I did it, I got them!

I have used my stealthy h4x0r skillz to take down FST. Β Some sysop will say it was something else because they could never admit too how badly I pwned there precious little site.

Dave 451 FST 0

160 thoughts on “I did it, I got them!

  1. ’twas tesco again. You’d have thought he’d have got the hang of this running a website thing by now, wouldn’t you?

  2. We know it was you, you blackhat evildoer. Expect legal actions soon!

    I’m also aware that you clogged my kitchen sink lyke 3 weeks ago, and let the gas in my car get down to less than 1/4 tank. I even suspect it was you who set my shoes in the rack left on right side; right on left side. Will the hate EVAR end, Dave Dowell? :fist:

  3. Sorry MBM, I’m bored of this game. Then again, I always say that, then go into a reality prolapse, then obliterate my internet slime trail, and then do the same thing over and over again.

    I’m stuck in a fruit-loop and I kidnapped Shergar for the sole purpose of fucking it to death and blaming it on the Irish. I’m nuts, me.

    • :yawn: I’m so tired. Other people knacker horses, but horses knacker me.

      I also love big, sweaty buffalo bollocks. There’s nothing I likes better than a face full of buffalo mozzarella.

      • :double bestiality: I’ve just sucked a buffalo AND a horse in one sitting. I haven’t done that in almost 3 days now.

        Ecru hides horse semen stains!

  4. Quit it, Dave. It is one thing to abandon your wife and young children to have a 5-year long affair with a woman on the other side of your country (how many hours were you away from your kids simply driving back and forth, Dave?), but your barnyard hi-jinx will only hurt the ones you love and cause them even FURTHER embarrassment.

  5. Like I said, I’m bored of the game. It’s boring as fuck. You’re all so unoriginal.

    I only come here to be MBM’s little bitch. Fact.

      • Tell me MBM, if I did leave, what is it you would have won?

        {Honestly the imbeciles around here are so speshul}.

          • “Gain” Mary?

            I’m not looking to gain anything, I’m just not going to be driven off by the lies she has spewed forth at you all, and the results of those lies.

            As far as I can see that’s just a return to the defacto state where both she and I had accounts on FST. As was, before her PM to chavis.

          • Downside to letting her into my life in the first place Mary.

            She knew which buttons to push, pushed them, then sat out publicly portraying herself as not being the button pusher. Giggling away as she watched you all lay into me.

            It’s actually quite funny. I suppose you have to see it from my perspective to see that though. I imagine that from where you’re all sitting you think that at least a small part of what you all think of me, must hold some small amount of truth about who I am… which is in itself funny from where I’m sitting.

          • I think you see things differently to me Mary.

            From where I’m sitting, I’m laughing at you all having been played by some vicious lying bitch who I dumped.

            What’s even funnier is she is still playing you all.

            Come on, you must be able to see the irony of that? The stalker claims… how it was supposedly me stalking her… when in reality she has been playing all of you against me. It’s fucking brilliantly executed on her part. I told you she was highly intelligent.

  6. I’ve noticed Squeams has moved on, and found other relationships since dumping you. Why haven’t yo0u been able to find anyone else, Dave? I’ll tell you why- you still aren’t over her.

    Don’t tell us all is great with the wife. You wouldn’t have run around on her for 5 years had everything been good.

    Truth is, you are stuck here putting up with all the crap we want to throw at you because you can’t move on. Move along, Dave.

    • Same old, same old.

      You really should try and get a grip of the facts Mary. I told her to “now fuck off”. She didn’t dump me.


      • Telling someone to “fuck off” then following them around like a lost puppy (with excuses) is pathetic, Dave.

        How many times has Squeams followed you to work, home, internets sites, etc., Dave…

        Amazingly, you are the only one who doesn’t see through your stupid story.

        • Actually, you’re the biggest joke of all of this MBM.

          You’re so convinced by the delusions you had painted for you, that you’ve added your own little exaggerations to it.

          Mind you it got you a few individualised pats on the head from her πŸ˜†

          • People who don’t even talk to her don’t believe your stories, Dave. Is there some far-reaching conspiracy that keeps the truth from EVERYONE?

