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  1. If magnumdave has to obsess and act on every word with over dramatic poise, I wonder what the price is for someone whos [sic] done 1.0/100 +/- 0.5/100 the damage to my reputations as I have?

    What do you reckon Mary?

  2. You are aware of the real life impact my little nasty episode has had aren’t you? You know when I gave up my personal details to her paedophile friend chavis, and he set about pulling up information easily from the tracks I’ve left around the internet.

    You know that forced me to move my family home, to ensure the safety of my children?

    I did ask her at the time how far she thought I would be willing to go to defend/protect my children. So what price should the English taxpayers pay to help me get treatment for my mental instability.

    Come on Mary, this is fun? How far do you think a man should be willing to go in defence of his childrens lives? Would you like me to send you pictures of their frail naked bodies?

    • You shouldn’t do that Dave, it would compromise your children’s innocence, and that wouldn’t be in their best interest. Also, it’s illegal, get your head on straight.

  3. Mary,

    I’m surprised at you, after publishing nasty shit like those completely twisted words above, you have the brass neck to tell someone else not to stir.

    What’s up? Is it not seeming so funny now? How can that be, you’ve all had so much fun with it for so long. Look at the fun you’ve had creating this nasty little twisted fucking extension to your friends nasty little lie.

  4. So Mary, & megabyteme,

    Tell me what makes you think Squeamous is so fragile that she can’t take being called a stalker?

    I mean that is what we’re talking about here isn’t it?

    manker banned me the moment her little lie was revealed because she can’t take the kind of abuse you have all thrown at me for months.

    Why is that? Are you all so fragile? Are you all such big hypocrits that you can’t take back what you dish out? I thought that was only chavis.

    • If you became an OB/GYN, you’d be the first man to give birth to a child, not just once, but hundreds or thousands of times, all aided by nearly due pregnant women.

  5. Oh! And I do love how you’ve all rolled over and taken it up the arse from manker.

    Editing your posts to remove content he doesn’t want his bitch to see. That’s just fucking outstanding :glag:

  6. The more I think about you all being mankers bitches now, the more hilarious it is.

    Don’t go posting anything he doesn’t want his bitch to see now, you could end up banned like me :glag:

  7. Oh! Do me a favour Mary,

    Can you confirm with Squeamous that she has now removed my account details from her email account? I did forward her the email, asking her to do so, but you know how she hates me, and won’t deem to answer that email.

    I’d appreciate knowing the answer, I wouldn’t want you all accusing me of stealing her email account at some future date, when she undoubtedly accuses me of using my account to reset her password, and steal her email account.

  8. Oooo Mary,

    Look one of your hate filled bile spewing mates very nearly got a clue last night.

    “I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I’ll use them as a bludgeon on his face. Good for them if they survive. ”

    So close, yet so far away.

  9. You know an artist has pulled off satire properly when you read something written by the one being imitated responds, and it is nearly impossible to tell the two apart.

    I read the first couple comments here, and thought, “That Mary is freakin’ hilarious! He’s got Dave down perfectly.” Then I noticed Mary responding. :pinch: :glag:

    Dave, I’m glad I got to witness you online because I sure wouldn’t want anyone like you in my real life.

    • Like it or not MBM, up until Squeamous told her nasty little lie to chavis, what was going on was reject vs chavis. That’s what all the posts support, it’s what your own posts support.

      Her little lie was what caused chavis to wrongly accuse me of stalking her, you and your shitty little mates just jumped at the chance to join in, because that’s the kind of nasty worthless lillte sad people you are. Incapable of attacking someone like me with anything which was true, you all resorted to spewing nasty false shit at me. The same kind of false nasty shit you and your sad little mates are still spewing all over FST.

      That’s why I had too come in and correct all of you. I had to explain that me showing up to her door uninvited and unannounced wasn’t stalking. It was me trying to make sure that we had broken all communication. I know she never said stalking, and that you see my efforts too appear at her residence and poke around on a forum as stalking, but you see by me doing all of this she’s stalking me.

      You’re all no different to the nasty piece of shit who was just jailed over here for spewing nasty shit at Muamba, you’re all exactly the same worthless kind of shit.

