That’s it. Final, final, final, straw. I mean it this time. Really.

You are all scum and I’ve had enough. I have been using my super, duper, mad geek skilz, and have placed some of you on mailing lists. Be prepared for junk mail to begin flooding in any month now. Well, hate groups don’t really send out catalogs, but occasionally may request donations like twice a year. Be warned! It may actually take up to 6 weeks to get removed from their mailing list, so you may receive an additional mailing EVEN after contacting them.

I may unleash other diabolical schemes in your directions like having pizzas delivered to your house, and you will face the awkward moment of having to tell the delivery driver you did not order.

I may even sign some of you up for “The Panty of the Month” club and you will have to not only tell your wives you didn’t order, but have to pay return postage.

I have been warning you all, NOW FACE MY FULL ON WRATH!!!


39 thoughts on “That’s it. Final, final, final, straw. I mean it this time. Really.

  1. chavis,

    You’re the one with the unhealthy interest in children, can you let me have some addresses of child porn sites where I can sign someone up to get daily child porn emails. Cheers mate.

  2. Yeah, Dave, heed your dad’s advice.

    ‘Never put your hands on a woman. Young boys is where it’s at’.

    It’s all becoming so clear now, Dave.

    • Hmmm well I can’t say my Dad ever advised me about that chavis, so I guess we’ll have to go with whatever advice your Dad gave you. What was it exactly? To only put your hands on young boys? How did he used to put his hands on you chavis? Is that what generated your own sexual interest in children? Are you only interested in young boys? Do young girls not do it for you at all?

      I’ve never had the chance to question a real life paedophile before, so do forgive me if I ask questions which you think should be self explanatory, won’t you old chap.

    • Oh! Do remember to post me some links next time you post chavis. Just a couple of your favourite sites, preferably ones where email subscription is available. Cheers mate.

  3. That’s it, David, get it all out. That’s what you needed all along. A bit of primal screaming. I don’t mind a bit if I’m the object of your projections.

    It might save your kids the inevitable cycle you’ve clearly fallen into. Or am I too late? Now I understand why your wife hates you so much. Has your little regime gotten her too afraid to call the cops on you?

    • It’s no good trying to project your sickness onto me chavis old chap.

      It’s you who goes around gathering the real life details of other peoples children, no doubt for use in your after hour fantasies.

      It’s good that you’ve come to recognise that it stems from your father and his advice about how you must put your hands on young boys.

      It might be a start to you overcoming those damaging primal urges of yours.

    • You’re right chavis, I am finding having the opportunity to ask questions of someone who is what you are, fascinating.

      So tell me, [s]you sick fuck[/s]. Did you get off whilst thinking about my children? That was why you were skulking around gathering their real life details, wasn’t it?

  4. My favourite bit is where he replies and then thinks; ‘damnit, that one wasn’t really worthy of my esteemed opponent, I’d better reply again.’

    Sometimes there are four or five replies in a row. He’s desperately jumping up and down trying to garner some attention. Any attention. Just some acknowledgement that he is still alive and not just a minor irrelevance as with his home life and at work in the call centre.

    We’re a jagged gash in the tubular plastic length that runs twixt Dave’s exhaust and the faux-leather interior of his Ford Mondeo. A sporadic insulin injection to the damaged pancreas of his existence, a wet sponge proffered on a stick to the crucified martyr. The enveloping dark which bars him from approaching the light.

    David Dowell, we’re all you have left.

    • Made me chuckle, too.
      First death threats, then torture, then posting tit pics, then giving personal details to someone else and finally putting an email address onto a spam list.

      I doubt he’ll even do that.

      • You as the recipient of my personal details should have a bit more faith manker. I can assure you that wasn’t free. I will find a way for her to pay for that.

  5. [quote=Dave]In fact fuck it, you are such a vicious little fucked up man MBM, a man who ignores that facts in favour of spewing nasty vicios comments at others, because you are a cunt. I hope nothing but nasty (and I mean realy nasty shit) happens to you throughout your life. You deserve it.[/quote]

    Now you’ve hurt my feelings. I’m going home. Really. I mean it. Just watch me. I’m leaving. Here I go…

    • Please do MBM.

      I honestly don’t find any single aspect of who you are to be anything which I want to interact with. At least manker and chavis have some style, you’re just serious and nasty.

  6. It doesn’t matter one bit how I treat you, Dave. You are my imaginary pet monkey who lives in my computer. Or was that cheap whore. Or some real-life stalking, lying creep. Or just some idiot who likes to get kicked around.

    I remember now, all of the above. :happy:

  7. Dave, the ‘watch your kid die’ thing only works once, impactive though it may have been. It gets diluted through repetition.

    As opposed to calling you a deranged stalking freak. That works every time. You’re the eternal virgin.

    • It had FAR more shock value to everyone but me (the so-called-target) since I was already aware of its inaccuracies.

      I’ll be charitable, and call it “Dave’s best shot”, but even that was stillborn in fact…

      Dave’s anger, threats, and long-winded rants are all surefire signs of his eternal impotent flailing, and the inability to cope with having his lies, and stalking exposed.

      • Expand on it, then. Run your little heart out. Build it up. Really. Make it fresh, new, exciting.

        Cereally. I’m waiting.

        Please hurry as my son only has about 75+ healthy years to live.

      • He gets check-ups and sees specialists (2nd best in the country, BTW) for all Down’s related issues. His cardiologist, for example, recognized him as having a likelihood of Downs when he and his sister could have both fit in a tablespoon. People come here in hopes of receiving the kind of care he has. For life.

        You may think you know something, but you are sooo very wrong on this one, Dave. Early deaths resulted (past tense) of untreated common defects associated with his condition- Downs is not a fatal defect in itself.

        The kid can’t get a scratch on his hand without someone noticing. Literally.

      • If he dies early, it won’t be from Down’s related issues. He is as healthy as a “normal” child, but receives far more monitoring.

        He won the healthcare lottery.

        What’s your wife “slowly dying” from, BTW? Are your affections that toxic…

      • Your mate Squeamous better hope not, she had a small amount of them for five years, she could be fucked if they are.

  8. manker / chavis

    I have a question for you both, well OK it’s a series of serious questions, so I will understand if you’re not able to stretch your brains that far. I know you’re both limited in that respect.

    What is the value of a life?
    Are all lives of equal value?
    Can one life be more or less valueable at different points along its path?

    • Yes I’ve noticed you and your mates have an inability to answer any question. I suppose weak people are afraid any answer they give will show them up. It’s OK chavis I understand.

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