            Does Squeams have CIA operatives working around the clock? Cover-ups everywhere you turn, Dave? Is she watching you? :O

          • And you are the biggest joke, Dave. You are the one instantly recognizable, without name, at the top of the page. Fucking a horse, mind you.

            Top that, Jokeboi.

          • I neither know or care MBM.

            She knew which buttons to push to get a rise out of me, pushed those buttons, then sat back and watched you all go into mentalist “defending the damsel in distress” mode.

            It’s funny MBM. I’d heard about women who were dumped feeding everyone they could poisonous ideas and thoughts about the person who dumped them before, playing on what they knew of that person. So I knew some women did that. I never expected it to be done to me. Especially by someone who fucked up what existed between us herself, by lying into it.

          • Poor Squeams, she must have taken the “dumping” hard. Going out of her way to lure you to FST, getting you to show up at her work by not responding to your repeated calls, forcing your hand into driving across the country.

            Fucking manipulation! Her efforts only show how much of a catch you really were. Too bad you are moved on and not available. I bet she’d just snatch you up…


          • And there you go showing your problem MBM.

            You’ve chosen to take up the guantlet on her behalf when you actually know fuck all about anything that went on in real life, and therefore anything about what has actually gone on online.

            What a mentalist, that you can delude yourself into thinking you have any kind of fucking clue about any of this.

            That MBM, is why you have to make up stuff (like all that shite about me ‘following her’) to fill in the gaps.
            That is why you can’t produce a single post of mine that supports your delusions.
            That is why nothing you say makes any difference to me, Jokeboi.

            It’s probably why you should also seek professional help.

          • Whether I’m right or wrong doesn’t really matter. She got you soooooo gooooood we all get to laugh at you anyway.

            Win/Win for everyone EXCEPT Dave Dowell. πŸ˜†

          • :glag:

            No MBM, she got us all. You’re all laughing at me, and I am laughing at you all for being complete mentalists and falling for her crap.

            She showed me just how gullible you all are, and I can now play with that at will. So in the end she laughs, I laugh, and you all just get to be used by one or other of us.

      • Same old, same old.

        It’s about time you came up with something new MBM, all these long discredited and easily disprovable lies are boring as fuck.

        • Agreed. Your long-discredited and easily disproven (by the fact that you are following her) lies have gotten boring.

          She’s moved on. If you weren’t following her around, she’d easily forget you. She’s loooong fucked off. Probably took her a couple hours to find someone else. You still haven’t found anyone after 2 years. Man, that’s gotta hurt.

          You are stuck living in the past, she isn’t. She doesn’t NEED to. Nope.

          • How is the dating scene these days, Dave? Getting any? Chicks dig a guy who can’t get past his ex-.

            Chicks like to laugh. And you make people laugh, Dave. With the success of this site (have you typed your real name in Google lately? How AWESOME is that!), you’ll be recognized soon. Chicks’ll be asking for your autograph…

          • Yeah, yeah, yeah. I obviously give a major fuck about what google shows up against my name MBM, that must be why I’ve sat here feeding you all opportunities to use it, eh?

            What were you doing typing my name into google? Hoping to find out more of my personal details, so you could post more comments and drive me away in the name of defending your damsel in distress?

            You fucking mentalist.

          • You are my favorite Jokeboi, Dave. I want you to be number 1. You’ve earnt it.

            Points for Olde Engrish, eh Daveyboy.

          • Cool, I’ve always wanted to have a claim to fame πŸ˜€

            Thanks S*ueamous,

            Without your lies I would never have stood any chance of claiming a first hit on Google πŸ™‚

  7. I think it’s about time you made your presentation about how a single PM, or any PM for that matter, has had any bearing in my assessment of you, Dave. Nobody PMed me or let me in on any secrets, I’m just as far out of that loop as you were :emo:

    Hell, I had to wait for you to tell me what your name was through your own butthurt confirmation, call me a skeptic. It took nearly 6 months for me to believe you were an actual person expressing his opinions, and not some ridiculous, over the top, invented persona.

    Present that, Dave, and if it’s convincing, I will do something to get myself permanently banned from FST. I’ll create dupe accounts like you, every day, and post spasmodic rants.

    • Have you never let anyone so close to you that they would know exactly what buttons to press to make you react?