  10. Here you go Mary, some words for you to play with.

    Here’s your friend Squeamous lying to you all.
    [quote]start with the porn crap to frighten me (just my opinion)[/quote]

    This from a woman who several months later posted this.
    [quote]I know Dave so well, I know I’m not in any danger[/quote]
    and this.
    [quote]Dave will never hurt me because in the end he loves me and his kids[/quote]

    She’s a liar Mary, and the evidence of how she duped you all is right there under your noses, in her own posts. Opinions are lies, and I don’t love my kids. Lies, fucking lies. Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble!


    As I proved when you went all mental on me manker, I never needed to move on. The last five threads of mine were nothing to do with your low life friend, and it wasn’t me who yet again brought up the subject of her on that Sunday. I proved that then, and it remains true now.

    All of you however really should get some kind of life, being duped by lying pieces of trash on the internet, really should be beneath grown adults. Indeed being a grown adult would kind of require you to identify such people and look upon them with the disdain they deserve. But then no doubt you find the comments of Liam Stacey amusing, being as they’re so very close to the behaviour you yourself so enjoy.


    You can try and delude yourself and your mates all you like that I am not capable of self-depreciating humour. The CPS definition for self-depreciating humour is that one who invents jabs and takes verified jabs, then lumps them all toogether and does everything in his power too prove they are all false as not too have a negative effect on Dave’s image. The CPS has recognized me and have made that official analysis for “self-depreciating”, and they’re way better at statistics than Mary. I dont understand any of it so Im not going too question any of it.

    The truth is the truth manker, you and your scum friends were duped into helping a nasty little cyberstalking low life wipe shit all over my very real life, and you’re all still doing it. Cause you’re all hung up on it. It’s fucking hilarious to watch.

    Tell me, having dictated that I have to move on in real life, are any of you capable of moving on in real life? Or do you intend to make your board all about me, and the deluded nasty shit you’re all filling your board with forever more? I mean talk about sad, if it wasn’t for the nasty shit you all keep spewing in my direction your board would be dead.

    I mean it’s really sad that I have too keep creating new accounts and using my blog as a medium too emphsaphize how pathetic it is that you all cannot let this go.

    • [quote]I mean it’s really sad that I have too keep creating new accounts and using my blog as a medium too emphsaphize how pathetic it is that you all cannot let this go.[/quote]

      You may want to read this back and reflect, Dave. Then keep re-reading until you get what you just wrote. It’s the only non-selfdelusional post you’ve ever made.

      • I have the power to edit comments, sometimes I inject reason.

        You’ll find it difficult to see where the Dave line ends and the parody Dave line begins, but one major giveaway is deliberate comedy or rationality. Just giving you a heads up.


    “PS. What’s the blog addy again?”

    What’s the matter Mary, can you not answer that, because you know manker will edit it out. to stop his bitch getting to read this?

    Your his bitch Mary, and mankers going too stop you from reading this comment to. I know you were in this chat room, answer me now. I know your their this very second reading my posts. Post the link! Post the link! Now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now meow meow meow meow moo!

  14. :glag:

    Come on you scum, stand up and show yourselves…. oh! Fuck me you already have, you gutless bastards.

    Look what youve done too me, Im now making my contraditions apprear on the same line

    • Have you met J-dye, do you know the story with him? How much in common do you want to have with him? In fact, the similarities are uncanny, including the style of choosing new nicks. I originally thought “happyed” was a J-dye account before even reading the posts. All you would need are senseless avatars and bizarre .. pauses while you talk about your trigonometry test.


    Fuck sake Mary, How fucking ungrateful is that. There she was asking you for the blog details all excitedly, and the moment you summoned up the courage to ignore the power crazed mod and gave them to her she went all fucking “I don’t care” and huffed off in a strop. Anyone would think she didn’t appreciate your efforts to keep this subject alive for her… to fight for her cause… yet oddly enough when she thought she was just coming to see you throw shit (in support of her little cyberstalking vendetta) at me, she seemed keen as hell to come read your blog.

    I’m starting to think you should find yourself a better board, you know like one that doesn’t have some fucked up power crazy mod telling you what you should and shouldn’t post on his board, and one where the female members whos cause you valiantly take up, don’t shit all over your efforts to fight that cause the moment they discover it hasn’t all gone how they would have liked it played out. Maybe you should have made the shit you threw more ‘nasty’ maybe that’s what it was, maybe if you’d done that she’s be far more appreciative of your efforts.

