Barbie didn’t turn out to be a worthwhile target because he turned out to be male WTF. He told the bile spewers that my last name is Dowell, that made me sad but I don’t stalk men. Fuck men. They’re never scared of me, I think Squeamous is a man because she isn’t scared of me but she should be because I write stuff on the internets about machetes. That bitch didn’t even reply when I told her never too contact me again. I wish she was scared of me.

They slipped up though because now I know megabyeme’s real name, That’s right, faithful friends, the time for words is over. Fuck that bitch and the hate she spews. I’m going to slice and dice and escalate her face.


186 thoughts on “Meg

  1. I don’t stalk anyone Mary.

    Unlike so many of you. Ask manker about how he gave me a tour of sites I’ve used in the past. How he has been seeking out my real life, because of the lie his bitch friend fed you all, and the personal details of my life she fed you when she did that.

    I’m sure he’ll re-assure you that it doesn’t matter. That having had you all pouring venom and hatred in bile filled posts at me, and my very real life for a year now is meaningless. I’m sure he can reassure you that there is no price to pay for scum like chavis and himself stalking my real life because of that malicious lie of hers.

    Then you can all go have a god laugh with her on FST about it. She can use some of them viciously intentioned smileys you all created for inclusion in your bile filled posts, as she laughs along at how there aren’t going to be any consequences.

  2. So manker,

    Now that we’ve established the truth about where you and your friends nasty little campaign against me started, that it started with her. What price do you think she should pay?

    There has to be a price right?
    I mean I have to pay the price don’t I?

    The one where you and your friends have poured scorn and bile over me for an entire year now.

    The one where you and your friends decided to make it about the real me, by deliberately personalising it with the use of the name she fed you.

    The one where you have all felt free to pass deliberately and seriously intentioned vicious comments about my relationship with my wife.

    The one where you have all felt free to pass deliberately and seiously intentioned vicious comments about how I have neglected my children.

    The one where you and your friends felt free to chant over and over again about how I am stalking someone I haven’t been near, made any nasty posts about, or posted any personal details of.

    The one where you think banning me, as you have, isn’t something else to just add to the long list of nasty and deliberately intentioned prices brought about by your bitch friend, that I have had to pay.

    So manker, what price all of this?

    I am banned just for the false suspicions of your warped brain, what price is appropriate for the real life cost I have paid and am continuing to pay?

    • What’s the matter manker? Have you finally come to realise what you’ve done? Is that what it is? Are you now starting to realise what you have caused?

      • Not forgetting the parts played by your friends of course.
        The inimitable Mary, and his detestable father.
        The smooth MBM, who neglects his children.

        etc, etc.

      • Oh! How stupid of me, I forgot to mention Barbie, who so willing stepped upto pull the trigger on this real life saga.

  3. Why don’t you make another post about how you (one of the primary bullies) are going to force me to move on irl, whilst you continue to spew nasty viciously intentioned personalised posts about me all over FST. Come on, try your luck, maybe your words will be worth something this time.

    • You’ve gone remarkably quiet manker? What’s the matter? Run out of nasty vicious remarks to post about me? Or do you just not like how the outcome of your hate campaign is looking anymore?

      Were you expecting your posting of my real name to change that which you’ve all brought about? Trying to intimidate me? Cause Squeamous could have told you that was NEVER going to work me.

      Do you want my home address so you can try to intimidate me face to face? Or would you like to meet me somewhere to try that? I might be interested in that, if only to see what a worthless cowardly piece of scum accountant looks like in real life?

      I gave you my word manker, upon the lives of my children no less. I understand that to a piece of scum like you, giving your word about something is of no value or meaning. I however am not like you thankfully. I understand that no mans life is worth any more than his word.

      Hows that calling someone a “paranoid mental” going for you? That adding of one more oft repeated nasty personal commentary. Did you think that didn’t just get added to the pile of nasty shite you (and your friends) have poured all over me for a year?

  4. Oh! I went beyond seeing anything other than hatred and bile spewed forth from you lot, an awful long time ago. Just after you decided you would make that hatred and bile personal, by using the name she fed you.

    If you are stupid enough to think you can all seriously fuck around in someones real life without consequence, then you really are more stupid than I gave you credit for manker. She used you to do that, and you all stepped up to the mark with glee. (although I’ll except chavis who did realise this wasn’t some internet thing he had been used for, but a real life thing, and who stated it on the board).