      Have you never trusted someone so much that you wouldn’t believe they would press buttons on you like that?

      Her PM had chavis say things which pressed buttons in me. Buttons she knew I would react to, precisely because we we’re both members and I would be concerned about her thoughts about the things he said. I sat here convincing myself that it must have come from some communications mix up with someone she had spoken to, instead of realising it was from her.

      Then it became about behaving as badly towards you all as I felt you were behaving towards me. A pointless pissing contest… one which must have been boring the arses off of you as much as it was me.

      Anyway, that doesn’t matter Mary. After chavis admitted the ‘source’ of the PM was her, I got it… or at least I started to get it. I probably haven’t actually got it all yet. I probably never will. But I can see the pattern through her posts and behaviour now, and that’s good enough.

      There’s nothing to be done Mary, it is what it is.

      It’s a public holiday here today and tomorrow (Queens Diamond Jubilee) I’m away out with my kids again, you have a good day.

      • So that’s a no then.

        I don’t come pre-assembled with buttons, but I have pet peeves. Even still, I’m the only person I’ve ever held accountable for my actions.

        • You want me to show you the trail, of her actions/posts? And explain my reading of them as it went along? Putting that in relation to the point where you decided I was a worthless piece of shit?

          Isn’t that like a lot of pointless work for something you’re not really arsed reading about? What would the point be? How would doing it make any difference? You’re not going to change your opinion of me based upon some trail of PMs/posts/thoughts and my opinions. Neither is anyone else.

          If you want me to do it then tell me, and I will do it, but it seems completely pointless. I can’t see how it can or would change a damned thing about where anything is, or what has happened.

          So do I, if you knew how long I’ve spent just this last month (as my understanding of the trail of events has been put into perspective by seeing that PM chavis got) trying to figure out if I did anything to deserve that PM, all that it lead to, and all of the rest of it.

          I’m not able to hold her to account for her actions, and even if I was, I’m not sure I care enough to bother. What’s done is done. According to some I’m not even allowed to ask her to live upto the promises she made to my face. I can only sit back, and look at it all in complete bewilderment.

  8. Why edit her name out Mary? Why change it to Squeamous? Those last two edits weren’t even attacks upon her.

    Is that what you’ve beenh told to do?

    • What a great long weekend.

      This weekend I sat back and watched someone make a life changing fuck up, someone who is probably going to lose their job, and who has probably caused lots of other people all across Europe to lose their jobs.

      The greater understanding I have of people now actually made it quite comfortable for me to switch my phone to silent, and ignore that. I know those people are just like her, and so many of you, so I haven’t suffered any pangs of obligation or guilt about it.

      I am genuinely grateful to you all for that… seriously.

      In the meantime I’ve had a fucking glorious weekend with my kids πŸ˜€

      • Would be a shame if your post made it to your work, wouldn’t it.

        Gotta be careful, Dave Dowell. There are spies and conspiracies going on all around you.

        I like it when you make up nice stories about spending thyme with your squids for us. πŸ™‚

          • Care to poast the number? Or if you are feeling brave, just give me your boss’ emale. I’ll pass along the addy to this site. πŸ˜€

    • But you didn’t come to FST to post about your favorite rising star, did you, Dave. You came badmouthing women (directed at a female forum member) and started trouble in an area where you KNEW there would be a response.

      You can claim to be a poor, pathetic, picked on little gurl all you want. You sought out trouble- no one, not even Squeams came to you.

      You are pathetic.

        • Tell me then, Dave. Who, in this great conspiracy to pick on poor Dave, made you come to The Lounge to start trouble with either Squeams or Chalice?

          • Get a grip MBM. “conspiracy” :glag:

            There is no conspiracy, there never was, and I never claimed there was, that was just your reading of my banding you all together as a group. Do you understand anything about group dynamics?

          • Who made you come to The Lounge to start trouble with either Squeams or Chalice?

            Not one person sought you out. YOU made people dislike you. It was never Squeams, Chalice, or anyone else. YOU made people dislike you.

            Take some fucking ownership, Dave. You keep looking to find someone who caused your trouble when it was YOU who did it to yourself. You are the one who made every quote that people use when laughing at you. Not Squeams. Not Chalice. Not Mary. Not MBM.

