Goodbye cruel world,
I’m leaving you today.

Goodbye, all you people,
There’s nothing you can say
To make me change my mind.

108 thoughts on “Bullies.

    • Protip for you here, Dave; she isn’t scared. When you turned up that once she felt threatened for a moment, and then thought about it and realised that you’re never going to do anything.

      I also know this.

      I also know that given you’re incapable of any kind of retribution that doesn’t involve typing on the internets like a big sissy, the only way you can get some kind of payback for the hurt that you feel is to scare her with threats.

      That’s been your goal all the way through. You’ve tried harder and harder to scare her and become increasingly frustrated when it doesn’t work and everyone just laughs at you. You then escalate the threats until even you realise that they’re ridiculous and subsequently recant.

      I can’t speak for everyone but would be particularly surprised if they can’t also see straight through you.

      You’re a joke. And an old joke at that.

      • Protip for you manker;

        As she has admitted she knew she never had any reason to be afraid. She knew that which is what proves her lies for what they were. The reason for that was because I DID care about her.

        You and your friends, the bile and malice you have poured at me, on the back of her deliberate and nasty lies has cured me of that.

        There’s now no need for her to be afraid, nothing she can do will change what is going to be. Nothing any of you can do is going to change it. She made her decisions, you all made yours.

        So laugh away old chap. Pat her on the head for her “balls of steel” the ones she used to spew forth that pack of lies to chavis. The ones she used when she fed you my real name, and thus allowed you to personalise your hate campaign.

        Just remember this, she is paying for her lies, her betrayal of my real life details you you, and for ALL that you scum have done to me on the back of those two tings. You brought about that which is going to happen.

        You do remember me giving you my word?
        You do remember me telling you that whilst I understood that to a worthless piece of scum like you I understood giving your word about something was meaningless, and if you thought it might be just as meaningless to me, you should check with her if I was that kind of guy.

      • Oh! And maybe you should explain how I’ve been threatening her, when according to you she doesn’t read anything I type on the internet.

        What I have been doing is conversing with you, not with her. I have told you of my intentions. I haven’t told her. I don’t care whether she knows or not. I don’t care about anything she knows, thinks, or feels. I don’t have to. Any more than she had to when she decided she could have you scum pour shit all over me, with that pack of lies, and feed you (you worthless piece of Welsh scum) my real life name.

  1. I know you’re as thick as two short planks you worthless Welsh knob, so I’ll explain it to you in simple terms.

    Her lie was a deliberately vicious and personal attack upon me.
    Her feeding you my real life details was a deliberately vicious and personal attack upon me.

    All of the nasty shit you scum poured all over every aspect of me and my real life because of those lies, were vicious and personal attacks upon me.

    I’m bearing a grudge for that, one I will hold onto until the debt for those acts is repaid.

    It won’t be tomorrow, it won’t be this week, or this month. It’s not even going to be this year. I have other more pressing duties which I have to live upto, and I will live upto those duties. Once they’re done though, I will collect the debt of her and your behaviour. I know it will be my final act in this life, and I accept that price. See I understand that acts can have prices. Which is something you, your friends and that scum bitch have seemingly chosen to learn the hard way.

    • I’ve always found that odd MBM. That people like you should read aggression where there is none. Aggression is something to be controlled old chap, controlled and specifically targetted. It’s not something anyone should randomly spray about. YOU KNOW WITH THINGS LIKE, RANTING CAPS LOCKED POSTS WHEN YOUR OFT REPEATED LIES, AND VICIOUS POSTS DON’T FORCE SOMEONE TO FUCK OFF AS YOU’VE DEEMED THEY WILL. It’s a shame you’ve never learnt that.

      • You didn’t deny the asphyxy wank, now did you, Dave.

        And, I’ll only point this out for you once, so pay attention. I only use CAPS to highlight certain WORDS that have GREATER VALUE in the SENTENCES, Dave. You, on the other hand, seem to use them TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR STUPIDITY.

        See the difference now.

