Hey Guise, I Bet Dave STILL Checks This Site

Wat a freakin’ mentalist.


If I can’t be heard, do I exist? If I’m forgotten, did I ever exist?

I looked at my son today, and I knew that if there was even the slightest chance I wouldn’t be around too make him hate me just like Mary hates his dad, I would have to grab the horse by the cock and carry on stimulating bile and sputum about myself. What if I fade away like in Back To The Future; my hand gradually thinning too the point I could see my keyboard through it, and could no longer use my vanishing vocal chords to tell my kids to go away and come back later when daddy isn’t so busy pwning people on the internet. I had too come back. You can’t forget me. You’ll never forget me.

That’s it. Final, final, final, straw. I mean it this time. Really.

You are all scum and I’ve had enough. I have been using my super, duper, mad geek skilz, and have placed some of you on mailing lists. Be prepared for junk mail to begin flooding in any month now. Well, hate groups don’t really send out catalogs, but occasionally may request donations like twice a year. Be warned! It may actually take up to 6 weeks to get removed from their mailing list, so you may receive an additional mailing EVEN after contacting them.

I may unleash other diabolical schemes in your directions like having pizzas delivered to your house, and you will face the awkward moment of having to tell the delivery driver you did not order.

I may even sign some of you up for “The Panty of the Month” club and you will have to not only tell your wives you didn’t order, but have to pay return postage.

I have been warning you all, NOW FACE MY FULL ON WRATH!!!


Funny how MBM, manker and Mary all seem to have temprorarily stopped spewing bile and venom and rancour and malice.  I told them the time for words have passed, and I never lie.  That’s why I had to come back and remind all of you that the time for words have passed.

Monday, ohhh I bet you cant wait too see what happened on Monday.  Come one, why isnt anyone asking about Monday.  I know the suspence must be killing them at least hafl as much as its killing me.  I will show you, I will show you all this passed Monday!  NO MORE WORDS!  I’m escalating the point that I no longer use words!