            Dave. Dave. Dave. He’s your worst enemy, Dave. Dave. Dave. Dave…

    • You started this conversation, Dave. Claimed you’d been picked on like some X-Fuctor watching housewife.

      You don’t take much responsibility for what you do, do you, Dave.

          • Coming to FST and starting trouble with either Squeams or Chalice. You keep acting like you were “attacked” when it was you who came looking for trouble.

            Now you claim everyone is either “bullying” or “stalking” you. You were the one who made everyone dislike you, and you’ve continued to ride that…wait for it…horse.

          • Ummm I’ve openly admitted any number of times that I came to give chavis that which he so loves dishing out to others. In fact I’ve been doing that since around the time she sent that PM to him. It’s stated on FST multiple times, and it’s stated on this site multiple times. So I hardly think you’ve got me for not accepting responsibility for my behaviour with that.

            Squeamous I tried my best to ignore.

            Lets see what I can find on the “accepting responsibility for your behaviour” front shall we?

            How about this.

            That’s the man who banned me because my ‘personal real life’ was too involved with the board, involving my ‘personal real life’ with the board.

            When is he going to accept responsibility for that?
            Given that he did it how come I’m banned and he isn’t?

            Or does this accepting responsibility for your behaviour only cut one way with you?

          • Make your mind up Mary. You’ve previously stated that you didn’t decided you didn’t like me until after that name revealing post of mankers. Which was long after me dishing out shit to chavis.

          • Oh And I didn’t miss you completely ignoring my questions about how come you’re only applying this “responsible for your own actions” in one direction, and don’t accept responsibility for your actions, or expect any of your mates to accept responsibility for their actions.

          • One other small point, I’m not complaining about you being nasty towards me, I’m complaining that none of you can take me being nasty towards you in return. That’s why I’m banned really, isn’t it? Cause you all sit there ripping into me, but you’re all gutless bastards hiding behind me being banned. That’s why manker sudenly goes quiet when I state I am going to find him and do unto him… etc. Because you’re all OK dishing it out, but you can’t take it back.

          • Manker said he’d meat you at your house, Dave. Home turf, and all…

            You’ve never done anything but poorly mimic our comments. By the time you reuse them, it just sounds like, “Oh yeah, so are you…”

            You are impotent and ineffective, Dave. Fact.

          • Yet up until that bitch fed you my real life I was shitting all over you.

            Is that why you’re all so frightened that I might get hold of your real life details? Cause you know I’ll shit all over you all again, just like you’ve done to me.

          • There you go again. We call you a stalker because you exhibit every characteristic of a stalker, but you don’t feel you are because [you’ve got excuses] for doing what you “plan” to do.

            BTW, everyone thought you were an ass and an idiot FAR before Squeams asked Chalice to not rile you up. Did you really think you were “winning” at that thyme, Dave. Seriously.

          • Try that again MBM, maybe you can get it right next time.

            I am stalking manker, because he led the verbal abuse of me, personally leading the charge and believing that no matter how badly I was abused it could/would never affect him.

            I warned him more than once not to make it personal… so he has no grounds to complain.

            If you all didn’t want me to be willing to behave that way, maybe you should have shown some respect towards my desire for what passed on the board not to be personalised with the use of my real name.

            You all chose the personalisation option, so not one of you have any grounds for me choosing to take it personally, and for my decision that I will make it personal against manker.

          • You (according to you story, anyway) said you came to play the Lounge game. That game involves doing whatever you can to get under someone else’s skin. You revealed that calling you Dave pissed you off. That is why we have all been doing it. Had you just let it pass when first mentioned, nobody would even know/remember your first name.

            As with everything else, your actions have caused you problems that you don’t like. If you can’t handle playing games without throwing tantrums, maybe you shouldn’t play games you constantly lose at.

            Nobody likes a poor loser (someone who has to get angry and/or take things personally), Dave. Maybe come back when your skin gets a little more adult-like.

          • Oh yeah MBM, that’s going to work innit? Denying that what has been done here was personal, intended to drive me away from FST because you all fell for the lies she fed you.

