If I can’t be heard, do I exist? If I’m forgotten, did I ever exist?

I looked at my son today, and I knew that if there was even the slightest chance I wouldn’t be around too make him hate me just like Mary hates his dad, I would have to grab the horse by the cock and carry on stimulating bile and sputum about myself. What if I fade away like in Back To The Future; my hand gradually thinning too the point I could see my keyboard through it, and could no longer use my vanishing vocal chords to tell my kids to go away and come back later when daddy isn’t so busy pwning people on the internet. I had too come back. You can’t forget me. You’ll never forget me.


167 thoughts on “If I can’t be heard, do I exist? If I’m forgotten, did I ever exist?

    • I’m sure Chalice is fine.

      Here’s where I would accuse you of being a pedo, but we all know the last thing you want to do is spend time with your children, so you are safe there…

        • I lol’d as well.

          “pedo” indeed. Do feel free to point out the inadequacies of his American Education, won’t you.

          • You are criticizing education, Dave?!!! That’s a serious LOL.

            Once you’ve mastered the complexities of 8th grade English and science, then you’ll be allowed to enter that conversation.

          • There’s not much call for 8th grade English and Science when you work in a call centre like I do MBM. I’m also slightly concerned that if I went back and focused upon those things like so many of you do. I could trun into an arsehole who cared more about how someone said something, than what they actually said, just like so many of you.

      • Serriously MBM, you’re going to do the whole “Dave spends less time than me on the internet, and is therefore obviously neglecting his children, just like I am” thing again? :yawn:

        • You’re almost there.
          It’s the absolutely appalling ‘Dave said that this is his primary focus’ thing.

          Hence you placing more import upon a collection of people who laugh directly at you rather than your family.

          I understand your family probably laugh directly at you, too, but just to be clear – I meant in the former sentence the people on the internet who laugh directly at you.

          • I find you more and more fascinating as time goes by manker. Have you suffered from these limitations you have for all of your life, or was there some event which reduced you to the level of a simpleton who was unable to have more than one point of focus in your life?

          • Tell me, given that you’re a simpleton who is unable to have more than one point of focus in your life, which one did you choose?

            Being a father? Is that why your sych a crap accountant?
            Being an accountant? Is that why you’re such a crap father?


            Was it just making yourself look like an arsehole, with ridiculous statements like about how “a man can only have one primary point of focus in his life” and other such gems that you have extolled all over the web? Which is why your a crap father and accountant.

          • Yeah Manker, REAL men can manage to lead double lives where they travel across the country to spend family resources and time with another woman. REAL men make time to be away while their children grow up without them.

            Diversify your interests, Manker.

          • I should have known that engaging in a battle of wits with a bunch of retards would see everyting reduced to idiotic claims and/or statements like the ones we have witnessed here.

            I mean really? mankers “I’m a simpleton who can’t focus on more than one thing at a time, so you must be too”, and MBMs “I’m a child neglecting moron who spends my life on the internet, so you must be too”… fuck sake guys. Even chavis seem to have no clue about how to play the game anymore, the best he can manage is “I made it up”… I’m guessing he copied that one from you manker, it is a favourite of yours.

            I knew you only had what that bitch fed you for a long time, and that once that was proved to be complete crap we’d start to see the real game play…. it’s time to up your game… anytime now would be good, before you bore me and everyone else to death.

          • Yes manker, heed MBMs wise words and learn that you can go and spend some family resources on a stag do in Amsterdam or something else, lyke.

            (Really MBM, that’s what you call upping your game?)

          • No one needs to step up their game since you are firmly under foot already, Dave.

            It’s sad you prefer to take verbal abuse online than talk to your kids. That is assuming they don’t know about you running out on them, and they are willing to speak to you. :idunno:

        • My kids are seldom more than 10 feet away from me. When they are, they are either with their mother, grandparents, or school.

          My wife and kids are my PRIMARY focus. I can’t imagine anything different. I certainly can’t imagine leading a double life where I would abandon them for 5 years to spend time with “That Woman”. Yet alone taking resources away from the family to do so.

          They must all think very highly of you for skipping out on them, don’t they…

          • I’ll be honest MBM, I haven’t been keeping count, so I’m really unsure about how many times I’ve told you that my relationships with my kids are something I won’t be discussing with you, and I know it often takes repeating the same thing about fourteen times for you to get it, are we nearly there yet?

  1. Dave: It is indisputable. Your flailing around with disparaging comments against people whose kids are their primary focus makes in glaringly obvious that you’re trying to drag them down to your level.

    We’re not at your level, we’re above it because our kids are our primary focus. We’ve got our priorities in the correct order.

    Let me make this easy for you:

    Something which isn’t your kids is the primary focus of your life.

    This means your kids are, at best, the secondary focus of your life.

    This means there is something in your life more important to you than your kids.

    That something is people who laugh at you on the internets.

    This means you’re a bad parent.

