The enemy of my bile spewing enemy is my frenemy

Mary wont give me the email address of her father.  I know she has it at hand since shes been meaning to write him back every day for the past 8 years.  They may insist it sounds crazy for me to send unsolicited messages too the estranged father of a person I barely know on the internet, but this man is like me.  The world is filled with bile spewing liars and they’re all out too get me.  If they are also all out too get him to than he must be on the same side as me.

Like I always say, keep your friends close, then push them away, keep your enemies closer, like say the distance between a balustrade and a window, and keep your enemies fathers even closer.  I always say that.

Give me his email address Mary!

25 thoughts on “The enemy of my bile spewing enemy is my frenemy

  1. I’m trying to take in all this Davelogic, and I’m wondering if Mary’s dad kicked Dave out of his friends list if that would make Mary and Dave friends. Or something else.

    And since Dave IS Mary’s dad would that cause a rift in the universe essentially imploding Dave’s frail mental shell with the creamy candy center?

    And since manker and Squeams are behind it ALL was this whole thing just not a plot to get Dave to come to this site.

    I believe I have solved everything now. Unfortunately, I have wrecked the plot because this site doesn’t support [spoilers]. 😦

  2. BTW, this isn’t a hate site, Dave, it’s an homage to your douchebaggery.

    You are the only guy I’ve ever come across who buys a house next to the freeway, then marches back and forth in front of traffic insisting the cars quit driving in front of his house.

    • It’s a hate site MBM.

      It doesn’t matter how much you dislike that what drove the creation of this site was the hateful actions of one of your friends. Driven by the hateful lies of another of your friends, but that’s what it is.

      The best bit is that every single one of the reasons for the creation of this little hate site has now been discredited, by the facts that have slowly emerged.

    • If you mean I have now lived to witness every single one of the ridiculous accusations and fantasies that you all have come up with for ‘Dave’ being shown to be utter rubbish, then yes I am ‘Daved out’.

      However I would suggest that maybe, just maybe, it’s all of you who have become ‘Daved out’. Every single one of the complete delusions you’ve dreamt up about me has now been shown to be crap, and you haven’t got any more. You’re definitely all ‘Daved out’ chavis.

      Come on, tell me what her contribution was to the conclusion you all agreed upon, when you all decided I thought ‘everyone was out to get me’ :glag:

      Did you not realise I never held that view, given that I’d previously stated (more than once) that I recognised you were just a tool she had used. That I understood it wasn’t personal from you. What happened to your reasoning capabilities there, chavis?

  3. No, I didn’t mean any of that, not that I read past the third line. I was just commenting on your general daveness

  4. I don’t know, Dave. I got all come over with an overwhelming sense of Dave.

    From then on, I couldn’t see the daves from the davids.

    • Don’t worry, you’re in good company. It seems many of your online friends also can’t handle reading stuff which fucks up their delusions.

  5. If my name was David, I wouldn’t let anyone call me Dave. Dave is a silly name, reserved for navvys and stalkers.

    I’d make them call me D-Man, or D-Dogg, at least.

        • Why thank you Mary.

          I have tried hard to follow the examples you’ve all set for me, and it’s nice to have my attempts to behave just as twatish as you recognised.

          • I remember hearing of a twat-like fellow who showed up at Squeams work, her home, and her online hangout. Seems you had real-life twathood down earlier than you like to admit, Dave.

            You are just pissed we’ve exposed you, D-wat.

          • OOoo You’ve exposed me? When did that happen? What did you expose? Can I be allowed to see this evidence which exposes me? Or is it just another set of deluded thoughts roaming around inside your near vacant head?

          • You have been exposed of being a twat on this very site. Look around. Anywhere you see a comma before your name, you can expect something has been revealed about your twatiness.

            There are now several hundred posts either made by you (first hand evidence) or contributions from some of the guest editors (secondary research) so, please, take a look around and see for yourself what a COMPLETE TWAT you’ve become, Dave.

          • I have already thanked Mary for his recognition of my ability to behave like you all, I can’t believe you too think I’ve managed to behave just as badly as you. You have no idea how much it fills me with pride to know you think I have managed to emulate you all so well

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