Why, oh WHY won’t you all just leave me ALONE?!!!

I come here EVERY DAY to this little hate site where I was never invited, and everyone tells me to just go away, and everyone keeps posting that my posts make no sense. I tell you all that it is ENTIRELY acceptable to go to someone’s house, place of work, hide behind the front seat in their car, take the same bus as them (even though the commute to that bus takes over 4 hours and is in the wrong way from where you are going)- IF you REALLY, TRULY WANT THEM TO STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM YOU. This is all very simple in my head. Why can no one else understand? WHY? WHY? WHY? And why must you all make posts to my posts when I want you to all STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME?!!!

If I do not comment on your posts today it is because I am delivering some old cookies I found in my cupboard to Squeams. She likes these cookies, so I don’t want to just throw them out with all the starving people in the world. A cookie saved is worth 8 hours of driving to someone’s house, and place of work. She must not be getting my emails, telegrams, billboards I have posted (those are really expensive, you know), answering her phone, going to her mother’s house, visiting any of her friends, dining out in any of the places we ever went, or going to work. She REFUSES to respond from any of these places.

And all I want to do is give her her cookies, and remind her to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!

56 thoughts on “Why, oh WHY won’t you all just leave me ALONE?!!!

  1. I see the worthless piece of welsh scum is back. What a shame I was hoping some nasty accident had befallen him.

  2. I’ll get you started shall I?

    I just joined Stormfront, and will shortly be seeking new friends in this forum.

    They will allow me to post a photo of myself after I have been a member for 30 days and have 40 posts.

    I never really thought I would find a group so close to my core beliefs, but I have.

    I sucked off a horse last night, and swallowed nearly a pint of semen.

    • You know Dave, I assumed you were at least smarter than white supremacists, but it’s starting to look like I was wrong. I don’t enjoy being wrong, you win this one Dave.

      • You’re the “nigger hangers” Mary.

        Spewing nasty vicous hateful bile all over another person because of a pack of lies you were fed. I’m fairly sure you personally would have strung up niggers in the early part of the 20th century for no better reason than the vicious mental thoughts that roam around inside your head. Your behaviour towards me definitely indicate that you have a propensity towards such behaviour. Your father would be so proud.

  3. The email to her covering what her little hate campaign and your parts in it have eventually forced.

    Subject: I have tried to hold my patience, but I’ve run out.
    Body:For this deliberately malicious act on your part.

    ‘Hey you…..
    RejectOfAllah is an ex of mine. I think he was trying to get to me when he asked in the lounge about uploading amateur porn. He knew I would be likely to see it – which is why he became enraged when you moved it before I saw it. The man is one step from me getting out a restraining order ffs. Plus he doesn’t know me very well – he could plaster my noonie onto banners and hang them from London Bridge for all I care – I’ll even autograph them. Just – try not to enrage the beast ok? He can be very unpleasant.’

    And for all of the detestable scum you choose to recruit with that, and for all of the nastiness they have poured forth at my real life for more than one year now. I now intend to exercise my right to ‘do unto you as you’ve done unto me’ and if I was to have sex with one animal it would be a horse. That is a beautiful animal. And when you have sex with a horse, you know you always have a ride home.

    • Oh! My blog is far better than that piece of shit, Mary.

      It’s only got one post at the moment, but it paints a nice target. Probably an even better target than the one she painted on me for you all.

      • Just think of the target you’ll have painted on your asshole if anything ever happened to Squeams as a result of you posting her info.

        Judge: What were you thinking when you posted [Squeams’] info on those sites?

        Dave: They were all laughing at me, so I wanted her to get beaten up.

        Judge: Dumb fuck!

        Jury: Dumb fuck!

        Defense Attorney: Dumb fuck!

        Dave’s Wife: Dumb fuck!

        Dave’s Kids: Why don’t we have money for college again? What?!!! Dumb fuck!