            Remember when every single thread was about how I was stalking her, how I was threatening her, how in your words I should “fuck off”. Nope you set the stage, I can quite happily play upon it.

          • Look at it this way MBM, we’re still playing the “get under someone else’s skin” game, we’re just playing the personalised version you all opted for when you decided you could personalise it.

            What did you think? That you could personalise the game, but that I wasn’t allowed to do that back?

          • You need to fight Manker because you suck at this game. You’ve been losing all along, and you can’t rely on your wits like the rest of us.

            Loser. Poor loser, at that…

          • “fight”!?! Who said anything about fighting?

            You should try to get some kind of hold on reality MBM.

          • No I plan to track him down in a neighbouring country and then pour forth slanderous statements all over the web about him.

          • Is that what you thought you thought pouring out nasty personalised comments about me and my real life made you?

          • Do thank Artemis for me won’t you manker.

            Why on earth he thinks I’m a foaming at the mouth mentalist when I’m sat here perfectly calmly just stating things as they are is beyond me, It’s fucking funny though, and it might also come in useful should I actually ever need to use an insanity plea.

          • I have literally no idea what you’re talking about.
            Anyway, I might come and visit you here in your virtual cage some time in the future, perhaps soon.


    • I heard Dave moved in with some gypsies so they could pick up and move again quickly if Chalice ever got on their trail again.

    • Can you see it Mary? In ^ that reply there? The inteliigence level of the people you hang around with? Even after you pointed out the obvious to them on FST, they still can’t add one and one together.

  9. “Will your whole little site here fall foul of such a law?”

    No, Dave, it wouldn’t. You probably want to know why, well 2 reasons primarily. Primarily, this blog doesn’t exist to harass you, rather you seem content to harass this blog, similar to the manner in which you approach other sites. Secondarily, but also important, we don’t lie about you Dave. We retell your stories here, and then comment about your comments.

    1. Stalking – You told us your stalking stories in case you forgot.
    2. Burying a dead baby – Also your story.
    3. Getting intimate with a Principle – your story with your capitalization.
    4. Equinophilia – Another gem you bestowed upon us.

    Before the list gets too long, let’s just make an all encompassing 5th item. Your lunacy/idiocy. That’s the evaluation of every comment you make. If you find this all defamatory, you should take some experimental penis enlargement pills, time travel into the past and deep throat yourself as a baby with your horsecock until he dies of asphyxiation. Then bury it, and with that you would have removed your biggest libeler.

    What I’m saying is this, it’s pretty easy to look up your own IP address.

    • This site exists to defame me, it was created for a different reason by Mary, because that’s the kind of woman she is. But silly me, being a shitty little man, poured so much effort into to it to just defame myself. The best bit of it is, that you can’t deny it, because you created this site.

      I’m finding this all highly amusing.

    • So come on Mary, tell me, which bit of not being able to defame someone so much that they fuck off into the distance is it that you find most annoying?

      I’ve had so much fun here you know. The mere existance of this site has shown you up as a ‘chip off of the old block’. Just how much time did you piss away tagging posts with my real name (at the behest of manker) in the idiotic belief that it made any fucking difference to me?

      Then there’s MBM with his delusions about how the lunatic thoughts that float around inside his head bear some relationship to reality. Brilliant, just fucking brilliant.

          • What’s up manker, don’t like me posting the truth on FST? Or is it that you don’t like the results of your behaviour?

          • The results of my behaviour are beyond my initial and tentative hopes.

            Have you noticed that as a direct result of my behaviour (you being banned) the lounge is a much better place to post. A much busier place and rather more fun.

            it literally is quite stunning.

          • You mean after you stopped posting bile filled posts at me, and converting every thread onto the topic of my real life, every thread isn’t now about Dave, his personal life and what a nasty piece if shit he is?

            Odd that, maybe I was right when I kept asking you guys to leave it the fuck alone then? What do you think?

  10. How many months out are we now manker? From when you banned me, and made this an issue. How many more months will it take before you realise what it is you’ve done? How many more months before you realise that I am serious, and that there are consequences?

    TBH I can’t believe you made it into your 30s without realising there’s no such thing as a free lunch? That actions can and often do have consequences. What kind of fucking retard are you that such a simple life lesson escaped your understanding?