      • I stopped reading when you mixed up your and you’re and then spelled a load of words incorrectly while invoking the irony fairy by calling me stupid.

        I’m lying, of course. I never started reading, but I’m willing to bet my cock that you did that.

      • Tell me you don’t find it funny that MBM sits out here posting outrage against me for my mistake, yet spends his time on FST chatting to the “home wrecking hussy” who was that mistake, like she is a nice lass.

        You claim you love irony, so you must find that hilarious.

        • It is slightly ironic, I’ll grant you. But she is a nice lass, that’s why he talks to her. You’re just a bile spewing bad parent with no social skills.

          The thing is, though, she hasn’t got any pretensions about what kind of person she is and joins in and has a laugh. And – here’s the important thing – can laugh at herself.

          I can also do this. So can mbm and chavois and Mary and Snee and everyone, pretty much, that I talk to on fst.

          You cannot do this and will remain an object of derision for as long as you continue to flail like some kind of easily combusible spastic catherine wheel whenever a spark is applied.

          • Oh No manker, don’t resort to lying like that, its beneath you.

            I am perfectly capable of laughing at myself, as you well know, and indeed as your female friend knows so very well.

            What I’m not capable of is of accepting outright betrayal of trust, nasty lies, and deliberately vicious lying, again as your female friend knows so well.

            I’m banned because I objected to one of your friends doing exactly that manker, trying to make out otherwise is beneath you.

          • Although I have to say the massive amounts of irony laced throughout that post of yours are amusing. You accuse me of being the bile spewing one, yet her posts on FST about me are filled with vicious bile, as was that PM. Whereas I repeatedly posted that she could be a nice lass. Yet again your grasp on reality is shown to be virtually non existant.

          • I suppose I should cover the irony of your post, because you’re too thick to see it for yourself.

            You tell me your extensive knowledge of this female from having known her on an internet forum for about a year, qualifies you to tell me, who knew her in real life for five years, that she is a nice lass.

            Come on manker how fucking thick do you have to be to try and tell the man whos real life she shat all over for five years, and who she then shat all over online for a further year, that she ia a nice lass.

            You’ll forgive me if my much longer real experience of the nasty piece of shit has me laughing at how gullible and thick you are.

            You tell me that you will all continue pouring derision over me and my real life because I cannot laugh at you all shitting over my real life at the behest of that nasty piece of shit.

            You’ve entirely missed the point that it doesn’t matter anymore how much derision and scorn you all pour forth at me, all it does it allow me to pour derision and scorn back at you. The results of your dersion and scorn upto this point have already been decided. Nothing can change that now. More derision and scorn just reinforces that the decision is the correct one.

            So do tell me again about how you will continue pouring forth derision and scorn that are based upon the vicious lies that your slag of a friend spewed forth in that lie filled PM to chavis, because I can’t take a joke. All whilst telling me about what a nice lass she is, but do remember that I KNOW (far better than any one of you, and even better than all of you combined) what a ‘nice’ lass she is, I’m living with it in every nasty lie filled dig you scum pour forth at me. Don’t be surprised when I laugh at you as you say it though.

          • You still don’t get it, Dave (surprise, right), not a single person on either site has any kind of care for you. Period. If she shat upon you as you claim, that’s points for her. We praise her for such things. We laugh about such shenanigans.

            Squeams is the shit upon Dave queen. We worship that sort of triumph.


          • No MBM, I get it perfectly well from your perspective, it’s you who doesn’t get it from mine.

            See I can live with her belief that she has the undeniable right to shit all over my real life, I can live with you all believing that not only does she have that right, but that all of you do as well on her behalf.

            It’s all of you who have the problem believing that I have an equal right to shit all over her real life by whatever means suits me. What’s even more amusing is that you all sit there believing that there is some difference between the shit that has/is being thrown at me.

            As far as I’m concerned it all stems from her, and so I am going to hold her personally responsible for all of it. That little PM (and the admission that it came from her) is enough as far as I’m concerned to condemn her for the whole shebang. That’s all of the nasty shit she posted, all of the nasty shit manker posted, all of the nasty shit chavis posted, all of the nasty shit you have posted… all of it. This lovely little hate site Mary created… it’s all her responsibility.

            We think a lot about responsibilty, don’t we MBM? Remember telling me about how I had to take responsibility for my behaviour… well the same is true for your slag of a friend. Better yet, I am entitled under your rules to hold her responsible for it all, and I will.

          • The thing is, you and her had your splits. YOU broke that truce by coming to FST and talking shit about “that woman”.

          • So Dave made it 2 days before coming back to talk to himself. Is that a personal record? I wonder how many times he checked to see if anyone was paying him attention in the intervening period? I’d guess dozens. No mention of him on FST in that time…..no mention here….yet he’s still angry. Interesting…..

          • I don’t know what you intended with that post MBM, like most of the posts here since this all became decided, it seems like another pointless post.