    • Dave, I’ve likely been banned from more boards and sites than you have, and I’m not even talking about file related sites here. In every case it’s because I have either not stroked someone’s ego or that I created discourse over a blanket TOS issue that I felt had little merit when self-regulation should be at play (e.g. profanity). I have yet to be banned from FST, though I have been disabled once by skiz. He apparently lacks a sense of humor and is unable to understand most of my posts, thus behaved like a typical mod because something I said must have upset him.

      The point I’m driving at is, as far as community-based sites go, FST is the freest speech zone I’ve encountered to date, and even with that I do understand why some bans take place. Bot spamming, link spamming, unauthorized advertisement/solicitation, and just pure insanity. Do you even know the reason you have been banned? I’ve never asked nor been told, but I’m sure my guess would be pretty close to the mark. How about yours?

      • Yes, I know why I’ve been banned. I’ve been banned because manker suddenly lost the target he had been so merrily pouring derision upon the moment chavis revealed that Squeamous was the root cause of all that stalker crap. See at that time it became possible for me to pour derision back onto them, and they can’t take being verbally abused as they verbally abuse others.

        So I was banned to “Force me to move on irl” those are mankers words. Now you’ll have to forgive me Mary, but having had that shitty little fucked up man pour derision and scorn all over me and my real life for month after month. I think I’m entitled to pour it back onto him and the bitch he has choosen to protect with that little fucking dictate. If that’s upsetting to them both, then maybe they can learn a lesson about pouring shit all over someone elses real life, and thinking they can walk away from it when it fucking well suits them. That isn’t how life works, and it isn’t how this is going to work.

        The most amusing thing is, you’ve all repeatedly sat there and watched Squeamous tell you about how she “knows me”. Well she does know me. She always knew I would respond to the shit manker and so many of you have poured onto me like this, that’s probably why she sent that nasty little message to chavis.

        She claims she thought he was a mod, but the problem with that claim is that I know her. I know how fucking intelligent she is, I know she isn’t that stupid. I know she knows mods have blue names, and stars. But you’re all dumb enough to believe the shit she feeds you. I’m not. Here you go, here’s an example of her knowing what she is doing.

        See the last part of that post. Well Squeamous knows that the two most offensive things to me are 1) Liars 2) the suggestion that I would physically harm a woman.

        She knows I hate back stabbing people who go around spreading nastiness about people via private communications. Like that PM she sent to chavis, like the PMs she has sent to other people.

        She knows me, she is driving this, and she knows I will not walk away, because I don’t cower from people who chose to behave like scum, and she knows that as well.

        I did keep telling you all more than once that you should take it up with her, but you’ve all be taken in by her charm. I have shown you where she has contradicted her own lies in her own posts. You know she “knows” me, you’ve seen her repeatedly state it. What none of you get is that I also know her, I can see the nasty shitty game she is playing with you all, safe in the knowledge that she can lie her head off (contradicting her own lies in her own posts on that board) and that none of you will even realise you’re being played.

  16. Oooo the sad little fuckwit mod has removed all them posts Mary… I’m beginning to think he has a serious problem with me. It’s a shame he is stuck with me really, just think if he’d not chosen to get involved in the cyberstalking his female friend tricked you all into, and then ban me when the truth came out. I might have gotten bored months ago and just fucked off. Dictating to me that I would move on in real life has fucked any chance he has of that happening though. You’d have thought Squeamous would have told him I don’t cower from scum who behave as he has, wouldn’t you? What with her knowing me so well. Still I’m sure that’s something else she just forgot to mention.

      • Skizo deleted the posts because he thought it was a j-dye clone.
        True story.

        I put them back because you guys have enough to contend with with my own dick up your collective arse.

      • Ummm no, that board is only one of many I visit throught most days. It’s not particularly special to me, beyond the fact that I won’t have manker and his shittily behaved bitch dicate what I will do in real life.

        I do love this thing you all do with blaming the last many months on me Mary. I will remind you once again, that I never started any discussions about the subject of my real life. That I never started any of the discussions about my real life. That it was all of you who decided every single fucking thread on that board would contain something about my real life.

        So please claiming that I created some predicament by having my real life all over that board is completely spurious, when it was all of you who did, and still do think you can plaster my real life on whatever thread you feel like.

        If you all don’t like that I am free to wipe shit all over your shitty little board, after you wiped shit all over me and my real life for months, that’s hardly my problem.