    Or was it that you believed that because it was on the internet that it wasn’t real? That no one had the right to be personally offended by your deliberately personally offensive behaviour?

    Or were you stupid enough to believe that what you did was ‘banter’ even though it was personalised, vicious, and directed at someone who you don’t have the kind of interaction where banter can be used?

    I am curious about what drives someone like you to behave as you have.

    • Gee, Dave. Having a bad meds day? Are the kids alright? Anyone in the house “slip and fall” today? If the police showed up at your door, would you release them?

      Just looking out for your family, Dave. You seem easily agitated today…

          • That’s what I thought, you’re a thick as manker.

            Look it’s really simple, I’ll explain it.

            1. She accuses me of threatening her (to chavis via PM).

            2. You all spew forth all sorts of shit at me, because you all think I am a threat to her.

            3. I piss away months pointing out that I’m not a threat to her – none of you believe me.

            4. The truth about how you all spewed forth all that shit at her behest comes out, as a result of which I am now a threat to her – none of you believe me.

            Her lies created this lovely circular symmetry.

          • You had already made yourself a target by being a MASSIVE douche bag, Dave. We didn’t need Squeams to point us in your direction. That is where you’ve been wrong all along. Squeams asked that we (Chalice) not rile you up. If she truly had sway over any of us, we would have left you alone.

          • I do wonder where you were, and what you were reading as this all panned out MBM. You were obviously reading something completely different to the rest of us.

          • You like to post FST links. Refresh my memory of when you made non-douche bag posts early-on, Dave. When did you ever try to be “just one of the guys”? You came for one purpose- most of us think it was to start trouble with Squeams, but you insist it was to start trouble with Chalice. Either way, you came for trouble.

            No fucking wonder no one likes you. It just so happens, you are a meme magnet, so your stupid comments (which are sufficient to start a “fan” site) tend to cling to you.

          • ‘This is the primary focus of my life’

            That meme isn’t going away and it’s a direct quote, you pathetically inadequate ‘family’ man.

          • I haven’t stopped laughing yet about that one MBM.

            Explain to me why I would want to be liked by any of you? Looking at how you behaved towards me, why would I want you to like me? Why would you expect me to like you?

            We’re back to the ‘unlikeable’ comment of manker. Who is stupid enough to believe that he can verbally abuse someone, and still expect that man to behave in a ‘likeable’ manner towards him. I can’t explain the levels of stupidity I believe someone must suffer from to think like that.

            In some ways I find it kind of sad that you’re all out here trying to be liked by other people. Like you need some kind of validation from other people that your little life is of some value outside of the world you occupy day to day. Like being ‘liked’ by random people whom you’ll never meet somehow enhances your life.

            Where is your self esteem MBM? Where is your happiness within your real life? Where are the people in your life who you care about and who care about you? Why do you care what anyone else, out here on the internet, thinks about you? Who the hell do you think they are? That they should get to judge you as ‘likeable’ or not. Why would you care if they don’t like you?

            I have untold numbers of questions I could throw at you, about the entire concept of liking and/or being liked by someone someone on the internet, and why so many people want that. The answers to which don’t speak very highly of those who feel such a need.

            Trust me MBM, you don’t need me or anyone else on the internet to ‘like’ you. Neither I or anyone else on the internet is qualified to judge you, or your life.

          • Yes manker, that one is mine. You did make so much effort to make it personal, and you succeeded. So you must be pleased that I put finding you, and ensuring she gets what she deserves so highly on my list of priorities.

          • You’ve said a lot of things that lead me to believe that you’re an unfit parent – but that one crystallises it.

            I feel like I want to sit down with you and look you in the eye and have you say it again, just to see if it’s true and that a human being really can put his family second to … whatever it is that you’re doing.

            Actually, what exactly are you doing, Dave, that’s more important than your ill wife and your young children.

          • There you go MBM.

            There’s an example of manker judging someone who knows fuck all about. Passing judgement upon me as a parent, when he knows fuck all about me, or about my parenting of my children.

            Is that really a man who you want or need to be ‘liked’ by? Who the fuck is he to pass judgement upon anyone else? Why would you want to be liked by someone like him?