  2. Well gentlemen (I’m referring to Manker and assuming someone besides Dave is reading currently), it’s 5:30AM here, and I’ve got a long day of ignoring my kids ahead of me, so I’m off to bed. πŸ™‚

    • No I’m here Mary, it would be rude of me not to avail myself of the lovely site you created especially for me, wouldn’t it? On top of which I’m having far too much fun watching you all sitting there trying to be bad towards me, when you’ve all already lost the pissing contest.

    • Tell me Mary, do you think there’s any chance that your worthless piece of scum female friend will realise what a complete waste of oxygen she is and string herself up before I kill her?

        • Coming from you, who has shown himself to be right up there amongst the best of the unfunny scum of FST, I consider that to be quite the compliment. Thank you.

          You didn’t answer my question though. What do you reckon? Will she do the decent thing, and save me having to piss away yet more of my life driving up to London?

        • I can see I should explain that to you, you’re just not capable of getting it all on your own.

          It’s not funny MBM because I’m not being funny, I’m being serious.

          • What about your kids, Dave? Will they notice that you are gone? You can’t have your kids and “kill” Squeams. Which is more important to you, Dave?

          • There’s no rush Mary. Why would there be a rush? I can quite happily sit back here and wait for my time to come.

            When you think about it Mary, waiting is for the best anyway.
            I get to see my kids grow up and step out into the world.
            You all get your amusement from spewing forth the same old shit that is based upon her lies.
            She gets to develop her life into something meaningful with a new man and maybe some kids… Did no one ever tell you patience is a virtue old chap?

            The only negative aspect is that you lot will continue pouring forth the same old shit, utilising your nastily intentioned smileys, and the like. That’s not a bad trade off from where I’m sitting. Lets face it you haven’t got anything but the same old shit which is all based upon the complete lies she fed you, and I’ve put up with a year of that already. So you all continuing to spew it forth isn’t going to make any difference to me.

            I suppose she could try calling the police, but I can see her getting laughed out of the police station when she tells them about how the bloke she lied to and about, in order to have him bullied online, including conspiring with an Irish piece of scum to have him murdered has stated he is going to kill her at some far distant undefined point in time.

            Or she could try to obtain a restraining order against a man who she hasn’t seen in the best part of a year, and who she has no reason to believe she is going to see for at least another 13 years (and that’s according to mankers timescales not mine), but about whom she has made multiple defamatory statements and told some provable lies about, in order to get her online friends to pour forth nasty statements about, not to mention the vicious statements she herself has made.

            I shall look forwards to the court days for that one. Especially the bit where she gets to explain to the judge about how she ‘was only joking’ when she was conspiring online to have a known criminal come and kill me, and where she gets to cover that lie filled PM to chavis… I can’t wait to hear her explain that to a judge.

            And what about this site? I mustn’t forget your contribution to making any attempt by her to get a court injunction against me laughable. Just look at how wonderful this site is, a site dedicated to the vicious ridicule of a man whom she lied to you all about. A site she was so pleased and impressed with your work in creating. It’s such a great example of the effect her lies had, and it’s mere existance will prove invaluable let alone it’s content, especially which when added together with the content on FST, forms quite the nice collection of vicious behaviour.

            The only surprising thing here really is how a supposedly intelligent bunch of blokes (well that’s what you all claim) could have been so stupid to not see what they were doing? Not that it makes any difference now.

          • I didn’t read all this, but you’ve demonstrated in the past that your amount of text has a positive correlation with butthurt. That’s a lot of butthurt, did something happen to you today?

          • Oh And there’s cancer… I nearly forgot to mention cancer… if I’m lucky she might develop cancer like her sister and die an agonising death that way before it becomes time for me to do anything… and busses… she could get hit by a bus… yeah I know, but it’s good to have dreams and aspirations Mary… and “I have a dream…” πŸ˜€

          • Here you go Mary, as if to prove my point here’s MBM showing how “uniltelligent” he is.

            “Just like Dave making death threats today”

            When in reality it isn’t a threat, it’s a solid commitment as I told you all it would be.
            See it’s right there where I said “I give you my word upon my childrens lives that I am serious about this”

            Have I not made my position clear to you? Shall I say it all again for you?

            I am not threatening her.
            I have absolutely no intention of harming her, now or ever.
            I have not sent mentalists to her house.

            It wasn’t made today either, but that’s an aside.

            That’s not quite as good as the one he made about me denying being a stalker when I posted something about manker disclosing what should be confidential client information online. Like he hasn’t read anything that has gone on and is somehow not aware that chavis has stalked me, manker has stalked me, Barbarosa has stalked me. etc, etc… he’s stupid enough to think that I can’t do to them when they did to me.

            He worries me you know, he doesn’t seem to be the full shilling.