        • As I’ve already pointed out, I am not threatening her, and I have no intention of harming her, now or ever. So your ridiculous claim that “I wanted her to get beaten up” is crap.

          • For what other reason would you be posting a woman’s name and address on sites- including ones with known radicals? Heck, you even posted that you hope something similar [to someone who got hurt] would happen to Squeams.

            Sorry, Dave, this isn’t a game of 6 year olds playing tag. You can’t call “base” because you don’t want to lose your house, car, and kids’ college fund.


          • Well I knew some of you were mentally retarded, but I never realised you be thick enough to tell me, whos real life you scum have waded around in for a year, that this “isn’t a game of 6 year olds”.

            She made her decision when she painted the target on my back for you all.
            Se re-enforced the deliberately malicious reasoning behind her decision with her public posts on FST.

            You all made your decisions to take up the gauntlet of her deliberately malicious hate campaign.

            Don’t whine now.

  4. Come on Mary, you can publish her address, It’s available on various other internet sites already. Publishing it here isn’t going to make any difference.

    • Come on Mary, you know posting stuff on the internet can’t ever cause any harm, that’s why you’ve posted so many lovely posts about me and my real life.

    • Come on Mary, you’ve derived such a great amount of pleasure from publishing real life details already. Look at this very site, it’s a monument to how much pleasure you can derive from spewing forth the real life details of people on the internet. I’ve actually fed you more detail than you’ve ever had before, imagine how much pleasure you’ll get from publishing it.

  5. Oh Just so we’re clear.

    I am making no threats against her.
    I have absolutely no intention of harming her, now or ever.

      • Oh look it’s a piece of scum who has repeatedly crossed lines, crossing a line yet again with the use of my real name, telling me there are lines I must not cross. How fucking mental are you, that you think you can tell me about crossing lines.

        • You afraid you are going to get physically assaulted, Dave? I don’t think so. Neither would any jury on the planet.

          You are getting laughed at. You have to resort to threats, or threats implying potential violence because you aren’t smart enough to beat anyone in a game of wits.

          Loser. Idiot.

          • Well the facts are she and chavis were first with the nasty threats at me, as I recall the evidence shows her conspiring with him to have his criminal brother come and kill me.

          • Conspiring? “Chalice, please don’t rile up my ex-…” Yes, that VICIOUS bitch.

            And the “contract” killing. What did he want? Some tit, or something else? Or did she offer to dress as a leprechaun and they could fuck on gold sheets? Oh, I remember now, she was going to dress as part of an incompetent English bomb disposal unit, and he would be the bomb…

            Yes, yes. That “arrangement” was all sooo very believable, wasn’t it?

          • I believed that this womans actions and behaviour, both privately and publicly indicated she had, and still has, a desire to have me hurt.

          • If not shaven and greased like a pig, then chased by small children. People would laugh at me… 😦

          • LOL LOL LOL Then call around the local authorities and get you some body guards and some security system, and mace, and a BIG dog, and a dress.

            Because if you are going to run around scared of a 120lb 32 year old, then you might as well wear the dress, too. EVERYONE will see you as a HUGE fucking pussy. Which you are.


          • Yes, she made one joking exchange with Chalice which was so dark and sinister that it contained LOLs in the public posts.

            You, on the other hand, have made several threats involving her work, introducing radical, physically dangerous, groups, etc. along with suggestions of a murder plot on her.

            Feel free to contact the authorities, I’m sure they will enjoy your company.

          • I’m not calling the authorities, oh no. This is between her and me. Nothing any law says is of any relevance to me, nor shall any law be respected in this.

            Although I do find it amusing that worthless pieces if scum always resort to trying to hide behind the law (and/or threats of the law) when their own deeds come back and shit all over them. Good luck with that.

        • Don’t go deluding yourself Mary, this was no game of wits. It was a campaign of deliberately malicious hatred. Organised and orchestrated by a malicious piece of shit. One you’ve so enjoyed taking part in it because of the no holds barred nature of it.