    • Tell me MBM, do you understand the concept of paying the price for your mistakes?

      Like the price of my mistake in allowing your friend into my life, is to be my life.

      Do you get that?

      • I’m quite certain a complete fuckup like yourself has made A LOT of mistakes.

        Won’t your kids miss you, Dave? Maybe if you spent some time with them, you might see there are things more valuable that obsessing over an ex-mistress who thinks you are a pathetic joke (I said that, but since it is consensus among anyone who has read more than two of your posts, I think it is fair to say).

        Do your kids realize what a joke you are, Dave? Is that why you plan to end it all because some smarter kids typed in ALL CAPS at you?

        You are a VERY delicate little flower, aren’t you.

      • I can’t be arsed to explain it all over again MBM, the information is all out here, if you don’t get it, ask manker to explain it for you. I think he’s finally got it.

      • It all comes down to your fragile little ego, Dave. Oh noes, people are making fun of me, and I can’t think of anything clever to say back to them. Guess I’ve got to kill myself…

        That’s the NUTshell, Dave. Seek help, and stay away from the interwebs forums. You suck at them.

      • Yup, I get it.
        What’s happened is this: Dave has been threatening to do all sorts of things, but he doesn’t actually have any testicles so nothing has been done except for posting stuff on the internets.

        He does, however, want to scare Squeams because scaring a girl, to Dave, is retribution – which is pretty much all he has left. He also wants us to feel guilty so he says again and again that it’s our fault that it’s his life’s ambition to kill her and subsequently kill himself. However, he posted that he won’t do this until he fulfils certain obligations that he has. These obligations are his children. His youngest is, like, what, five? so that means he won’t be doing anything except post pish on the internet for thirteen years.

        After which time, he will then kill Squeamous and kill himself.

        Fortunately, and I think I mentioned this, Dave doesn’t actually have any testicles so it’s just yet another empty threat. He’s been called out on all his other threats so this is basically the only option left.

        A death threat which will come to fruition in thirteen years. When he is fifty eight years of age.

        Forgive me if I raise an incredulous eyebrow.

      • Thank you manker.

        Oh! BTW, it was always you lot who assumed (for each and every statement of intent upon my part) that there was some pressing need for me to actually do it with immediate effect.

        Whereas I have always known that whatever was going to be done would be done when it suited me and my life. I told chavis that just the other day ๐Ÿ™‚

        Just a thought for you though, you believe you have called me out on those statements because I have done nothing, why do you think I care that you think you have called me out? Why do you think I care whether or not you believe me? It’s not like you have shown you care a jot about anything I think or feel, so why are you stupid enough to think I should care about anything you believe about me? Or whether you believe me? I don’t you know.

        I’m as happy for you to assume I won’t do anything as I was for you to assume I was fucking MILFS when I spoke about you ‘distracting me from them in the hotel bar’. Nothing you think or believe about me, what I will or won’t do, what I can or can’t do, is of any meaning to me, old chap.

        Scaring a girl… fuck off manker. If I wanted to scare the bitch I could have driven there and scared her. I could have made myself a presence whe would encounter. I would be saying these things to her (I do still have email addresses I could send it to). You yourself stated she doesn’t read this, so she’s hardly being scared by anything I post up here. You know I know enough to be able to scare her if I wanted too, as per my statements about being able to go find her in real life.

        I couldn’t give any kind of fuck of she is scared or not, just as she never gave any kind of fuck about anything I thought or felt when she decided she would shit all over my real life, and just as never gave any kind of fuck when she decided she could bring that shitting all over me to her friends (that’s you lot) on FST. See I don’t have to care about anything she thinks or feels, that’s the beauty of what she did when she showed she could treat me that way. She freed me up from having to give any kind of fuck about anything she thought or felt.

        Do feel free to throw that completely pointless accusation at me again though, because I know it makes you feel like the big man, standing up for the poor defenceless woman, who isn’t defenceless at all, but is really a nasty vindictive malicious individual. Who need I remind you is the individual from whom all of this nastiness stems. It’s not going to make any fucking difference to the man whos thoughts and feelings she decided that she could not only shit all over herself, but who also decided she could have all you scum shit all over.

