’m not hiding.  It’s no fair, I called timeout and I’m not playing anymore.

I’m glad you’ve finally seen your mate/my mate for what he is: a nasty, pathetic little man who only lets you post what he/common decency dictates is acceptable and won’t let you throw shit all over whoever you want, whether you want to or not. But if you refuse to let him chuck and more bile and shit at you he’ll just hate you, and I know why he wants to hate you, I know why he wants to hate you. I know why he wants to hate you. Because hate is all the world has ever seen lately.

-limp impetus

mankers bitches

I was burying this dead baby and I was just laughing about how everyone is mankers bitch.  I was thinking even this dead baby is mankers bitch.  Then I got mad at the dead baby because I didnt like getting buried.  Its really sad and I dont want too think about it anymore.  Well just one less person too spew bile on the internet and attack me.  I was sending an email to you know who too remove my email address because I dont want too have anymore email exchanges with her.  She didnt reply so I think I have to send another email.  I wish she would just stop stalking me.