          • LOL. Campaign? She asked Chalice to NOT get you riled up because you had been a dumb ass before. You are a no-holds-barred Jokeboi. And you are right, you’ve brought no wits to this whatsoever.

            Dave victimized by a girl. 😆

          • What a shame so many of her public posts on FST support that her PM to chavis was deliberate and malicious.

          • Deliberately aimed at painting a target on my back for an internet hate campaign. Like the one this board represents so very well.

    • The opinions of a worthless piece if scum who used the target she painted on my back to spew forth vicious nastiness all over my real life are of no consequence to me. You meaningless twat.

      • Please detail some of this “real life nastiness”, Dave…

        Anything other than your name, which, at MOST, she gave out only the first part? (and that is HIGHLY disputed)

        How has this DEVASTATED your whirled, Dave Dowell?

      • It’s no good trying to wriggle out of your part in this MBM, you’ve spewed forth your hatred for month after month.

        • My hatred? I already told you, you aren’t of high enough standard to hate.

          You aren’t smart enough, witty enough, or in a particular sector which would cause me to need to dominate you.

          This is cereal laughs for me, and you must enjoy it (I don’t know why) because you feel the need to keep this site going with fresh material. Without you, it would die quickly.

          Thanks for being our voluntary Jokeboi. You sooo fuuunnnny, Jokeboi!!!

          • Don’t fucking well tell me what to do you worthless piece of hatefilled scum.

          • Dave can’t detail this “REAL-LIFE NASTINESS” He’s been CRYING about for so long.

            Details! Details! Details!

            Other than getting laughed at by the internets, what has happened in your PEAL-LIFE?? As much as you go on about it, it must be DEVASTATING. :fear:

          • I don’t have to do shit for a worthless piece of scum like you.

            Do unto others and you would have them do unto you. She did, now I do.

          • That remeinds me, Dave. What is this Real-Life nastiness you keep talking about?

            Details. Details. Details…

            I’m beginning to doubt you even having a real life, Dave. Did you make that part up, as well?

            At least we know you have sex with horses.


          • Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there MBM.

            If you want to see it you’ll just have to hope Mary publishes it. I wouldn’t hol my breath if I were you though. He’s already shown himself to be as big a piece of scum as you are. Look at this lovely little hate site he has created here. No he won’t publish, he picked his side and won’t allow his hate site to be used for anything other than the spewing forth of hatred in favour of that side.

            I suppose you could find it on another site, there are a few of them around already. Her first post has now been published on Stormfront, and that’s just one of many sites. have a hunt around, who knows what you might be able to find, you super duper internet hardman you.

          • You might want to contact an attorney before moving ahead with this little plan of yours, Dave. Just saying… If you don’t wish to spend any of Squeams’ future settlement money, at least ask someone with an IQ above 45 if your plan is sound.

            Take some stress off, and go ride a horse. Treat yourself- get on his back and leave the stable this time

          • That’s interesting Mary, you think I should consult a lawyer for doing something no where neare as nasty as your friend did to me.

        • Dave, Do you think it will be wrong for Squeams to name her boat “Dowell Childrens’ College Fund”?

          I think it has a nice ring, but “My Ex-‘s Boat” sounds pretty cool, too.

          Once she gets her first settlement check, she’ll be able to fly several of us from all across the globe to chill out at her beach pad.

          Good daze ahead! :w00t:

          Thanks, Dave, keep these BRILLIANT planz coming!!!

          • I think she can call her boat whatever she wants. How about “Home of the Hateful Bitch” that seems an approriate title.

            There will be no settlment cheques MBM. There is no reason for there to be. I am no threat to her. I am not inciting anyone else to be a threat to her.

            Do keep thinking you can threaten me with imaginary consequences so that you can all continue her little hate camapign. They’re of no meaning to me.

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