    So are you going to answer the question of what you believe the price of all your proxied actions on her behalf should be?

    • I mean there is a price to pay isn’t there manker?

      Just as I have to pay the price of having you ban me, and having you and your fucked up little friends spew false and nasty vicious comments about me for evermore. Just as I have to sit here knowing you choose to use my real name (that she fed you) for a nasty maliciously intentioned smiley on your board.
      Just as I’ve had to sit and have you all post nasty comments about how I’m neglecting my children, and about the relationship I have with my wife. I am paying the real life price of all of this, aren’t I. So what price should she pay?

    • No MBM, I’m not nutty, I’m somene whom you and your friends thought you could spew nasty vicous comments at wihout consequence. You were wrong.

      • You didn’t really think that spewing forth that oft repeated commentary about how “Dave” was neglecting his children wasn’t personalised to me, did you MBM?

        You aren’t stupid enough to think that when chavis posted up that if he had my home address he would call in child protective services, because he was genuinely scared of the danger they were in from “Dave” that wasn’t personalised to me, did you MBM?

        You repeatedly posted genuinely intentioned serious commentary about my relationships with my children, and with my wife. You were all having such fun making it as personal as you could by making sure you aimed your verbal abuse at “Dave”. Surely you can’t be surprised to find “Dave” found it personally offensive MBM? You can’t have been that stupid, can you? Sat here posting on a site which takes great strides to ensure it’s all about that personalisation of the vicious comments directed at me personally by real name. WIth the title “don’t call me by me first name”.

        You went off on a right wobbly when some meaningless internet persona (rejectOfAllah) passed a vicious comment about how your meaningless internet persona (megabyteme) should get to witness the death of his child. Imagine if I’d have said the same to you using your real name MBM. Then tell me again about how the verbal abuse you personally threw at me doesn’t matter MBM. Sorry mate, but it mattered to me, you personalised it specifically so it mattered to me, because it made it more fun for you. And maximising the offensiveness of your comments provided you with a feeling of superiority in the insult fest. Well you had it. It wasn’t free MBM, it came at a personal cost to me, and to her who made it possible for you all to do that to me.

      • Here you go MBM, here’s you mate manker telling me I was in the wrong for revealing a photo of her to you (despite the fact that a photo of her face is already on that board).

        Oddly enough he hasn’t seen fit to take any such issue with her revealing my real name, and that real name being subsequently posted all over FST. He hasn’t pointed out how that was “a shitty thing to do”. He even believes that the continuation of that with the use of my full name (as revealed by Barbie, when he pulled the trigger on all of this) is just as meaningless. He’s wrong about that too.

        Odd that innit MBM, how when I do something you people don’t like, “its a shitty thing to do” how I am a “shitty human being” yet the exact same behaviour from one of his mates isn’t “shitty” and his friend isn’t a “shitty human being”. Odd hoiw I have to pay the price of being banned for being a “paranoid mental” when I have done nothing which all of you haven’t already done to me. In fact I have done less, I haven’t personalised any of my nasty posts to any of your real life identities.

        You all selected the course of behaviours you chose to use at me MBM, you did that in a particularly partisan way, and with deliberate and quite serious nasty intent. She enabled the personalisation of that nasty deliberate and serious intent.

      • You’re an idiot MBM,

        What you’re reading here is no more than acceptance and resignation of the facts, and what that means.

      • Most people give some kind of fuck about how the people they’re talking to might read what they write, however I have the benefit of knowing nothing I write to any of you is of any meaning. God knows I’ve tried MBM, yet in an entire year nothing I have said, or explained has made an ounce of difference to the viciousness you and your friends have spewed forth. So I know beyond any doubt that nothing I write now will make any difference or have any effect. Its been difinitively made clear to me that only my actions are of any importance MBM. You all, made it crytsal clear.

      • Really MBM? So I told one of you I was threatening a woman, did I? I told one of you my real name did I? No MBM, it started there with those two acts.