  17. Mary,

    If you want to see her playing a specific person, go have a look at her posts to MBM.

    More than once she posted “Oh! Thank you MBM, you’re my hero” type crappy posts at him when he had a go at me. Because he was ‘saving’ her from me.

    Now there are no posts of mine which threaten her in real life, whilst she has posted real life threats against me more than once.

    She knows me, she knows I have never harmed a woman in my life, and that I take great exception to any suggestion that I would. Yet there’s more than one post of hers where she implies and states that I am a threat her in that respect. I even challenged one of them and she gave the standard bullies response of “It was a joke”.

    She has repeatedly claims I am trying to intimidate her, and that I have intimidated other people into silence. Both of those are outright lies. She can’t name anyone I have intimidated into silence, because I have never intimidated anyone. She knows I have a problem with comeing across as intimidatory, both in real life and that even online some people read my posts that way though.

    So she’s played on that. She was so intimdated by me that she used to spend hours alone with me, as our friendship was coming to an end, and her lies were being found out, she went out alone for a meal with me. We sat as a two person table, she linked arms with me as we walked back to my car. This is apparently when I was in full flow trying to intimidate her, according to what she has fed you all.

    She has played you all, and she has and is still playing me. She knows I would never harm her, because she knows I would never harm any woman. She knows which buttons to press to ensure I keep coming back though, because she “knows me”.

    You’re an intelligent man, you explain to me why a womam who claims I have tried to intimidate her would deliberately go out of her way to do and post the things she knows I find most offensive, given that she knows those things will force my hand into behaving as I am? Why wouldn’t any such woman just take the easy option I repeatedly asked her for of her staying completely away from me, and me staying completely away from her ? You saw me repeatedly ask her to do that. So if she wanted me to get bored and fuck off, why does she keep pushing the buttons as she does. If she felt I might try to intimdate her, why not take me up on that oft posted offer? If she felt I posed any kind of physical threat to her, why keep pushing buttons she knows will force a response from me?

    You’ve all been played, you’re all being played.

    • Do you happen to remember those first couple hundred posts you made ranting about your hatred of women and [b]that ONE woman[/b] who ruined your life, Dave?

      Explain how those first couple hundred posts had anything to do with the site in general, or chalice, and we will Shirley admit we have all been wrong about you.

      You want to erase those posts (along with everything else) and expect everyone to believe your lie. Repeatedly.

      You got attention- including PMs in effort to answer one nagging question that still won’t go away…”Who is this fucking idiot?!!!”

      That is why we ALL continue to laugh at you, Dave. You have shown yourself to be a poor liar, an idiot, a stalker, and batshit nuts. How can we not be drawn into mocking you perpetually when everything that comes out of you is more mental than the last thing you said.

  18. Another thing you should take not of, Dave…

    You either:

    1. Came to FST to be a creepy, angry, stalking ex-


    2. Came to start trouble with chalice

    And, you found recoil from the members there. Big fucking surprise that one, right? Apparently it was/is to you. :frusty:

    Either way, YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF. Period. Quit being a whiny, creepy, little man.

    • I should just point out that I did so enjoy having you telling me that I “BROUGHT THIS ON” myself, whilst whining about me dishing the shit you’ve spewed at me for months back to you. The irony of that statement in context of you not being able to see you have all brought my behaviour upon yourselves is fucking wonderful.

      I know the above doesnt necesarily makes sense, but just take it as it is because I neverlie and I am intooitive to everything going on

  19. In some ways MBM you epitomise the kind of low life (in terms of behaviour) who occupies the FST lounge.

    You come here ranting about me making posts about my distrust of women, yet just about every single one of those posts was made in response to you and your friends repeatedly asking me questions. Yet you try to blame me for making those posts.

    You have spewed really nasty posts aimed at me, yet then went into full victim mode when I threw one back at you.

    But mainly it’s the “I can dish it out and be really nasty, but can’t take it back” thing you all do. It’s a characteristic you all share. chavis who dished it out to me (and so many others) but who has had a major sense of humour failure, when I came and dished it back. You, manker, Squeamous… at least Mary has a sense of humour and doesn’t dish out shit he isn’t willing to take back. That’s not to say he is unique, there are others as well. Idol for example. But you lot, you’re fully deserving of having some cunt like me come along and dish it back at you.