          • Wordcount has you at 800 today, Dave. I was curious how much you had blathered, so I put it into Word. The paperclip popped up and asked if I was actually that lonely…

          • Yes it’s rather sad that I have to keep repeating myself because you keep coming back with the same old shit. It’s nearly as sad as sitting here watching you chant the same old shit on FST over and over again.

  3. Hai Dave.

    What would you do if Mary up and closed this blog, you mental?

    How comes you’re not pissing windwards at FST any more? I kinda miss you peeping over the wall with your big stupid head. You’re like a belligerent stain on the sofa that you know is a bit nasty, but you also know you had a good time making.

    You need to start some escalation, David. You’re even more ineffectual here than you ever were in my lounge.

    • Yes chavis, do keep on deluding yourself won’t you old chap, you wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t quite so mental. Your lounge indeed, need I remind you that before that bitch fed you my real life, you had fuck all mate.

      FST is only for mankers mates, didn’t anyone tell you? Yes I think it’s a sorry state of affairs as well when a worthless piece of shit can take over a public message board, and ban anyone they take a dislike towards no matter what that person actually does. Especially when it’s done by a cowardly piece of scum like manker. Still I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see interacting with such a knob as him, so you fill your boots mate.

      • Dave, why are you such a spastic? In fifty words or less, if you please.

        What was your upbringing like, like? Apart from your genius father telling you not to hit women, like. Slapping you about was fine though, wasn’t it. He was quite selective in his educational abuse, wasn’t he.

        Either that, or you were one of those rickety kids, prolly with a build up of wax. You were prolly picked upon, yeah. That’s where your crime-fighting days began, innit, Dave. Yeah, they began in your big stupid head and they’ve stayed there ever since.

        David, my friend, I wince in your general direction to the max.

  4. Spider-Dave, Spider-Dave,
    Needs a life and he needs a shave.
    Can he swing? Can he fuck.
    Relationships end in muck.

    Look out, here comes the Spider-Dave.

    • Well I did say that you wouldn’t be quite the same if you weren’t quite so mental, so I guess I should have expected that.

  5. Oh! Look yet again [s]m[/s]wanker deletes content that he doesn’t like on his board.

    What’s the matter [s]m[/s]wanker, won’t some people fuck off and leave you and your mates alone? Having difficulty shitting on everyone else so much that they can’t stand to post on your crappy little board?

    How fucking annoying is that eh? That some people just won’t do as you tell them to do? Doesn’t it make being a worthless piece of shit control freak difficult.

    Come on manker have the courage of your actions, tell me your real name.

      • Everything I’m going is going far better than your rather pathetic attempt with this little hate site did Mary.

        I mean what kind of complete fucking moran has to edit the posts of their target to make that target appear as they want them to appear πŸ˜†

        WOOP. Cluckity boom bang gopher. GROWL!!!

      • In fact I can’t help wondering why our lover of all things ironical hasn’t commented upon the amazingly amusing irony of you capturing the lunacy which has spilled forth from your own mind into those posts, as some rather pathetic attempt to show I’m mental. Maybe he’s not clever enough to see the irony of that, eh?

  6. http://filesharingtalk.com/threads/448109-Post-HERE-for-POST-COUNT-ONLY-%28Get-into-BT-TRADE-BEG-Section%29/page25?p=3689229&viewfull=1#post3689229

    You have to laugh, well OK I do. Thers’s the nasty vindictive piece of shit telling you all what she thinks you should all do on the discussion forum you all use because of your interest in filesharing. She who has no interest in filesharing, she who doesn’t even know what the fuck filesharing is.

    You do remember asking me what I was doing on FST MBM, don’t you? You asked me more than once. Now that you have seen her admitting that she doesn’t even know what filesharing is I’m surpised to see you haven’t bothered to ask her what she is doing there? Why did she return to a site she hadn’t used in two years? A site about a subject she has no interest in. A site she knew I still read/used. Why did she return to use a site like that MBM?

    • LOL! It’s all a big conspiracy, isn’t it, Dave? The simple answer, is that she came back to visit with her forum friends. She has several. Can you name one friend you have on FST, Dave?

      No one uses the Lounge to discuss filesharing. Nobody. To do so is even shunned if someone does too much of it.

      • That ridiculous accusation has never had any grounds MBM “conspiracy” What a fucking idiot thing to try to ascribe to me.

        So that’s yet another of the nasty shitty things you threw at me shown up for what it really was, just another nasty piece of shit you could throw around, because that’s the kind of complete and utter piece of scum you are.

        It’s a shame she is going to pay the price for all of the behaviour that you scum poured forth, especially because you’re all to cowardly to face any of it, innit MBM?

        • Come to the US, big man. I’m in Washington state. I won’t fight you ’cause my back is so damn bad that I can barely walk (true story), but I’d love to see you burn up the cash required to come here. If you found me (my IP address gives you a nice picture of the street surrounding my ISP if you were to check Goofle Maps) I’d take pictures of your head and ‘Shop ’em into silly looking bodies and we would all laugh at you some more.

