56 thoughts on “Dave’s Ecru Rule

  1. This post, like many others, was brought to you straight from the horse lover’s mouth.

    Also, since I’m such a gracious guy, I’ll break down the meaning of the actual golden rule for you Dave. You may have become lost in the understanding of it through the ever so tricky wording. I thought you might be able to understand it, but maybe your white supremacist buddies seem to have affected your ability to process sound reasoning.

    “Do unto others as you would have done to you”
    This means you should take into account the way you expect people to treat you, then treat them in that manner. This is a concept absent of how you’ve actually been treated. I normally throw this out the window when someone treats me in ill fashion; however, I don’t make an attempt to invoke the principle to label my vengeful habits.

    Also, if you think capturing and presenting your deranged thoughts, ones that you’ve already posted publicly, on a blog is an act of malicious design in attempt to ruin your life, then you are absolutely weak. Maybe you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth, surrounded by servants and purveyors of white lies in an attempt to feed your ego, paid-off friends, and a planned life devoid of hardship. Maybe not, but if you actually believe what you have claimed thus far, then you are a man of no character, fortitude or respectability. I’m here for you Dave, I’m helping you get better. You’ll thank me for it later.

  2. Oh how entertaining, Look it’s that deranged hateful man, the one who specialises in creating sites dedicated to capturing and concentrating hateful statements towards someone else, telling someone what “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” means.

    He can’t really be so retarded that he believes he is in a position to lecture Dave (or anyone) about what that means, can he?
    He can’t really believe that Dave is required to behave in anyway different to the way he and so many of his mates have behaved can he?
    He can’t really believe Dave isn’t entitled to paint a target on someone who painted a target on him can he?

    What kind of complete fucking retard is this bloke?

    • Sure I can talk about the Golden Rule, Dave. I wouldn’t mind if you created a site commemorating me using my name. Though you’d have to figure out my name first. It’ll be tricky, because I’ll just deny that any one that you come up with is my name (unlike some idiots who confirm it beyond necessity).

      For context, the first time I referred to you as “Dave”, I was only playing along. It wasn’t until you so thoroughly confirmed it that I believed you were a Dave.

      “Let me see, you’ve come onto a board and revealed my name to people who didn’t know it. You could have PM’d me, but no you chose to public accuse me of something which I haven’t done, and in doing so revealed my name.”
      Found at:

      So essentially, you gave me your name, Dave. I permit you to start to start a Mary “hate” site. However, in case it doesn’t fit your schedule, this site already qualifies. I’m sure there is enough content here to conclude that you hate Mary.

      • Oh no, I don’t hate Mary. I hate SQU34M0US, and you know what my intentions are there. So you’ll understand why I won’t be pissing away any time on you.

        • I’m curious here, Dave. How does Dave win? Does he win Squeams’ heart with consistently being a knob? Showing that he can take any insult to win her love? Essentially forsaking all worldly possessions to a soon-to-be ex-wife and family?

          You are a doormat, Dave. I’ll continue wiping the shit off my shoes as long as you wish to avail yourself…

        • Do feel free MBM, I look forward to it. Hanging around keeps me informed about things that happen, so I’ll be reading around for a bit more yet.

    • Hi MBM,

      Remember me telling you about how your friend Squeamous kills the mice with her hands? You know about how she can’t be bothered waiting for the drugs to end their life, as she is supposed to, so just gives their neck a bit of a twist and moves right along… no? Oh of course, it wasn’t you I told that to, was it. I was telling it too a bunch of scientists in an animal research laboratory because clearly I know more about how research is conducted than they do.

      Silly me, mixing up scumbags again. That’s the problem with written word communication, all the scumbags look pretty much the same. They look like little black letters and you know how much I hate blackies.

      • You can edit it all you like Mary, the facts are she (according to her own words), isn’t meant to murder mice by hand, but that is what she does.

        • I can only state what I know to be true, how much of a fuck you (or anyone else), and/or what you (or anyone else) does with that information is of no interest to me.

          • Oh you are sssooo good MBM, you can see right through me… I care about her so much you know. You wouldn’t believe how strong my feelings for her are. Although having someone hate you as much as I hate her probably isn’t the kind of feelings you want to cause any other human being to have for you.