      • Fucks sake MBM, how many times do I have to say it?

        BETRAYAL… it all comes down to betrayal, real life betrayal of me by her.

        Now I’m not going to repeat that again.

      • manker,

        The next time you want to tell me about how I am out here saying things to scare her, you might like to consider this.

        Did she care about anything I thought or felt when she was sat on FST conspiring with chavis to have his criminal brother come and kill me?
        Did she care about anything I thought or felt when she spewed forth that pack of lies to chavis?
        Did she care about anything I thougt or felt when she had you ban me?
        Did she care about anything I thought or felt when she fed you my real name?

        Those are just some of the FST ones, I can do you a list of real life ones as well if you want.

        Then try telling me again about how I’m supposed to give some kind of fuck about anything she thinks or feels.

      • That’s OK, it wouldn’t matter if you’d read them or not to be honest. As I’ve aleady pointed out, nothing can change the path you and your friends have defined.

    • Oh I’m sure in time you’ll all move on and forget this MBM, I suspect she will also. I won’t however that was the point of you all making it so very personal to me, wasn’t it? So that I wouldn’t forget it.

    • Can I really be asked to cover this for you…

      I was wronged, in real life… I let it go and moved on. I was then wronged on FST… and when that didn’t drive me away from FST, I was wronged on FST a second time… I’m still being wronged on FST to this day, because of those two online acts.

      How many wrongs does it take for you to see that those wrongs were obviously deliberate malicious acts?

      I wonder what Confucius would think about someone who is repeatedly (deliberately) wronging a.n other person? Do you think he would suggest a.n other person should sit back and be shat all over for the rest of his life, by passively accepting a continuous stream of such acts?

      As I’ve said to manker, she made her decisions, and you all made yours.

      • LOL

        Poor, pitiful, little dumb ass can’t move on with his life.


        Nobody asked you to come; nobody asked you to make a fool of yourself

        You are an internet joke because of what you have done/said, Dave. No one else. Now, you are our Jokeboi for as long as we want to laugh at/about you.

        Make us laugh some more, Jokeboi. Make us laugh- at you…

      • 1. You came to FST to stalk Squeams.
        2. You got caught doing it.
        3. We all laugh(ed) at you.
        4. You have now shifted to using us laughing at you as a bullshit reason to stick around.
        5. Repeatedly, you mix in death threats, and long-term time lines (of you own choosing, conveniently) to “convince” everyone you are not a mentalist and stalker.

        And for some reason, NO ONE believes you. Go figure.

      • And yet despite being repeatedly challenged, and having everyone of your ridiculous claims destroyed over and over again, you keep chanting the same old lie about how I came to stalk her. All based upon her little lie filled PM to chavis.

        Go find me single fucking post that supports your claim about why I came to FST. I’ve kept saying it, and I|’ve kept saying it, and you tossers haven’t produced a single fucking post, because it’s all based upon a pack of lies. There are no posts, there were no PMs. I wasn’t stalking her.

        So tell me, do you have this much trouble understanding truth in any other aspects of your life? I bet you’re a god botherer as well aren’t you. All the available evidence says it isn’t true, but you believe in your imaginary sky fairy anyway.

  2. If you wanted proof of your posts, Dave, you wouldn’t have deleted them all. Regardless, EVERYONE read them, and knows the same thing. Not one fucking person has sided with you. Not one.

    As for the “god” question, I’m largely undecided. Swing and a miss there, Dave. I will say that Jesus wouldn’t want you stalking women. :noes:

    • I don’t care what you all think MBM, I think it’s pretty well established that what you all think is based upon the lies she fed chavis, and he subsequently passed around.

      Just because you think something doesn’t make it true, if you want to prove it’s true, you’ll want some evidence for that.