      • Thank you MBM. You have given me a laugh this morning. You think I care that people like you “can’t stand” me 😆

        In the early part of the 20th century people like you lot were stringing up niggers from trees. You did it because you had all these nasty suspicions and thoughts about them niggers. You couldn’t actually produce any single piece of evidence to support the nasty shit you suspected and thought. But you didn’t let that stop your hatred, which you all spewed forth as vociferously as you could, and y’all strung them up anyway.

        Maybe the kind of people you are explains why so many of you took exception to my burning cross avatar. Maybe that was a bit to close to home for you, eh?

        Not being liked by people like that, people like you, people like manker, people like Mary, is a good thing MBM :yup:

      • You’re the :emo: manker. You do things because of what you feel, even when all the available evidence proves it’s complete and utter crap.

      • And you’re stupid enough to believe that no matter what you do, no matter how you behave towards others. There will never be a consequence to it.

        That’s pretty :emo: manker. To be so convinced of the value of your own thoughts/opinions/feelings that you believe everyone else just has to accept whatever you say/do.

        I’m sorry to have to disappoint you about that manker, I really am. Especially because you’ve already proved you’re too thick to understand any of it.

        You don’t even understand what you in particular have done with me. Yet your part in this entire tragedy of Greek proportions was a fundamental (<- The empthasis should definitely last two syllables of that word where you are concerned) one.

  5. Fuck sake, Dave. When are you actually planning on doing all this killing and price exaction? Or is this the price we have to pay? Choosing to take time out of our lives to have a chuckle at your descent into palsied, marginalised gobbledegook.

    Have a look at yourself, Dave. You’re the biggest joke on the internets. I almost feel sorry for you.

    • Oh! And next time you want to tell me about how all you “nigger stringer uppers” are laughing at me, you might want to remember that it is I who is laughing at how ridiculous you all are.

      Squeamous to chavis (via that malicious PM) -> “Save me chavis, he’s a nasty man who is threatening me”

      Several months later -> Squeamous via a public post on FST -> “I know Dave poses no threat to me”

      You were duped big time chavis, used like some pathetic little mouthpiece to spread a deliberate malicious message of nastiness, one which you distrubuted so well your pathetic little mates are still spewing it forth today. Duped by someone who knew that I couldn’t do what she told you I was doing, and better yet who knew that even if I could, I wouldn’t have done that to her.

      She fed you only what she wanted you to do, never mentioning anything about the manicgeek account. Never mentioning that she knew full well that Mods had blue names and stars because she had discussed it with manicgeek. Never mentioning that she knew me well enough to know I wouldn’t have hurt her.

      You did your job well for her chavis, you’ve got manker claiming that I am out to hurt her, despite me not having done any of a number of things I could so easily have done to hurt her. Along with other such mental claims about how I was aggressivly stalking her when I went to ask her to stay away from me in person. Slightly contradicted by the facts of me standing about 5-6 foot away from her door, leaning casually against the bannister. Maybe manker does aggression like that though, what do you reckon?

      You’ve got MBM wandering around making up stories about me like they’re going out of fashion, there’s the one about how I am following her from site to site, stalking her. Which of course doesn’t actually stack up when compared to the fact that the only site where both she and I are members was FST.

      There’s the complete mentalism of you all trying to make a big deal out of my use of the word balustrade, which I’m still baffled by. That is what it is after all.

      There’s the lunacy of you all trying to make a big deal out of me using the word “bile” when that word was introduced into the discussion by your lovely female friend, not by me.

      Mind you, as I’ve pointed out more than once already “nigger stringer uppers” like you lot, who ignore the facts, aren’t going to let small details get in the way of your expressions of hatred.

      Good job chavis, you led the way with the information your “source” fed you, shame it was all malicious lies, and that it has been taken so far that the victim of the very real life bullying campaign you initiated with those lies now has no option other then to redress the damage of your campaign of hatred in real life.

      • [quote=Dave]Oh! And next time you want to tell me about how all you “nigger stringer uppers” are laughing at me, you might want to remember that it is I who is laughing at how ridiculous you all are.[/quote]

        Did you just refer to yourself as a “nigger”, Dave?

      • Maybe I am a nigger MBM, Squeamous did tell you “it was nice whilst it lasted” maybe now you have a clue why.

      • I see, you’ve not kept up with all of this have you MBM.

        The affair ended years before I ejected your friend from my life with the words “Now fuck off”.