          It’s a conspiracy, Dave. Shady backroom dealings, drugs, prostitution- all done to fund our hate campaign against you, Dave Dowell. We even sent a want-to-be accountant (one Mr. Steven Greene) through school just to throw you off the Manker’s trail.

          This goes A LOT deeper than you realize, Dave. Much much, much deeper…

          • Hello knobrot,

            I was thinking about you and your scum friends today as I drove home, tell me do any of you have any preference about the methodology I should select to murder your friend? Butchery? Deprivation? Shooting? See they all have their own very special flavour, and they’re all so damned appealing. WIth a knife I could get up close and personal and feel the reaction to the blade, but with a gun I’ll have far less chance of being seen coming, and the impact wounds are far more traumatic. Deprivation on the other hand has it’s own special appeal, imagine of you will her dying from water deprivation, and the insanity that brings about. That’s a damned appealing idea isn’t it? It would take days and be entertaining as hell to watch. I must admit I am finding the thoughts of that very appealing. So do you have any preferences, about how your friend should die? I am genuinely interested, after all you have all played such a key part in driving me to do what I’m going to do, so its only fair that I should consider your thoughts about how it should be done.

          • Drown her in jizz.

            Each time you knock one out, save it in a sterilised jam jar. And when that one is full, sterilise another and wank into that. In 13 years you should have enough to completely submerse her head in one of those things that they use on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here to put the celeb’s face next to spiders and snakes.

            squeams in jizz

            You’d be reminding her of your virility while exacting your revenge plus I’m pretty sure it’s also how she would like to go.

            Everyone’s a winner.

          • “I’m pretty sure it’s also how she would like to go”

            For that reason alone, that’ll be a no.

          • I was just kidding, Dave, she probably wouldn’t really like to get drowned to death in a seething, festering mass of your 13 year old spunk.

          • “drowned to death in a seething, festering mass of your 13 year old spunk”

            Now when you put it like that, it becomes more appealing.

          • Fucking hell man, I knew you were a warped fucking mentalist, but seriously? You want pictures of my festering semen in a jam jar… jesus manker. That’s seriously sick.

          • To be fair I have tried to explain to you that the value of a man is no more or less than the value of his word, and I did give you mine. I am bound by that manker no matter how mental that may seem to you. That’s the entire point of an oath.

        • On the subject of your posts, this one was good wanker.

          I especially liked the bit where you said that you are shit at “davewatch” because I said so. Ignoring completely the evidence of how many accounts I have created, and how many posts I have made whilst subject to your completely unjustified ban.

          You don’t even have any idea how many accounts I have on FST right at this moment in time… ’tis not I who says you’re shit at it, it’s the evidence.

          • I said I was shit at it. what more can I possibly do to placate you in this matter.

            I honestly don’t care if you post there while I’m off doing stuff and I really don’t mind if you create a thousand accounts. This is me being shit at davewatch.

            However, I’ll ban you and delete most or all your posts when I get back.
            If I can be arsed, like.

          • You cared so little about me posting there you banned me.
            You care so little about me posting there that any post I make which resembles the kind of commentary you and all your friends post about me is removed… sometimes sneakily after a period of time has passed and you think no one will notice.

            I don’t need you to come here and make posts proving how mental you are manker I already know.

          • Why the “o_O” emoticon?

            You did ban me, and you’ve stated yourself that you did that to stop me posting there. Amongst other lame excuses. There’s the:

            1) “You’re only here to hurt my female friend” excuse, despite there being no posts where I have revealed anything about her personal life or any of the information I have which could be used to try and hurt her.
            2) “Your real life is too wrapped up in the board” despite it being you who did that by personalising it to my real name, and making every thread about the same old subject.
            3) “Your presence is toxic to the board” despite you being one of the primary culprits of making thread after thread turn toxic about the subject of my personal life.

            Don’t go trying to make out you’re confused and/or shocked that your reasoning is clearly flawed, and that I can happily sit and pass judgement about your sanity.

            Another of those thoughts which crossed my mind yesterday (whilst reveiwing all of this as I drove along) was that you were nearly as paranoid as your female friend. She came up with some completely deluded fantasy about how I was threatening her with uploading porn, despite me not having any porn of her to upload, something she had known for years. You come up with deluded fantasies about how I’m “only there to try and hurt her”, despite not having got any information from me that could hurt her.

            See you’re a mental case manker.

  7. You have received an infraction worth 20 point(s).
    Reason: Invite Request – Read http://filesharingtalk.com/bt.html

    Original Post: http://filesharingtalk.com/showthread.php?p=3690088
    Quote Originally Posted by manker View Post
    I can’t imagine that there is anyone stupid enough on the internets to join up to this with their real Facebook.
    That’s actually a lie. I can, but still … what the fuck. Why bait stupid people? It mostly isn’t their fault.
    Thank you manker, for explaining what was so utterly disgraceful about your and your friends behaviour towards me. Still I bet you all thought you could intimidate me into fucking off associating my real name with this crappy little filesharing site. That’ll be because like so many here you’re stupid enough to believe that anyone with any interest in filesharing must be using it to steal stuff like you do. You fucking dumb arse.