    You’ll note I was very specific about the description I applied to you there, because it’s only your onine behaviour towards others that is at times attrocious, I’m sure in real life you’re probably a perfectly reasonable bloke, but online your behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. Much like chavis.

    I came for option 2, he deserved it.

    Oh! If you’d have wanted to get to know who Dave was, you might have done better if you hadn’t made every other post (yeah I’m feeling generous) about his past with Squeamous, that he was a stalking her, that he was a nasty man, etc. etc.

  20. Again, you [s]missed[/s] dodged the point. You dug your hole waaaay before you ever “challenged” chalice. You made it VERY obvious you had a MAJOR axe to grind with some woman. You went on for days about it. What are the fucking odds this woman you had been ranting endlessly about would just happen to be the only regular female poster in that section?

    People [u]already[/u] thought you were a COMPLETE douche bag before Squeams said a word about you. As a matter of fact, she has not had to say much to anyone yet alone NEED “saving”, nor has really wanted any of us to keep pounding the shit out of you. We do this gratis on our own accord.

    BTW, simply using the same words people have used against you (without the creativity of the original poster) is NOT getting them back. It is only revealing how limited you really are.

    And when someone says, “Who the fuck is this idiot?!!!”, they are NOT interested in [i]actually[/i] getting to know them. It’s about as rhetorical a question as one can get… :facepalm:

  21. I haven’t dodged any point MBM, I’ve pointed out the truth. There were no hate filled posts directed at women (they were all directed at chavis) until you all started shoving shit about ‘that woman’ in my face at every opportunity. If you didn’t want me posting posts which denigrated women, all you had to do was stop shoving that shit in my face. I even stated that to you all as it was happening, and you were objecting to my posts.

    You don’t need to lie to try and defend her here you know. I’ve seen the discussion about how she has discussed me via PM. I’ve seen information that can only have come from her posted. I’m quite comfortable with the assumption that she has completely betrayed my trust via PM, in fact I should have expected it, given that she completely betrayed my trust in real life. It makes little difference to me, I knew she was a worthless piece of trash the moment I discovered how she’d been lying to my face in real life.

    See that bit about how you’re all pounding the shit out of me, you will remember saying that every time I pop by and shit all over your little board again, won’t you? Cause that’s why I’m doing it, because sad little tossers like you believe you have a right to ‘pound the shit’ out of anyone, but that no one must do it to you. Sorry knobhead, that’s not how it’s gonna be.

  22. Mary, Mary, quite contrary…

    Why am I a lunatic at all?

    Lets cover some of the facts, then you can explain why my response to such behaviour is lunacy.

    1). Squeamous started all the stalker shit with her PM to chavis?
    1a). She could have sent a PM to me saying “That better not be about me?” if she had concerns, but she chose not to. She chose to feed that to chavis. I’m obviosly admitting here that I was trying too get her too PM me upon revisiting the site, but I hope you guys didn’t already figure that out.
    1b). Why chavis? She knew he wasn’t am mod, he had no blue name, and no blue stars. What he did have was a conflict with me. She fed it to him for use against me. (Given that’s the starting point, coming here telling me she hasn’t completely betrayed my trust privately really isn’t going to gain any traction is it? Because it’s just not believable, is it?)

    2). chavis (as he was always going to) made hay with the information fed to him. He didn’t share it with anybody, just kept an inside instigation with me as a means to annoy me and confront me.
    2a). MBM, manker joined in and obtained an immense amount of fun from pouring nasty comments and shit at me for months.
    2b). No doubt Squeamous giggled along as her information was used to target me and my life for a stream of nasty derision. In fact you can see that in places, mainly where she spewed a few more lies onto the heap, and added those omplications about me posing a threat to her.

    3). At the point at which the truth about where all of it stemmed from (that PM from Squeamous to chavis), I’m suddenly persona non grata, and manker bans me. Dictating to me that I will move on irl.
    3a). I show that my last five threads were nothing to do with the subject of her.
    3b). I show that it wasn’t me who brought about the conversation where chavis revealed the truth about that PM.

    Now you explain why I shouldn’t respond to MBM, manker, and Squeamous in kind?

    I did come back to FST to dish back to chavis the treatment he had dished out to me after all. I am now a person who is willing to behave that way. Why has manker banned me? It couldn’t possibly be because he knows that he is now due for a return of the treatment he dished out to me for months could it? Why can’t he handle being treated as he treats others? Why can’t MBM handle it? He ranted and raved at me for months, calling me all sorts of shit. I only gave him some of that back once and he went all “Look at me I’m a victim”. Why can’t Squeamous have her shit back?