        Which bit of me telling her to “Now fuck off” is it that you’re thinking was me refusing to let go of a long over affair?

        Do try to keep up, there’s a good chap.

    • You never asked her that question chavis, did you?

      Were you worried about what the answer might reveal? About how you had been used like some pathetic little man.

      Here’s that post chavis.

      “I know Dave so well, I know I’m not in any danger.”
      That’s an odd thing for someone who had told you I was threatening her to say, isn’t it chavis?

      “Dave will never hurt me because in the end he loves me”
      Surely that can’t be right can it chavis? She told you I was threatening her. In that PM, the one she sent you to plant the poisonous seed which started all of this.

      Ever felt like you’ve been used chavis? You should do, you have been.

      Don’t blame me, I came back telling you that I had been used by a nasty malicious lying woman, so alarm bells should have tripped in your own head when she stepped forward and told you in that PM that she was the woman in question. <- See there's another small fact which you never got from me, something which is odd for a man who is (according to manker) trying to hurt her. Don't you think?… I know the answer to that question, its been obvious for a long time that you rarely think, so please don't feel you need to answer that.

      • Dave, I didn’t read most of that to tell the god’s honest. I skim your posts at best. They’re incredibly boring to me and I just can’t put myself through it. Let’s consider the Bizarro World where everything you say is true and re-evaluate as per the world according to Dave.

        Say I have been duped, Dave. Some spastic was sniffing around my lounge, trying to garner the attentions of said female (you’ve admitted as much yourself), being quite offensive into the mix. I did what I usually do. Engage them in a bit of weighty badinage. Next thing I know I get handed a loaded gun. Even if the messenger had an agenda, what difference does that make to me? It still had the desired effect when I carpet-bombed your face with it, didn’t it. I don’t usually get such a vociferous reaction, Dave, so I considered you a gift, really. With a big stupid bow on it. I did what I would have been doing in your absence anyway, that is pwning some spastic in the lounge. When will you realise that I couldn’t give a fuck what’s true and what’s not? I made your head explode many times over a period of a year. I had my fun, but now that you’ve been reduced to posting on a site designed to make a fool of you, I consider that job done. I’ve had my fun and now I’m bored. By all means, continue to blather in obscurity ’til the cows come home. I look in on you when I need a laugh.

        Let’s now ponder a moment your murder plans. Let’s just pin back the blueprints on that one, Hannibal. You’ve stated publicly that you’re going to murder said female with a machete, Dave Dowell. Now, I’m acutely aware that it’s everyone else’s fault that you just have to do this and you’re perfectly willing to take the consequences. Are your kids willing to take the consequences of your actions, Dave? After the media circus is put to bed and they’re displayed as the freak kids of a murdering father. After their education and upbringing is tainted and stunted with your stigma, what will you tell them Dave when they ask why you did it? I don’t think ‘I got pwnt on the internets’ will measure up, mate.

        Seek help,

        your friend,


      • Which part of me asking her to stay completely away from me over and over again, do you think was me attempting to ‘garner the attentions of said female’?

        That’s the problem with all of you twisted knobs. When the truth doesn’t suit you, you just change it into something it never was. That’s called lying chavis.

        You can’t seriously believe that I haven’t played out what the cost of my actions would be? The cost to both me, and to my children. Not to mention the cost to you and your children. You didn’t miss that did you chavis? That when you are named as being the internet bully that you are, the man who initiated all of this and who started the sequence of events, that there will also be a cost to you. You know that chavis/chalice won’t protect you from them, don’t you chavis? They will find you. FST will of course be dragged into it, along with the main characters. And her, they’ll take an iterest in how she came to be my victim, and no doubt find out the truth about how she lies through her teeth to all and sundry, so she isn’t going to come out if it any better than me. None of that is my problem chavis, so I don’t care. I just need to ensure that my reasoning if fully documented, and referenced, so that the press understand what it was all about. The worst they can do to me is record me as a mentalist, and in case you haven’t noticed I’m being slandered with that anyway, something you and your scum bullying mates will do no matter what I say or do, so the press saying it as well isn’t going to make any difference to that. At some point the cost / benefit analysis was always going to fall on the side you lot don’t like. That’s not my problem chavis, anymore than me not liking your behaviour was your problem.