    I am a disabled person who actually thinks he is

    Fucking brilliant.

    • Come on manker, lets have you and your mates defending how you and them associating my real name with FST wasn’t deliberately vicious behaviour… you know all that old crap about how “it doesn’t matter”, send MBM over to trot out that load of old bollocks again, why don’t you?

          • I’m going with: you are an obsessive compulsive with a very fragile ego and no friends.

            Em eye close, or spot on?

        • I mst admit, I fucking love this bit of the infraction notices.

          “Hostile Posting – 2 Points / 10 Days.”

          Although it’s not strictly accurate there’s no statement of exemption for mates of mankers. Tesco should modify that message to make it clearer.

          • I expect “hostile poasting” only includes members of the bored. You got yerself banned, so we don’t have to be nice to you. :happy:

          • Oh no MBM, you do yourself and your mates a massive disservice, you must recognise the months worth of hostile posting you spewed forth at me before I was banned.

          • People took an instant dislike to you because of YOUR poasts, Dave. We were all just minding our own business, visiting with Squeams BEFORE you showed up. You wanted us all to make you our little bitch, so we did just that. We’ve continued with that request. I don’t know what more you could want from us. :unsure:

          • OMFG! Talk about rewriting history… fucking hell MBM, you can’t seriously expect anyone else to fall for that load of bollocks given that the history of who initiated the viciousness that was posted is now out.

          • History is probably too advanced a course for you to take at this time, Dave. You seem to have an inability to grasp the present, so perhaps work a little more on that before tackling these higher level concepts.

        • Go talkl to your friend the future murder victim about it, she seems to enjoy passing nasty commentary about my personality, maybe you two can entertain each other by seeing which one of you scum can say the worst thing.

          • You have demonstrated your “personality” quite thoroughly, Dave. Everyone gets that you are obsessive in your insecurities. Fact is, Squeams hasn’t had to say anything. Do you see any quotes from her on this site? It’s all you, Dave. A-hole site just for you, Miss Dowell. πŸ˜€

          • Don’t be fucking stupid MBM, she doesn’t dare post here because she knows I’ll rip her fucking vicious little lies apart. Oh no her lies and malicious statements are confined to FST, either as PMs or posts. Although given what an absolute piece if scum she is there are no doubt some on other sites somewhere.

            Tell me have you always had this problem you have with being unable to associate inter related things to each other?

        • Oh but it contains posts where manker and various others of you admit to copyright theft, MBM. Hence I can see that if I can backtrace mr manker, FACT might have an interest in watching his IP addresses.

          • what is this site supposed to be ?
            i am not the smartest guy but Dave is saying some of the retardest shit on the net but also has a funny blog

            i am confused

          • [quote]FACT might have an interest in watching his IP addresses.[/quote]

            Yes, I’m sure they will put it on their to-do list. Right after they laugh at you for suggesting it. Make sure they get this URL as well. That’ll keep ’em laughing for hours at your expense, Dave. πŸ˜€

          • No wonder you’re a copyright thief MBM, you don’t even understand the enforcement chain.

          • Anyway MBM, back on topic. Did you have any preference about the methodolgy I should use to take the life of your friend the future murder victim?

            manker gave me his ideas, and to be fair despite my initial rejection of the idea it did have some appeal once he explained it in more detail. However I know how sick the nasty bitch is so it’s a non starter because no doubt she’d just swallow it.

          • You can’t even find the right accountant in a town the size of my living room. I’m not sure you could put together a successful kidnapping/murder.

            You ever kill anything besides your relationships, Dave?

          • Do you know the real problem MBM? The real problem is I’m stuck trying to decide if I want to feel it, or if I don’t.

            See if I cared enough about (hated) her to want to feel it I’d want to do it by hand, so I could feel her reactions, know she was dead, revel in watching her as she went, and the problem with that is I don’t. I don’t care enough about her to have any interest in wanting to make it that personal. At least I don’t yet, I suppose there’s always time for her to spew forth another load of lies and set another bunch of wankers upon me, driving my hatred to ever greater levels…

            Anyway basically to me this is just a ‘responsibility’ issue, she is responsible and I am going to hold her so. Hence my complete lack of interest in making it personal. At least in the sense of making it up close and personal if you get what I mean. I guess I don’t really care how she dies, as long as I get to make it happen. In front of a tube train/car/bus, from some rare infection (anyone know how I can get hold of a sample of a hemorrhagic virus?), CO poisoning… not excluding the obvious ones like gun, knife, crossbow, etc, etc.