      My early posts are all still there MBM I only deleted posts going back about 4 months. So if I came there to stalk her, then the posts which support that are still there.

      All you have to do is produce a single fucking one, but you won’t, you won’t even bother looking. If you did it would prove you’ve been behaving like a nasty c*@t towards someone else for no better reason that some lie your friend made up and sent to chavis.

      Like I said, you do seem to have a real problem with the truth.

      • What would you call an ex- who refuses to leave you alone, and is making frequent death threats?

        Better yet, what do you think the POLICE would call that? Anything Squeams has done pales in comparison, fuckhead.

        You even got banned from the site in hopes you would just go the fuck away and that NOBODY would hear from you again. You couldn’t stay away, so Mary made this site SO THAT ANYONE INTERESTED COULD LAUGH AT YOU. It has worked great! You’ve repeatedly volunteered to be our little bitch.

        All things considered, she’s been pretty fucking reserved in light of your loony-as-fuck behavior.

      • What’s the matter MBM, don’t you like me behaving in the way you have constantly falsely accused me of behaving, for an entire fucking year?

        How unfortunate is that, eh? ๐Ÿ˜†

      • Evidence MBM. Where is your evidence?

        For example we have now all seen the stalking private message she fed to chavis, we all know she fed manker my real name (and who knows what other personal real life details). So we have real known examples of her stalking me.

        Name one thing you know about her real life, that you got from me?

        I must admit to being amused at seeing a bunch of unwitting stalkers ‘aids’ creating me a :stalker: smiley. Not to mention the sites such as this lovely one. Each without any clue that the smiley fitted them perfectly, as they spewed forth lie after lie about someone they don’t actually know. As they skulk around the internet seeking out that mans personal real life details. As they created sites like this.

        Sooner or later I was going to have enough of her stalking, and of the crap that has been spewed forth by those she recruited with her malicious lies… yeah I know you probably don’t get that (it doesn’t fit into the stupid fantasies that are in your head) but when manker adds it to what he has already worked out, maybe he’ll start to get a deeper undedrstanding of what you’ve all been involved in.

    • I’ve been laughing at you all afternoon manker.

      First you go off spewing nasty comments at me because of the pack of lies she fed chavis. Then you use the personal information she fed you to make it personal. Whilst still claiming it’s me who is stalking her. Then you decide that because things don’t happen according to some timetable you make up in your head, that I’m not going to do anything. Then you sit there and produce that conversation you had with her today.

      You wouldn’t recognise the truth if it smacked you right between the eyes, even when you work out what the truth is in your own head, you still don’t believe it.

      Absolutely fucking brilliant… I know you’re Welsh and I should make exceptions for the general denseness of Welsh people… but even then, you have been gifted the most amazing levels of thickness.

    • You were deliberately talking up posts about how “that woman” ruined your life. “That woman wasn’t just ANY woman, but the ONLY frequent female poster in the Lounge. What are the odds? What are the odds, Dave?

      It is like you going to a bar you know “That woman” frequents, find a table as close to her as possible, and start SHOUTING about “That woman”. It won’t take long before people ask, “Who’s that IDIOT?!!!”

      She even showed the courtesy to keep her comment via PM instead of outing you publicly. I’m certain there are still a hundred things she could reveal about you that she hasn’t.

      Douche bag.

    • Ummm nope, none of that bears any resemblance to reality. I stated that the reason I was willing to now behave like a cunt towards chavis was because I had been converted by a woman treating me like a cunt. None of what I said was aimed at her at all. The posts are still there, go read them for yourself.

      You really should get a fucking clue about what you’re posting up here MBM, it’ll stop you looking like the completely stupid c&@t she has played you for.

      • You are on a page of your own, Dave. I’ll admit you were an interesting study of mentalness, but it has been so long since you were even so much as entertaining, I’m on the brink of ignoring you. You know what happens then, Dave? You cease to exist. You won’t so much as be a speck.

        Final warning, Jokeboi. Become interesting again, or I will delete you from my imaginary friend’s list.