            @ manker

            Come on manker tell us all about your qualifications to pass judgement upon others. Tell us about how you’re such a great father, tell us about your wonderful marraige to your sons mother… oh fuck… yeah… that doesn’t work does it. You’re not married to her are you? She wouldn’t have you would she? I understand why.

          • Oh! And what I’m doing manker, is poking worthless pieces of shit like you with a pointy stick. You deserve it…. oops sorry about that, there I was being all ‘unlikeable’ again. /LOL

            What I really love is that you’re an accountant /LOL How fucking wonderful is that… a judgemental, untrustable accountant who goes around making himself out to be someone worthy and capable of judging others… whilst behaving like an abusive cunt towards people he judges to be not worthy (likeable)… fucking hilarious. You’re a fucking accountant man….

          • The words are there on the page. You said that this is the primary focus of your life, thus relegating your family to second place, at best.

            You’re a bad parent. Live with it.

            I can also discern that you’re a bit thick. Again, your wordular skills, or lack thereof, are there for all to judge. I can assert these things because you’ve already provided ample pre-emptorial evidence to back up my, already astute, discernment abilities.

            Also Squeams said I’m way better looking. Like WAY better. She actually capitalised it. Can you believe that.

            Basically, Dave; me > you

          • :glag:

            She fed me a load of shitty lies as well… come on you can’t have missed me pointing that out over and over again… where have you been?

          • I made that part up.

            Quelle surprise you thought that the more important thing to comment upon than the actual and indefensible truth of you being a shitty parent.

            I guess that relegates your family into third place behind being well thought of by your long lost love and being a numpty on the internets.

          • I can’t keep laughing like this… I’m going to get gut ache.

            “long lost love”… fucking brilliant. I was actually thinking about your belief in that last night… and it is something you believe… you’ve said it far too often for it not to be. I was also thinking about her behaviour towards me… it’s quite scary really. Maybe it’s just because she’s female and they don’t think like us at all, but the questions about her behaviour just don’t stop piling up.

            For example… why would you lie to someone to keep them in your life when you don’t give any kind of fuck about them, what they think and/or feel? Don’t you think that’s a bit mental? I’m afraid I do.

            Remember those comments of hers about what she would have done if she’d have got pregnant by me… specifically the one she setup for you to choose, about becoming my wife… why say shit like that she she knew that was never on the table? When I think back to all the times she played with calling herself S*ophie Dowell… she even did that when I last took her out… as my friendship was being shown to have no value to her. Yet we’d spoken about that… and neither of us saw that as something which could/would ever be something we would want.

            All that shit about how our friendship ending because she wouldn’t ‘put out’ for me, when she hadn’t been putting out for me for more than four years… where the fuck did that come from? It makes me wonder about other blokes she knew and the reasons she gave me for shutting them out of her life.

            She really is quite scary… in an out of control kind of way… or at least that’s how it feels to me now.

          • Just like your son then, who right now is at school, whilst you are at work, and posting pish on the internet.

          • Concern != Focus

            For a man who claims to be good with words that looks like an EPIC Fail.

          • Yes, Dave. I used the wrong word and went back and edited it.

            The alarming thing is this: you re-read my posts.

            I’m left wondering just how many times you go back and pore over my nuggets of wisdom and agonise over their meaning. Is it just the once you re-read them – or is it many times. Can you recite them.

            That primary concern thing, you weren’t kidding, eh :]

            More often than not, I don’t give your muddled musings the time of day. I actually feel quite embarrassed for you.

          • Sorry to disappoint you manker, I don’t reread your posts (they’re filled with drivel anyway) but I do get to see the edited version when the page updates as the software adds my post.

            Technology is obviously another blind spot of yours, rather like accountancy and honest.

          • That doesn’t happen with the software I use. I just tested it on a different post. Who is to say, though, you won’t come back and tell me the post I just edited. Not I, that’s for damn sure.

            In any case, I’m pretty sure you re-read my gold and I know you pore over my old posts on fst for a fact.
            Who can blame you. It’s fantastic and you might learn something about priorities. Perhaps you already decided to stop re-reading my posts and spend some time with your family.