        Do feel free to publish the nasty little PM she sent you chavis, for posterities sake if nothing else. I guess it’ll be important for your children to see that you bullied someone else into this kind of thing because you believed you were doing the right thing, after being duped.

    • Yeah MBM, do you understand Greek Tragedies? What happens in them? I’m sure a man of your educational achievements must understand how they play out?

  6. So (let me understand this), you are going to prove us all wrong for calling you a stalking, mentalist creep by…..

    Go ahead, Dave. Finish that sentence for us.

    • Tell me MBM.

      Why would someone repeatedly accuse someone else of something when they can’t produce a single piece of evidence to support it, despite being repeatedly challenged to do so? Keep chanting that lie MBM, it satisfies your tiny little mind, and thus protects other people from the sick vicious outpourings you are prone to pour forth at other people. Don’t go worrying that you don’t and have never been able to produce anything which supported the warped little mental thoughts and suspicions upon which you have based your outpourings, the truth doesn’t really matter. In your little world it’s only what you think that is of any importance.

      Why would anyone (like me) need to stalk someone (like her) when they know so much about that person that they could go find that person just about any day they wanted to?

      You have repeatedly proved yourselves wrong over and over again, I don’t need or intend to prove anything anymore. It’s far to late for proving anything now. I set my terms, Barbie pulled the trigger, it’s done.

    • Oh! And for reference, next time you accuse someone of doing something nasty, like you have me. You might do well to remember that it’s not the responsibility of the accused to prove their innocence. It is your job to prove your accusations. Something you haven’t done with me, because it’s something you can’t do for an accusation which isn’t true, and which therefore there is no evidence to support.

      Still your mob justice approach has eventually paid off, you’ve eventually made me realise that nothing I say or do can prove my innocence of that which I stand accused and damned for, and that I am therefore free to do whatever I want against those who accuse me. I am after all to be damned forever no matter that you cannot prove your accusations, so I have nothing to lose.

      • :lol::lol::lol:

        I believe you have just given me sufficient evidence to prove my claim of “nutty little man”. Thanks for that. :happy:

      • Which isn’t anywhere near as much evidence as I have about how you and your twisted little ‘nigger hanging’ mates have made all of this up and bullyied someone for nothing more than the nasty shit which floats around inside of your own heads.

  7. And don’t say we turned you into a stalking, mentalist creep because we wouldn’t have had anything to call you if you hadn’t already been that to begin with. Or, are you calling us all REALLY good guessers? :unsure:

  8. I’ll be vindicated, Dave, simply because I’m not the one who deleted all their posts. I have nothing to hide, and if this is a case of internets bullying, then I wrote the fucking master-class. I thought you said that it was you versus me. In case you haven’t noticed, Dave, I was pretty much despised and vilified on the internets, admittedly by my own doing. If anything, you’ve gone a ways to verifying cunts like me. I rarely do it for no reason, and in your case, it practically justifies the whole endeavour. I’m almost popular because of you.

    You devalue the term ‘nigger’ in appropriating it for your victim role. These people you lump yourself with were innocents. You stopped being an innocent when you deceived your wife and children. I feel sad for you, Dave, and to be honest I regret the hurt all of this has caused you. If I’d known what a complete space-hopper you were, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. Now, I know you’ll say ‘too late’, but there is no cost to me Dave, save sympathy. Grow up, David, nothing will ever happen to me. If anything does, I’ve got the posts to bolster it. You just don’t.

    Will it help if I apologise, Dave? I will to save your family further embarrassment, Just say the word.

    • You can’t help yourself can you chavis? You’ve got so lost in all of this, that even then, in that, you can’t help using another bit of the information she betrayed to you, in some vain attempt to justify your behaviour towards me. You only know that anything sexual existed between me and her because she betrayed my trust (again) and told you all.

      And you seriously don’t seem to understand that it’s the personalisation which has brought all of this to where it is, there you are again calling me by a name which she betrayed to you.

      How much more of her betraying me, and you lot all making vicious nasty personalised comments with the information you obtained from that did you think I would sit back and take chavis?

      I thought you’d got that what you were fucking around with here wasn’t some internet thing, but real life. You did say on the board “We’ve never had a real life one before”. Was that just some meaningless statement? Did you not understand that these betrayals weren’t the revealing of something or other she’d got via PM, or email. But betrayals of real life things, and information?