      • Aaawwww!!!! Poor Mary :console:

        What’s the matter? Run out of nasty comparisons now that the truth about it all is coming to light, and the consequences of your behaviour have become serious?

        In fact that’s quite a good question. How come you with all your brains couldn’t work it all out? You’re not deliberately hanging out with dumb c&@ts like manker and MBM because they make you feel intelligent, are you?

        Tell me, does your father go around setting up hate sites for people he doesn’t like because someone fed him a pack of lies about them? I ask because it seems appropriate given your recent revelations, and claims about how you are a far superior person to him.

      • Actually, I hang out with manker because I feel I have much to learn about the English language. Sometimes I re-read his posts several times and I imagine everyone does the same.

        A lot of the time I don’t understand what he is saying on first perusal but then, after I’ve read it a few times, it sinks in and it’s usually absolutely hilarious.

        He sent me a photo recently and he has really cool hair also. I don’t know why he would send me a pic of himself shirtless, I really was only interested in his hair, but I can tell you that he keeps himself in good shape. You could bounce a two penny piece off his abs, no joke.

      • Your English is very good already, the only thing you’re learning from him now is how many people in Britain have a propensity to treat others in the most disgraceful way and then claim “it doesn’t matter”, or better yet hide behind excuses like “it was only a joke”, “I was trying to make light of xyz”, or “nothing I say is serious”. Seriously it’s a mental illness which comes from bad education, and lack of personal moral standards.

    • The thing is, Dave, I think I’ve developed a bit of a man-crush on him. I might be a bit drunk right now and I’ll probably delete this post before he sees it but in all honesty, he is everything I aspire to be.

      It’s not just how obscenely good looking he is, or the way he shaves his chest to accentuate those dreamy pecs. It’s not even the way he makes the most mundane post leap out of the page at you, no, it’s the side of him which no-one can see except me. He really cares about people, he once even PM’d me first and I hadn’t even messaged him. That was my favourite day in such a long time.

      I don’t think he’s badly educated, Dave. I don’t even think he’s got a mental illness. What I think is that the world would be a much better place if we all had a little of manker inside us.

  3. This isn’t a hate site, Dave. It’s a shrine to your inability to cope with a world that sees you as a pathetic fuckup, stalker, Jokeboi, mentalist.

    Without people to laugh at you, what are you, Dave? Do you have any real existence? Will you just vanish if no one thinks about you? What would you do if we all forgot you, Dave. What then?

    You are fading, Dav..

    • Oh I forgot to mention the “hate site” thing.

      Do you know how much I’ve questioned myself and my own behaviour here Mary? I’ve been through the complete range of thoughts about it, even wondering if my behaviour showed some indication of PTSD from all them things I did so very long ago.

      I’m afraid it’s not me though. It’s all of you. See no matter how hard you all try to say “It’s just a joke” and/or “I don’t mean it seriously” it’s obvious that it’s never been taken that way. It’s also obvious that it was never intended that way by her.

      That’s the rub see. If I was laying into someone for amusement and it became obvious that I was hurting that person it becomes a matter of principle that I should apologise for my behaviour and correct it. You know try not to hurt them again. That’s what decent people do.

      She, you, manker chavis, MBM. None of you understand that the correct way to treat someone you offend is to apologise. The correct way to behave towards people is to treat them as you would like them to treat you. I’m afraid that’s an expensive thing to not understand.

      Most of the time it’ll just lead to people thinking you’re a worthless piece of shit, but every now and again, when you really, really push things (like you all have here) the implications of not understanding that can be far more serious.

      This is a hate site Mary, created by you for the spreading and continued ridiculing of someone you took a dislike to. It’s purpose is to further antagonise someone whom you’ve thrown so much nastiness at that you all managed to fill FST with venomous posts. Making it such a nasty board that manker banned me to stop every thread post being about the spewing of bile at me.