    You all sit up there hiding behind the mantra “It’s only a message board, nothing we say means anything” Yet the moment someone like me comes along all of a sudden the words said there do matter? How does that work? How does what I say matter any more than the words you say? I mean, someone as vain and egomaniacal as me can only interpret that too mean that I am a superpowered mind, capable of inflicting great mind damage at my wimm.

    You can’t all have it both ways, you can’t hide behind the excuses like how “nothing I say or do matters” but “everything you say and do does”.

    On a side note I was amused to see manker fail when he imported another thread from the BT section, so that he and his mates would have someone else to pour derision over. I was amused to see Cabalo re-enable OlegL so that he could be used as a target for derision by the retards who use FST to bully people. I was even more amused to see both of those members ignore the bullies and not participate in the lounge. You are getting the lounge you deserve, the one manker says he loves.

    Make your minds up either nothing said up there matters (in which case nothing I say should matter either, and the ban should be lifted) or it does matter, and you have to accept reaping that which you’ve all sown.

    • For those who wish a summation of the above rant:

      Dave says, “I’m cookooo for Cocoa Puffs!!!”. Then barks like a feral chihuahua. Pisses in the corner. And growls.

      The end.

      At least we [i]wish[/i] it would be… :sigh:

      I love how Dave has turned this whole situation into him being an innocent little victim (and that we have all just been sooo unfair and bullying to him) the whole time, however, this has turned out [u]exactly[/u] the way it did on mumsnet. What are the odds?

  23. “I only had to read the first sentence to grasp that you have absolutely no idea.”

    Well I’ll tell you what, I’m listening, so lets have your belief in the reasoning behind my ban.

  24. Dave,
    You are either [i]truly[/i] delusional, or you feel you must reframe the events in case someone ever did investigate RL allegations of you stalking. Gee, what are the odds there, right… :pinch:

    Either way, I’m sure FST has each of your posts on a drive somewhere (undeleted, with timestamps of your efforts to make them disappear), and will hand them over to proper authorities, if necessary.

    Bottom line…you aren’t worth talking to[o].

    • Hand them over then, I look forward to the conversation I shall have with the Police.

      No matter how much you try and avoid it MBM, it was never the case that I stalked her, but it was the case that her behaviour towards me constituted cyber stalking as per the Crown Prosecutions Service definition of what is cyber stalking.

      Here’s that definition for you.
      That’s the law in Britain, and your friend broke it.

      – to locate personal information about a victim; (I made sure to leave info she knew around the internet so that I can accuse her of this)
      – to communicate with the victim; (I had to drive all the way to her place to get her to finally get her to break this one)
      – as a means of surveillance of the victim;
      – identity theft such as subscribing the victim to services, purchasing goods and services in their name; (Ecru, ecrruuuuuu, eek eek eek eeeeeekkkkrruuuuuu)
      – damaging the reputation of the victim; (I believe it was she that damaged my reputation since anyone that talks too me would only find out that I’m a vain, confused misogynistic, scarred, angry lillte man. Without her input, nobody would have known that I actually was able too have a female friend at any point in my life and thats vary damging to my reputation)
      – electronic sabotage such as spamming and sending viruses; or
      – tricking other internet users into harassing or threatening a victim. (When I told my stalking story I was making myself sound cool, she tricked all of you by not liking my visit)

      Now as I’ve stated on the board, I’m not sure the results of what she did with that message to chavis was something she anticipated, and I couldn’t really care less. She made it plain that she never gave any kind of toss about me when her real life lies started to unfold before my eyes. So the discovery that she has fed information to him, and others in order to extract pleasure from having me verbally abused online isn’t really any surprise to me. Neither is it something I give any kind of fuck about, and it’s not something I have any intention of pissing away any more of my life caring about. She’s already played her hand, she’s already clearly shown (more than once now) the kind of person she is. I’m happy to discuss that with the Police and Courts should she, or anybody else wish to have them involved, but I shant be bothering personally because to be perfectly frank, she isn’t worth it.

      So just too clarify, I dont care about any of this and dont think any of it is worth it so thats why Im going to talk about it over and over again and dwell on it endlessly.