    • OIC, Dave. The plan to make yourself look like a massive douche, and get us to build a site in your douche bag “honor” was your plan all along. You are brilliant, Dave Dewell. MMmmmBrilliant! πŸ˜†

  11. I can’t be fucked scrolling back up to find the reply button, so I’ll just add it on here.

    Here you go manker, tell me this makes any sense to you at all.

    She set this PM to chavis

    Note I’m threatening her, and am only one step away from a restraining order.

    Then a couple of weeks later makes this post on FST.

    Where she says “he loves me” and that she knows I would never hurt her.

    Is that not completely fucked up? How can I be one step away from requiring a restraining order, and yet be a man who she “knows” isn’t any threat to her, because I love her. All within the space of a couple of weeks…

    • Do you remember way back there at the beginning manker, when you were telling her to call the police… insisting that she should… not just you either, MBM was there telling her should should call them as well.

      Yet she refused… doesn’t that make the contents of that PM seem rather strange? According to that PM I was already only one step away from requiring a restraining order…

      She duped chavis… and you all leapt on the bandwagon. You made it personal manker, despite me telling you more than once that you shouldn’t do that.

      She sat back and laughed at me, and at all of you, for shits and giggles. So please do’t go trying to sell me that she respects you, any more than she respects (or ever respected) me. In S*phies little world all that matters is S*phie.

    • Let me squash that “long lost love” thing for you manker, once and for all.

      Just after she split up with her husband, when I was still stupid enough to believe we had a friendship, we went to the pub. She wanted to talk to me, wanted my advice. About how she should go about dating other men, We sat and had a fairly deep discussion about that, with me advising her as best I could.

      That’s what friends do manker. They listen to their friends and give the best advice they can when asked for it.

      So whatever these thoughts are about how she is/was some “long lost love” of mine, whom I wanted to keep all to myself. Wherever they come from. They’re wrong.

      Sorry to dissapoint, old chap. All I ever wanted for her, was that she should be happy, which is the ultimate irony considering what she did, and has done since to me.

      • Yeah thanks for that three separate post and never to be read by anyone wall of text, Dave.

        Let’s change the subject.
        How’s the unrequited love thing for that woman going for you.

        Working through it or wut.

        • Oh! Look manker ignoring facts… tell me this accountancy business you do… any good at it? Cause given your complete inability grasp facts I have a feeling you’re not a very good accountant… it’s just a suspicion mind you. I’m willing to listen as you regal me with tales which prove you’re not as crap an accountant as you sound.

          • Someone ignoring facts, and someone skipping over your posts are two VERY different things, Dave.

  12. manker,

    Do you know anyone selling an Audi TT, I might be interested in looking at it. There’s the Audi dealership in Cheshire who have one I’m going to look at, but well you know it can’t hurt to look around and see what is out there. Can it?

    • Dave wants to be just like Manker used to be. How sweeet. Make sure you get a good sniff of the driver’s seat so you can get a whiff of Manker’s ass, Dave.

      Just one more thing to avoid spending time with his kids.

  13. Jesus, Dave, I made that pm up. I thought you knew that.

    I constructed that clean out your paranoia. Jesus. I thought you knew.

      • I’m a law abiding citizen, Dave, except, of course, for the ganja, which is hardly me de-constructing society, like.

        Dave, that pm was a post-event construct of my wicked mind, and you’ve been sucking on its evil teat a long time. I’m putting you out of your misery now. I never got no pm off of Sophie. Not one.

        • So how come they’ve let you out then?

          OMFG!!! You’re the grass aren’t you? You’re the one who turned in all the other perverted sick fucks… saving your own arse, was it?

        • Oh btw, its no good trying to revise history when it can still be read on FST.


          Even if you made that version it up (which I doubt), it’s pretty much what that utter bitch sent you.

          It was that which had manker ban me, see once you’d openly admitted she was your source, her little vendetta which she’d used you to persue against me ended, and along with it any claim manker had to legitimacy over the shite he had spewed at me and my real life for months. He could no longer be doing it out of some sense of defending a helpless woman, or out of looking out for a friend. You revealed her for the utter nasty piece of shit that she is, it is thanks to you that she will pay the price for that chavis.

          • Your posts make it pretty obvious you got kicked square in the head by a horse today. It’s not the first time is it, Dave.

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