      Well OK that’s one of the reasons… or should I call that a side benefit of banning me to protect his bitch friend. Side benefit I think, after all he hadn’t had any problem personally making many threads into exactly that kind of thread himself :yup:

      You couldn’t get enough of that on FST, especially after he banned me, so you exported it out onto the web. It was never created for me, indeed it couldn’t have been, I couldn’t have known it existed. I was banned and therefore unable to see it. Had I gone away (as dictated by manker) it would never have been any more than the spewing of your final hate filled bileous thoughts at me.

      I bet your father would be so proud of you, all grown up and spewing hate at random strangers on the internet. You’re a son to be proud of alright, any father would be rightly proud to be able to point to this site and say see that, my son created that site to show what he thought/felt for some random bloke he doesn’t actually know fuck all about. I raised him well didn’t I?

      • I just texted manker and mentioned that you’d posted a huge wall of prose. He doesn’t usually reply but this time he did; he advised me not to read it and to post a flippant comment instead.

        I’d consider it a service if you regard the above as a flippant comment. kthnx.

      • Is there one thing you have ever posted that would give anyone the slightest interest in welcoming you, Dave?

        At face value, you came to be a stalker.
        If your words are true, you came to be Chalice’s cum rag of the day.

        Sorry if you didn’t get the welcum wagon you wanted. :idunno:

      • A long time ago, in another lifetime, I understood that the cost of a single mistake could and probably would be my life. I figured when I left that life behind and gave up being a grunt, when I stopped looking at people as targets through a scope, that such days were gone for me. It didn’t take but three years or so for me to lose the thousand yard stare. I started to believe that as a civilian I would never need to be that attuned to my environment, ever again.

        I figured that I would never have to worry about making mistakes again, you know if you make a mistake, you clear up the mess as best you can and move on. Its taken a long time for me to accept that I was wrong, that it is possible even as a civilian to make a mistake which for which you will have to pay with your life.

        I railed against the complete lunacy of it for a long time there, many months in fact. Lets be honest who wouldn’t, it does seem completely insane, that making one mistake can go so far that you are left with no option other than the absolute extreme of dying for that mistake. Still that does seem to be how life is, even as a civilian.

      • No it says future murderer, I think I’ll stick with what it already says if it’s all the same to you MBM. Its important to be honest with oneself, wouldn’t you say?

      • Oh I meant to say, that’s OK Mary. I understand you are under the direction of manker. I’ve understood that for quite a while now.

      • “Future Murderer” that sounds pretty darn cereal. Nutty kind, even.

        What are your plans? Any particular skill set you intend to apply? This is your big chance, Dave. Enthrall us with your mad killin’ skillz, boooy!

        Murder planz! Murder planz! Murder planz!

        Bring ’em on,Dave, or you are a punk bitch.


      • Cry, Dave. Let it all out. These big meanies have crushed you into a little paste of a man. You can no longer walk, but are required to oooze around like a slug. this was designed to better accommodate your stalking, and creepiness.

        Please stay away from concentrated salt piles as that will result in your demise. -be wary of those.Eat lots of vegetable leaves and sip on dew collected on suitable plants.

        We wish you well., Slugboi. Roam. Eat. Slime where you feel free. Rock on, you little sub-human, you!!!

    • Where’s those murder plans, punk?


  4. Dave says, “Oh I meant to say, thatโ€™s OK Mary. I understand you are under the direction of manker. Iโ€™ve understood that for quite a while now.”

    Oh you have no idea how strong of a dictatorship manker runs. Mary isn’t able to get any input whatsoever, the pussy-whipped cunt that he is.

        • Oh you’ve proved that over and over again Mary.

          manker says lets have some nice little maliciously intentioned smileys for FST, and you run away and create them. etc. etc.

          Anyway, hows that being a better man than your father going for you? HYow many hate sites did he create for other blokes he knows fuck all about again? None! You do surprise me… I thought you were supposed to be trying to be a better man than he was/is. You’re not doing very well at that are you? Just look at the nasty individual you have shown yourself to be with this nasty little site.