            I’ll be honest and say my reading up on the possible methodolgies that are available has proved fascinating, and given me pause for thought. I find myself thinking that in some ways it’d be far cooler to leave her as a vegetable than to actually kill her. You know, flood her flat with CO or something in the middle of the night, not enough to create an attack concentration, but something very close, so her brain gets complete fucked from lack of O2. Leaving her to live her life as a semi aware fucked up mess. That does have an attractive element to it, don’t you think?

          • Just skimmed through enough of that blather to see that you didn’t answer my question.

            I can’t say you talk a good game, but you dodge like a prissy bitch getting her first facial…

        • Aaawww!!! MBM, do you not like that you don’t get to lead the discussion? Gonna stamp your feet like a child cause nasty Dave won’t answer your questions? πŸ˜†

  8. Mary,

    I don’t know anyyhing about your life and don’t particularly like you so have no reason to offer any kind iof advice to you, but I can’t sit by and not point out that you should be very careful who you take advice from. I sit here reading the words in her posts to you in utter disbelief.

    I can assure you her ideas of decency, honesty… Well I’m sure you can imagine my thoughts about those, from your perspective be careful how much credence you grant to a single word she says where she comments on such things…

    • I’m not going to stalk her, Dave. I am quite abreast of my own situation to a degree that dissenting opinion doesn’t shake me. I see you trying to find a commonality when none exists, so it will not suit whatever cause you’re trying to champion. You should be siding with her on this one, do you not see what a wicked person I am?

      • OK For once I will be deadly serious with you, because of my personal experience with this particular woman.

        I read the posts on that thread and was to put it mildly utterly shocked, but not for the reasons you probably imagine. The shock was that what she said could have come straight from my own mind/hands. Indeed for many years I would have spoken to you in exactly those terms. I found myself stunned by that. What she did to me has changed me, I’m not that person anymore, but when I read her posts I can recognise the person I was. “Brutal honesty”, “decency”, etc…

        Anyway, like I said I have no idea about your circumstances, and I don’t actually want to know anything, I just want to caution you about the person giving you that advice. I once believed I could trust her, I believed it when she promised me face to face that she would never lie to me, I believed her when she promised me to my face that she would never send malicious messages behind my back, I believed her when she told me she valued me and my frinedship… etc

        How deep your friendship goes or will go with her is none of my business, I just want to caution you to be careful… To take statements about epiphanies surrounding the need to be honest, and any understanding of causing damage with lies, with caution.

        I might be wrong and she might really understand those things now, and I might have to beg your forgiveness for stepping out of line with all of what I have said here, but I can’t in good conscience sit here and not say this out loud when she is commenting as she is about your personal life. My personal experience of her requires me to do that.

        Whatever ails you Mary, I wish you well with it, do what you believe/feel is right, and it invariably will be the right thing for you.

        Best wishes

        /Serious off

      • Ummm it wasn’t me who has been bent to anything MBM, it’s you who have been manipulated with lies into bending to her will. Sorry old chap.

        • There’s not much “bending” as it is pretty much unanimous that you are a loser, stalker creep who followed someone who was already known and established on the site.

          The fact that no one would engage you in any other discussion besides fucking off had to do with your Persona Non Gratis status.

          • Yes MBM, I know how you and your friends like to think that your opinions represent the entire membership of FST, like I said it’s been clear for a long time that many of you are completely mental like that.

    • Actually, Dave. I think I might close the site for posting and leave it as a read-only archive.

      Pretty sure manker is in discusion with tesco about banning your IP on fst. It’s not something they usually do, apparently. It’s just that everyone thinks you’re a complete dick.

      Will you use proxies so that you can still talk to us? Will you phone BT and ask them to change your IP? Will you put a shotgun in your mouth and end it all?

      Is it really that important.

      • Yes I’m sure manker wishes the results of his and his friends disgusting behaviour towards another human being would just go away. Unfortunately the scum aren’t in control anymore Mary, I won’t be going away just because a complete and utter piece of scum doesn’t like the results of his behaviour.

        • Actually I suspect I’ve attributed that incorrectly, I expect the truth is that he is yet again being driven by her. It’ll be her who doesn’t like the results of her behaviour, and she is telling manker all about how ‘scared’ she is and how she can’t cope with having me being able to post there. That’ll be what is driving manker to have a discussion like that.

      • Its all very funny really Mary, that the very people who filled the FST lounge with hateful posts against/about me, who created those nastily intentions smileys and this lovely little hate site of yours, are now running to Tesco and asking him if they can hide behind his skirt, because they can’t handle having hateful posts aimed at them.

        Well OK I find it fucking funny, although I’ll understand if you don’t.

          • I’m sure that woman will get around to writing one sooner or later.

            You do realise that she’s penned the last six, don’t you.

          • Haven’t you noticed yet Mary?

            That woman doesn’t engage with me, she doesn’t like that I know the truth about her, she doesn’t like that whenever I’m around she is reminded that she is the female les hyde.