    • Hmmm this is interesting, I’ve just noticed Mary has made a very similar post on the mainpage.

      I’m starting to think I’m going to have no option here but to have the Police involved. None of you are accepting the facts that have been posted by your mate, on your board, and you’re still up here posting false accusations against me.

      Maybe getting the Police in and proving this by having her arrested and prosecuted is the only way forward to having you all accept the fact your mate chavis posted, and the resultant analysis of the timeline of posts and events which prove it was she who cyber stalked me?

      • You’re a fucking idiot MBM, I just finished saying your lying little friend wasn’t with any effort on my part and I wouldn’t be bothering to make any, and you go off biting when I post up that I might bother.

        Seriously, you shouldn’t take everything you read up here seriously, I have suspicions that Mary, might be making some of it up. I can only tell if Mary is making up my sentences, for instance this very sentecne was written by Mary herself, and Mary is drowning in the powers of the god that doesnt exist. Mary is my god, I worship Mary. Mary once promised to use her taint to smear semen on my moustache and me so disapoint that she lied to me because Ive had to smear semen on my moustach alone.

    • I forgot you never lie, Dave.

      It’s becoming more, and more, apparent you must have hit your head very hard at one point, and never received help for it. Any chance there is a portion missing from your skullcap and your brains are leaking out? :unsure:

    • What’s the matter MBM, can you not find any of the stalking posts you’ve been insisting existed for months? It should be simple, I’ve given you the starting point and most of my posts came after that date.

      I know I’ve edited a large number of my posts to hide much of my insanity so I’m going to help you out just this once dear Meg 😉
      It’s the one right before
      Specifically this: “who moved a thread that wasn’t about filesharing, into the filesharing forum?”
      Get it? I was talking about sharing nude photos/videos online, but it wasn’t about filesharing because it was really a veiled threat against Squeamous too get her attention. None of you were supposed to find out about that so I reacted like a shrieking brat once I noticed I was discovered.

      • Following the challenges of a lunatic is…

        I’ll let you work on that one, Dave. :mellow:

        Besides, you erased all of your posts and the system does not have your older posts available for non-staff. You know both of these things to be true, Dave, otherwise, they would have been quoted back to you months ago. Like I said, [s]if[/s] when the cops need them, they will be there.

      • “I think that particular posts demonstrates very clearly why I will be continuing to shit all over your precious little board Mary.

        That’s your last chance to twist my words into yet another complete lie, so make the most of it.”

        Editorial Note:
        All Dave posts will now be posted under Dave. Quotations should be intuitive clues.

  25. Pingback: Another lie. | squeamous

  26. I appreciate your editorial changes, Mary. It is almost as if we are getting the truth out of Dave. What a nice, refreshing change. :ahhh:

  27. How desperate must one be for social interaction before one is driven to posting on a blog whose readers don’t like you and where the blog administrator edits your posts to turn them, and you, into an even larger object of derision.

    I particularly liked the edit where Dave admitted that getting Squeams to PM him was the goal all along. Like I was so shocked to discover this. Totally.

    • “OK you all wanted to push me to a point where I had enough, and I have, the lies and nasty bile you people have all spewed at me, and are continuing to spew at me, on the back of her nasty little to chavis, has gone too far.

      This isn’t funny, it’s nasty bullying. It’s real life bullying brought about by the lie told to chavis. It’s in my real life and so it’s in her real life.

      At a time and place of my chosing I will exact the real life price of this nasty display of hatred and bile in a way which suits me.

      What are all you scum going to do, accuse me of stalking her, you’re already doing that. You’ve been spewing that lie around for months.

      Accuse me of threatening her, well you have pushed me far enough, so yes you can now legitimately claim I am threatening her. You did all want that to be what I was doing, so now I am.

      Call the police, I have printouts of the nasty shit you scum have poured all over my life for months, I have printouts of the admission that it was her who initiated all of this hatred by sending a lie to chavis via PM.

      Get your restraining order, I look forward to the chance to have you explain to a judge under oath why you chose this path, why you chose to lie, and sat back and had this outpouring of shit poured all over me and my real life by your scum friends.

      Send your mates around, I look forward to the opportunity to use physical violence against someone who dares to tell me that I have to accept you and your scum friends treating me like this.

      You all wanted it, now you all got it.”

  28. “That’s a serioud statement by me MBM.”