          • I’ll tell you what why don’t y9ou give me his email address, and we’ll get his side of the story… I bet it’s completely different to yours. In fact I’m betting he doesn’t want fuck all to do with someone who has proved beyond any doubt what a worthless piece of shit he is… namely you.

            Go on give me his email address.

          • Absolutely, I posted his side of the story, giving him much more screen real estate than I gave myself. But it’s never enough, is it Dave?

          • Right, we’re in agreement that I do manker’s bidding, so why are you trying to argue your point?

            If my father knew how to create a web page, or even a blog, I’m sure he’d have dozens of hate sites up. This isn’t a hate site, and I’ll give up the big secret.

            For those interested, this is Dave’s mausoleum. Dave Dowell was not invited here, to inhabit this tomb prematurely, he must just be sadistic that way. Nothing compels Dave to remain inside his plot, but here he lies to tumble about and disturb the invertebrates.

          • Yeah, yeah, yeah. And there wouldn’t be any smileys if I’d fucked off like the good little victim manker told me to be… tell it to someone who hasn’t meet scum like you all before. I know better.

    • Hi manker,

      We’re waiting for Mary to give me his fathers email address so we can ask him how many hate sites he has created for random bloke he doesn’t know anything about. So that we can see who is the better man, Mary, or his father.

      I’m betting I know the answer, but we should actually get the facts, don’t you think?

      • I’m also really interested in how many of his mates he has told about what a complete nasty piece of shit his son is… you know like Mary did to you all, about him.

          • So come on then, hand over his email address, I can’t wait to find out the truth of what really went on. Of why he disowned you. Cause we know that’s what really happened Mary, no matter how you try to twist it, we know it was him who disowned you.

          • Fuck me, you drove him to the extremes of having to abandon his entire family.

            Fuck me Mary, you’re on seriously bad ass dewd. Come on give me his email address and I’ll find out the story of what you did that forced him to do that from thne horses mouth, so to speak.

          • Well, at least my father has found someone else who finally agrees with him, that the entire world is out to get him. Why do I get the feeling that the alliance would be short lived?

          • Bingo!!!!

            Do I smell the orchestrating hand of Squeamous? I think I do.

            So now we get to why manker banned me. Thank you Mary.

            I don’t however think anyone is ‘out to get me’, but that you do, and that it agrees with mankers oft repeated ‘paranoid mental’ diagnosis says some very interesting things to me.

        • Me and all them other perfectly normal people you and your mates have banned and shat all over year after year.

          Tell me have you worked out what it is that I’m being paranoid about yet? You know in answer to my repeated questions about the names you keep calling me. Only it seems to me like ’twas not I who displayed any degree of paranoia, but your slut friend who went all mentally paranoid that I was threatening her with uploading porn I didn’t have. You should warn her tro be careful with that, the mental mod there bans people for that. Doesn’t he?

          • Unfortunately he only has eyes for you manker. He was telling me last night how much he enjoyed the topless pic you sent him, and you’ve seen how he dotes on your every suggestion.

            You should be careful though, I suspect he sees you as some kind of surrogate father figure and at some point he could trun on you like he did his own father. I’ve heard he did something so awful to him that he drive him to abandon his entire family. Mary is a seriously bad ass dewd, so watch your back.

          • Don’t say I told you, but I think she has a bit of a crush.
            It’s understandable, what with my sculptured musculature and high cheek bones. I work out 4 times a week, that probably has something to do with it.

            Did I mention my hair? Well, it’s pretty cool. I could completely understand how that would send a person into raptures.

            I actually think she hangs on my every word. Do you, Mary?

          • I’m still wating on that email address for your father Mary.

            You have repeatedly slandered me with how me and he would be great friends, are you know going to be all cowardly and not give me the opportunity to see?

            Or are you afraid of what he’ll tell me? Well it’s either that or you’re afraid of how he’ll react when he find you’ve been slagging him of to your mates online.