      • Dave, she didn’t tell me your name was Dave, Dave. I swear to Dave, I mean Christ.

        Why the fuck would I care if an Englishman killed an Englishwoman? According to my mum that’s a good thing. Why would I hinder it? Apparently I’ve been murdering all your mates as a matter of course.

        Again, I didn’t really read what you posted. I’ve told you before, you need to stick to aphorisms. Block text is just chuckle-fodder to me. It’s counter-productive, innit.

        Anything exceeding four sentences gets tossed, Dave.

      • Well if you weren’t Thorn, then I guess manker was.

        It’s been established behind the scenes that he never got it from any admin team suffering from a lack of integrity, so he got it from her.

        Same cart, different horse.

      • What she did tell you was that I was threatening her, when not only wasn’t I, but I couldn’t have, and she knew that. She also knew that I wouldn’t do that to her even if I could.

        Whilst I’m at that subject I should just make sure I’m clear what I mean when I say she knew I didn’t have any porn of her, its something I’ve never covered in detail.

        I didn’t tell her I’d deleted the porn I had when our friendship broke up. I’d deleted it many years before that. Just after our friendship stopped being sexual. So she’d known for several years that I didn’t have any porn of her. It’s not something ‘friends’ have of each other, which is why it was deleted. She knew all of that before she mislead you chavis.

        That’s what it all boils down to chavis, she set you up. Had I been you I might well have taken the ‘perpetrator’ of threats against a woman I quite liked to task as well. I would have been more direct than you though.

        It’s all history now, what has been done, has been done.

      • Dave, for your pleasure, see below for the original pm sent to me by Squeamous. All things considered, I think it’s pretty accurate, given what’s gone beyond it, like.

        ‘Hey you…..
        RejectOfAllah is an ex of mine. I think he was trying to get to me when he asked in the lounge about uploading amateur porn. He knew I would be likely to see it – which is why he became enraged when you moved it before I saw it. The man is one step from me getting out a restraining order ffs. Plus he doesn’t know me very well – he could plaster my noonie onto banners and hang them from London Bridge for all I care – I’ll even autograph them. Just – try not to enrage the beast ok? He can be very unpleasant.’

        What will you do now, Dave?

      • What does that change chavis, it just reveals the lies she fed you. Which we all already knew. I told you publishing it wouldn’t change anything.

        She knew I never had any porn of her, she’d known for years. So there’s one lie.

        She claims I was one step away from her taking out a restraining order against me. I wasn’t in contact with her at that point in time chavis, not on FST and not via any other means. So there’s another lie.

        She fed you a lie that I was threatening her with something she knew I couldn’t do. She fed you another lie to suggest I was hassling her elsewhere. She deliberately planted a poisonous seed into your mind.

        My thread had nothing to do with her, it couldn’t have. I didn’t then and don’t now have any porn of her. She knew it then, and had known it for years before then.

        There were no PM exchanges between me and her.
        I posted no responses to anything she posted on FST.
        I never revealed that the lying manipulative woman who had fucked me over was her.
        I wasn’t posting any comments aimed at her.

        manker insists on calling me paranoid. Yet that entire PM stinks of paranoia, it changes nothing though. I’m still the one who is banned to suit her. I’m the one who hasn’t broken any rules of FST. She and so many others have, but they’re still there posting up their nasty personal commentary about me (seen tescos thread tonight) yet again I feature on it.

        It’s a personal vendetta chavis, made personal by her, and taken up by so many of you. You can’t expect me to not take it personally.

    • It was you versus me, until she made it about my real life with that PM, and the revelations she made publicly on the board. Up until then it was just you and me batting around who could be the most insulting to the other, without any of it being about serious real life stuff.

      Then it became about me neglecting my children, and my wife. Then it became about me threatening women on the internet. Then it became about Saint Squeamous advising poor stupid Dave about his interpersonal relationships. Then it became about what a complete and utter piece of real life scum I was. Now it’s about every single one of them insults, and the nasty comments being traceable to “Dave Dowell”. It just goes on and on chavis. You all made it about them things chavis, you’re all deteremined to make it about more and more of my real life.