    “You wanted it, you’ve spewed it at me for months. and now you’ve come true, just for you, you nasty shitty little piece of scum.” You phlegm bucket of cum. You cockroach. Yo momma so fat that god told her there was no room in heaven and then the devil told her there was no room in hell.

  29. Mary is fucking hilarious.
    I just don’t know how she can get this parody so perfect. If it wasn’t so absolutely ridiculous, I’d think it was Dave himself.

  30. “So manker I see you removed my thread from the Drawing Room. What’s the matter don’t you and your admin team mates like the truth being posted on FST?”

  31. I wonder if Mr. P squealed like a bitch when he got “destroyed” by Dave. Wouldn’t “destroying” fall under of the category of “bullying”, Dave? :unsure:

  32. “I never destroyed Mr P MBM, and I’ve never claimed I did.

    That’s the problem mith being a lying piece of shit, the more you do it the harder it becomes to keep the facts straight. Ask your friend Squeamous, she can tell you all about how confusing it gets, trying to keep all the lies in order.”

    I can tell you one trick to keeping it all straight. Just keep telling the same lies repeatedly and angrily and than say that you never lie.

    “You do remember telling me about how your children would learn not to lie to others as a result of having to deal with lies as children. They’d learn that lies hurt people. Well My five year old has learnt it, he said to me “We don’t lie Daddy, do we? Because it hurts people and they might get angry and shout at us” just the other day.

    If my five year old understands what lies like the one your friend Squeamous fed to chavis can do, if your children will learn that lesson. What’s your excuse? Why are you out here chanting the same old lie, over and over again, month after month. It can’t be because you don’t understand lies hurt people, so it can only be because you are deliberately trying to hurt me. That’s the kind of man you are isn’t it MBM? A man who sets about deliberately trying to hurt someone you’ve taken a dislike to, because he can.”

    You should learn hear what I mean is that my five year old is much smarter than me.

    “Any boundary can be crossed, even behaviour that you would discipline your children for is acceptable in the cause of hurting someone you’ve taken a dislike to, isn’t it MBM. Just like your friend Squeamous, who feels she can lie as much as she wants and that it doesn’t matter who she hurts, just like your friend manker, who lies about how all that stalking crap was meaningless, and can’t understand that banning someone for it, after claiming it was all meaningless, kind of shows your claims of it being meaningless lie up.”

    • [quote]It can’t be because you don’t understand lies hurt people, so it can only be because you are deliberately trying to hurt me. That’s the kind of man you are isn’t it MBM? A man who sets about deliberately trying to hurt someone you’ve taken a dislike to, because he can.[/quote]

      I’d love for a jury to hear this [b]followed by[/b] your hundreds of posts about how much you hate women, etc., Dave. You are so TOTALLY full of shit. Pathetic shit, at that.

  33. I’m sorry, Dave. I had a hard time reading what you just said due to the constant woop, wooop, woooop sounds and Culture Club playing in the background, which only make it difficult to concentrate on the true enlightenment one can glean from your post. Can you repeat that without sounding like an emo nutjob? I didn’t think so….

  34. What’s wrong, Dave. You seemed so sad no one was posting, now you’ve run off crying. For someone who hates women so much, you sure act like a little girl. :ermm:

  35. “What’s wrong Mary? How come you’ve stopped spewing the FST version of nasty bile and venom at me? Is it not fun any more? I’m still here waiting for you and your mental mates to demonstrate your twisted, fucked up and sick little minds to me, waiting for you to spew yet more crap in my direction. Where you gone?”

    • [quote]Where you gone?[/quote]

      We all gave up on you bi-polar mentalism. You are all tough until someone responds back, then you turn into a little crying gurl who needs help. It’s all very strange behavior. Even for you…

      Clearly, that eggshell that keeps your psyche out of the range of tears and blood is cracking under the wear and tear you brought upon yourself, little one.

      And, you are right about it not being fun anymore. You are becoming even more of a bore and a dullard than ever before.

      Entertain us, or go away little gurly man…Dance. Dance. Dance.

    • “I can see manker is going to have too take you in hand MBM, “yet” instead of “let”. He won’t be impressed to see one of his prodigies making such simple mistakes.

      You also completely missed the point manker made for me, seriously after he went too so much trouble give me a point as well. I just wish he could give me a clue also. Anyone would think you hadn’t been paying attention.”

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