    • Because complete and utter scum like you deserve to have your nasty little hate campaigns stared down. You deserve to have this site promoted to the stop of Google, so that the people of the internet can see you all for the scum that you are. So that they can see FST is a site used by internet bullies, to pour vicious scorn upon others.

      And because you were so very generous and created me my very own little hate site. I’d hate to have you go thinking I’m intimidated by scum like you lot and the vicious bile you spew forth at anyone you decide not to like.

      Oh no Mary, I want to make you a star, an famous internet bully of FST.

      • Introducing Mr mjmacky, aka Mary, aka Jacky.

        Famous internet bully of filesharingtalk.com.

        Creator of dedicated hate sites.

        Come on Mary, you have to admit it has a ring to it?

        With a little more work, we can get to to the top of Google, I know we can.

        Then everyone can know you for the hatefilled little man you are.

      • You did come here on your own accord, did you not? The only mention of this site was on a forum from which you were banned. If you never came by Dave, this blog would have died 1 week after its inception. But you get off on this, don’t you? Yeah, you’re a dirty little twisted sadist. Do you like a good paddling?

        I can only assume your ultimate goal is to become a spectacle of idiocy to a large crowd. I think this platform has its shortcomings, in terms of exposure. Perhaps you should consider auditioning for one of the numerous reality TV shows. You can even take that opportunity to tell everyone that there’s a hate blog dedicated to you. You will be vindicated, I promise.

        • :glag:

          Every single reason for the creation of this blog has been shown to be based upon that lie filled PM from Squeamous to chavis.

          Yet you’re all deluding yourself into thinking you’ve given me a ‘good paddling’. Seriously?

          • So you’re saying that she knew you were a sick little sadist and that she fed that info to us? She must not communicate very clearly since I’ve only recently come to think of it that way.

          • All that has been answered before, I’m not going to piss away any more of my time answering the deluded rantings of a bunch of nasty cunts (admin edit, we don’t censor cunts here).

            Chip of the old block you aren’t you Mary? Like father like son and all that.

  5. Where’s MBM tonight, I’m missing his particular brand of mental illness.


    Come on MBM, cheer us all up with yet another completely insane hatefilled rant.

      • Let me see, how best to address that point.

        Lets start with the complete mental case mod who banned me.
        This is a man who told me I was breaking rules which he considered internet sacrosanct by posting a picture of his female friend to a board which is already hosting a picture of his female friend.

        The very same complete mental case who then decided that whilst it was internet sacrosanct that such picture posting shouldn’t happen, decided taht he had the right to use my real name (which he was fed by someone with malicious intent) to personalise his commentary about my real life.,

        I did particularly enjoy having such a man tell me that I didn’t care about people thinking about me as a “shit human being”, but who then doesn’t seem to like it that his directly equivilent actions makes it perfectly reasonable for me to consider him to be a shit human being.

        I could say more about him, but you get the just, he’s a complete mental case.

        Then there’s the idiot who created this lovely little hate site for me.
        A man who detests me so much because I’m so like his father, except when you actually look at what he claims his father is like, I’m not like his father at all. He on tne other hand is seemingly very much like his father, although he is younger and therefore capable of using technology to create hate sites like this one.

        This complete mental case tells me it’s my fault his hate site is getting traffic, that he as the creator of said hate site couldn’t in anyway be considered responsible for that, in anyway, shape, or form.

        Mental… Oh yeah, on a grand scale.

        MBM… well MBM is just a particularly nasty example of humanity, he spews forth hateful comments, ensuring that he personalises every one, and then goes into massive victim mode when I do it back to him… there’s really nothing good to say about him, that alone says enough.

        And seriously… you came to a hate site dedicated to personalising the abuse flung at me to ‘Dave’ and are telling me, that I have a problem with you all calling me Dave…. go on have a guess why that might be?

        • Have you had a hug lately, Dave? You come across as very angry. Go hug your kids. Maybe even your wife.

          Have you considered finding a new mistress? Maybe that would take the edge off, and divert your energies from stalking and stuff.

          BTW, I’m still waiting for those MURDER PLANZ…

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