      I was quite happy with it being about you and me batting about stupid meaningless insults for fun.

    • When my next employer shoves my name into Google chavis what’s he going to find? Reams and reams of you all spewing utterly false crap about how I’ve stalked and threatened women on the internet. Reams and reams of comments about how I’ve neglected my children? About how I’m an unfit husband?

      You all made it personal chavis.

    • Of course, on the plus side, Squeamouss friend SabrinaTheTeenageWitch will be so happy that I prove her oft used argument about how one “might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb”.

  9. What does it prove, Dave? It kinda proves that I didn’t lie. It also proves that you were an established maniac well before you even darkened FST’s door, innit.

    Dave, I really do feel sorry for you. Really. When will you stop? If not for yourself, but for your children. You may not believe it, but I’m genuinely concerned for them.

    • Actually, there’s one more lie in there which I missed on first reading it.

      Her claim is that I don’t know her if I thought I could threaten her with uploading porn of her. So I’ll tell you a story.

      She once was involved with a bloke who used the board name BigShinyGrant (BSG), she sent him pictures of herself. (yeah I feel no worries about telling you this, she has betrayed me often enough to clear my conscience). She once confided in me that she was fairly resolved to finding pictures of herself on a readers wife type site. So I knew it wouldn’t bother her.

      Yet there she is telling you that my thread was aimed as a threat at her. Apparently she thinks I was threatening her with something she knew I knew she wasn’t afraid of. Clever that eh?

      I know how concerned you are chavis, I read you comment about how you would call the Child Protection Service on FST, if only you had my real address. Shame Squeamous couldn’t need you all that really, what with me having moved and all.

      I suspect the poor sods who brought my last house might get a visit, if not because you then from someone else, who thinks the lies she fed you and all that lead to, had some basis in reality and now has me down as a bad father, bad husband, nasty man, stalker, etc, etc.

      My children are fine chavis, just this very day we went photographing birds for a wildlife thing they’re doing. You can rest assured that contrary to any impression she has given you all, and/or any impression formed from the commentary about my abilities as a father made upon FST. My children come first in my life.

      I suppose I should put your mind at rest. chavis I have NEVER hurt a woman in my life, NEVER. She knows that, she always knew it, that was why she felt she could play me as she did for five years. It’s why she knows she can spew forth all the private details of my life without consequence.

      I won’t be breaking that record for some complete low life piece of trash like her. Not that I don’t think she deserves to have some man treat her like that, but she isn’t worth it to me. That doesn’t mean I’m fucking off though, I shall continue to make a pain in the arse of myself around FST. I am still banned for doing nothing wrong.

      • One question, David, if you please.

        Do you honestly think I care? About any of this? Really?

        I’m exactly what you class me as. A cunt. A proper cunt of the first order with a capital C. Any inference to the contrary I’d take as a misreading, you fucking mong.You just can’t get past that, can you.

        When did you last have intercourse with your wife?

        Any answer damns you, mong.

      • Oh! And to answer your question about intercourse, I last spoke to her at about 21:00, just before she went to bed. She has to sleep a lot now days, she doesn’t have much energy for anything much more than talking. It’s a side effect of dying slowly.

      • Oooo is that a bite manker? Did I say a nasty thing by suggesting your grasp of English wasn’t quite as good as you might like it to be?

        ’tis OK old chap, we English forgive you Celts fucking around with out language, We understand that you have limitations.

      • My grasp of English isn’t as good as I’d like it to be, I constantly strive to improve.

        Anyway, this subterfuge is all well and good, but when did you last have sex with your wife, retard.

  10. Hoi, Mary.
    Any idea how to add tags to these pages? I propose you add ‘Dave Dowell’ ‘David Dowell’ and ‘David Dowell 1967’ to every post. Particularly the ones he made.

    You know, in case someone like his future employer or his wife decides to google.

    • Oh! BTW do feel free to join in on this new spirit of openness chavis has started here tonight manker and show us all the PM conversation you had with her on that Friday. You know the one where she was logged in talking to you all day, getting you to ban me, because that was what she wanted.

      Then maybe you can produce some explanation for the glaring idiocies in your accusations against me. You know the one about how I am trying to hurt her, when it’s not me who has revealed any hurtful details of her personal real life, or posted any hurtful pictures of her.