            What do you think the nasty little lie filled PM to chavis was about? What do you think all them vicious little posts on FST were about? You don’t really think the inclusion of private information that she knew about from that so called ‘friendship’ into her vicious little digs was by accident, do you? (and yes I know none of you saw them, that’s the problem with wading around in other peoples real lives like you all did, you stood no chance of recognising the outright vicious nature of her posts about me).

            Do you really think she’s your friend? That it’s all just been a whole serious of unfortunate posts, mistakes on her part, you know like she forgot that I didn’t have any porn of her, and she forgot that moderators have blue names and stars.

            Do tell me you’re not that naive? Do tell me that at some point you have sat down and asked yourself how we got here? How come we ended up at a point where I have committed to kill her, do tell me you understand that none of this was happenstance. That what has happened here was something she wanted to happen one way, but which her attempts to manipulate have backfired.

            Do you know that she used to be so proud of her ability to be ruthless, and she never thought I could be ruthless. I did try to tell her that I was quite capable of behaving like a complete and utter bastard (:lol: I wonder how many times she has uttered that profanity at me these last few months). She did know I wasn’t a ‘Wayne’ I made she she understood that.

            I feel there are many lessons to be learnt here, unfortunately I’m not sure those involved are capable of understanding any of them. I did hold out some hope for you though. I thought you were cleverer than the likes of Squeamous, manker, chavis, MBM, et al…

          • Do you know I am more and more convinced that you haven’t got a clue what has gone on here, what her nasty little plan was.

            I’ll explain it to you.

            She knew some dickhead called Dave, who had been stupid enough to let things like what has happened here drop in the past. She knew (or thought that she knew) that if she could get some of you to throw enough nasty posts in my direction I would ‘flounce’ off into the far distance. That’s where the nasty little lie filled PM came in, that’s where the sitting back giggling at the shit you were all throwing at me came in.

            She only made one miscalculation, I’m not the man she knew, I’m the (*bastard/cunt) she created, and as I’ve pointed out multiple times now, I’m a much bigger cunt than any of you.

            * = Delete as applicable

  9. New thread same as the old thread…

    You aren’t anything special, Dave. Just last week’s trash, errr joke. Nobody cares to read you anymore. You got attention because you were amusing. Nothing more. The only way you got to play with us was with a pork chop tied around your neck.

    You can either decide to go away, or Squeams can have you arrested, and the whole wife/familky thing can escalate. You know, escalating the whole Dave wants to fuck up everything good in his personal life thing. Yes, it has ALWAYS been YOU fucking up your own life. Take responsibility for all the fucking up YOU have done to yourself- we’ve only been laughing at YOUR fuckups. YOU ARE A FUCKUP, DAVE. YOU.

    You REALLY should be thanking her for having a strong sense of humour (that’s British for humor) about you being such a fucking fuckup, Dave (that’s British for Dave Dowell, I hear).

    Give it a rest. No one ever sought you out. EVER. No one ever gave .02p about you (that’s British, pretty sweet conversion thar, ehhh!)

    You stuck your big, dumb head into Squeams’ online stomping ground- when you had both agreed to leave each other alone. You broke that truce, and got made fun of for it. Just fuck the fuck off, and no one will remember you in 3 weeks thyme. Not even Squeams. Seriously, you think you are worth the effort to seek YOU out? Not a fucking chance.

    Have a nice fuck the fuck off. I’m tired/bored of you. Last I’ll bother giving you two squirts of shit.

    Notice how everyone visits with Squeams on a variety of topics while you were ever only allotted one, Dave? That’s because you were never anything butt a shit stain, Dave. A shit stain of your own making nobody else made you, Dave. Nobody.

  10. See manker it’s no good trying to use “he’s not very alturistic” against a man to who you have personally confirmed (she taught it to me) that being alturistic will only get you shat all over and lied to and about.

    And like I said you’ve proven what a gigantic imbecile you are with that pathetic IP ban, what kind of fucking thicko tries to use an IP ban against a geek?

    • Oh! And “soul searching” really? A worthless piece of shit like you who decided to join in your vicious friends little personal vendetta, and then personalise it like a complete and utter cunt, is seriously advising me to do some “soul searching”.

      You should take a good long look in the mirror old chap, so far you’ve managed to get one of your friends killed, and you’ve got the target of your nasty little hate campaign hunting you, because you’re a cunt who deserves to get a bit of your own treatment.

  11. http://filesharingtalk.com/threads/450827-I-think-I-just-end-up-getting-trolled-on-dating-sites/page21?p=3692252&viewfull=1#post3692252

    I have to say Mary, one of the biggest disappointments I have, is that I won’t get to see you all slagging me off, and trying your best to avoid accepting responsibility for your parts in her death after the fact. I bet the twisting and turning and outright denials of the truth spewed forth from you all on that day will make absolutely hilarious reading. I am dissappointed that I will miss out on that.

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