  3. So Mary, MBM,

    Do you like my new black hat? :shifty:

    I think it suits me, it’s a shit load more fun that the white one I have for so long struggled to keep clean.

      • You have been using all of this as a pretense to come around. You are transparent, Dave.

        Amazing you’d be willing to be made a constant mockery of just so you can be near someone you “despise”. Stalkers aren’t rational people, though.

        Til you decide to fuck off for good, you are our bitch monkey, horse fucking stalker.

          • She’s far to dangerous a person to be going near. Just look at what some people in our country are prepared to do to people who simply supply equipment to the kind of place she works at.
            Can you imagine what such scum would do to a worthless piece of shit animal murderer.

          • This is your most boring day of poasting, Dave. If you intend to keep attention on yourself, you’ll have to do more that repeat the same old, unimaginative lines…

            You do realize that if any connection was ever made that you sent mentalists to Squeams’ house, and she could not work in that industry, you could have to pay for relocation and retraining.

            You REALLY must not want your kids to go to college. Maybe just save yourself some thyme and mail her your life savings, and set up monthly payments out of your paycheck.

          • Sorry? I haven’t sent any mentalists to Squ3am0uss house. I don’t need to. Just like I don’t need to tell any mentalists she’s an animal murderer. It’s all available on the web in one form or another, on one site or another.

            Isn’t it amazing how much information on a persons real life it’s possible to gather if one only takes a small amount of time to explore the internet.

            Barbie and manker can explain that to you if it’s too technical.

          • College, wut.
            I don’t know how much of the nature/nurture debate you take seriously, but there is a school of thought which would posit that any choices Dave’s kids have at 16 would be strictly limited to the army and suicide.

          • You remind me too much of the “evil” morons in bad movies who reveal their plans long enough to get caught. Never thought I’d come across one of those “dumbest criminals” personally.

            I’m getting really bored of you as I’m sure many others are, too. Seems that there’s more to insult about you than I care to keep typing. :pinch:

          • Yep you got me, I have revealed my plan.

            I’m not threatening her.
            I’ve no intention of harming her.
            I haven’t sent any mentalists to her house.

            What a shocking plan.

          • I’m unsure what you think the legal system has to do with me or any of this MBM.

            Have I not made my position clear to you? Shall I say it all again for you?

            I am not threatening her.
            I have absolutely no intention of harming her, now or ever.
            I have not sent mentalists to her house.

            I cannot be responsible for what detestable mentalist scum find out from skulking around the internet. God knows I have tried to tackle detestable mentalist scum, and their use of real life personal information they have skulked around the internet and found. I failed 😦

          • Don’t try blaming me for the information I confirmed on the internet, MBM.

          • Yeah, those guys @ directaction are pretty fucking scary, here’s some “news from the frontlines” [sic]:

            “Aix en Provence, France
            Approximately 7 Zavatta circus posters were destroyed and tagged with the ALF logo.”

            “”On the night of May 14, 2012 in the Province of Como we gave freedom to 12 hens.
            They were at the house of a farmer who often sells them at a Chinese restaurant in the vicinity.
            It was not easy this time to free them because after the many times we’ve come to take animals, we found the chicken coop absolutely impenetrable.
            But in the end with our tenacity and desire to wrest from their tormentors these beings, we broke through the metal sheets, made a small opening and in we went.
            Now the chickens are free and will not end up on a plate.”

            You fit right in, Dave.

          • As I told manker, I can’t resist the cawk. It is a delectable cream filled piece of pure joy.

  4. Ecru Crew: A gang of stalkers dressed in all off-white wearing black hats. Known to sign people up on mailing lists, free baby birds to the wilds, and decimate signage. Endlessly repetitious; boring; arrogant. No known friends.

  5. DDoS Dave? Wow, that takes lyke 30 seconds and a program written by someone else readily available in the interwebs. OMG, Dave you really are a hard bass turd “black hat”. LOL!

    No, you are still our little Jokeboi. Make us laugh, Dave-o. Make us laugh AT you….

  6. So there we have it manker, your bitch friend openly admitted exactly what I have said all along 🙂

    You fucking paranoid mentalist.

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