      Whenever you’re ready… 😆

      You should get an under the thumb smiley for FST and use the tag :manker: for it. You’ve done her bidding well.

      • I think I’ve told you this before; she was the only person who refused to tell me that you should be banned. I even explicitly asked her and she just wouldn’t say it. Everyone else that PM’d me about it said that you should be banned.

        Believe that or believe it not, but two fucks will not be given by I.

      • Thinking about it, you should ask Squeamous for advice about how to keep which lie you’ve told to whom straight. She’s quite accomplished in that department, she kept me fooled for five long years, even managing to explain away the occassional mistakes she made.

      • There you have it.
        It’s entirely possible to tell someone a thing and, even if it happens to be the truth, there is no guarantee that the person will believe it.

        I’m just going to shrug and go about my business. It doesn’t bother me if you don’t believe it. I won’t reiterate it a million times, I won’t threaten people or accuse you of spewing hate and bile. I don’t feel chagrined nor slighted and I’m not offended in the least.

        Can you discern the hidden message in my post.

      • I discern that you for some odd reason do exactly what I recently posted on FST about. You add gravity to shite I spew forth upon the internet. Then tell me that whilst the shite I spew forth is really, realy nasty seriously intentioned stuff. Nothing you spew forth is.

        Am I right? I bet I am.

      • On the subject of links here’s a couple you’ll love.

        This one is where “spew” came into the FST thing you’ve been doing for her.

        And this one is where “bile and malice” came into play.

        Unfortunately neither of them are mine.
        Shame that what with you all having made such a big deal out of me reusing them.

  11. I shall put this in a new post manker, I’m bored of scrolling through the page.

    What would you like to know about me?

    I’m a geek, no a serious geek. I don’t apply for jobs, I’m head hunted. I’m the kind of geek people like your mate Barbie phone when they don’t know how to make things work. I’ve turned down job offers for positions in the manufacturing and development divisions of major computer manufacturers. I was once called “Mmmmm competent Dave” by someone you know.

    I was born in 1966. I’m 6′ 2″ (ish) and weigh about 13 1/2 stone. I used to weigh 12 1/2 stone when I was in the Army. I can’t say I’m into many sports, I like most of them, but tend to spend most of my time buried in technology. I like to exercise my brain. That’s why I don’t watch much TV.

    I don’t go around fucking MILFs in hotel bars, but I’m OK with you all leaping to assumptions that I do. I do however like to have a laugh, especially with women, whom I tend to get on better with than men. But before you go there that doesn’t mean I’ll ever trust one to get close to me again. I’ve been stupid enough to have one affair in my entire life, and you know who that was with, she told you all about it.

    Oh you should thank me for the webcam, before me she never had a webcam. My sex life with my wife is my business, it never belonged on FST, you’ll just have to take my word for it when I tell you it exists.

    You think chavis is a cunt, but I assure you he isn’t. I’m a cunt. I have killed sites, I even showed you all one I killed for the ladies of Mumsnet. I have abused people really, really badly. I found that PM she sent to chavis telling him I can be really unpleasant funny, she never saw me being really unpleasant.

    I’ve had fun with the idea that she might betray my home address to you all, when I know she can’t. She doesn’t know it. Not because I’ve moved (although I have), but because I never let her have it. She knew enough by knowing the town I was from. Of course the fact that she has the memory capaccity of a gnat helps.

    You saw me tell Cabalo behind closed doors in a serious discussion my real opinions about all that has gone been said. Yet still you sit out here telling me I’m taking it all to seriously. Honestly I’m still shocked by that. I can’t believe you can’t see that and think “hang on, I thought he was taking all of this seriously”.

    You know the only bit of any of this I have taken seriously is her betrayal of my real life, which never belonged on FST. Let alone that it should be presented as me threatening her, something she knew I would never do. Something I’m assuming was a momentary bout of paranoia on her part. She certainly knew I didn’t have any porn of her, so she knew I couldn’t threaten her in such a way.

    I’m shocked that she would ever think such a thing of me TBH, and dissappointed, she claims she knows me but from much of what she has posted on FST, she obviously never knew much about me at all. That however fits with the revelations which came along as I discovered that our ‘friendship’ had never been about anything more then her, and what she wanted.

    Yet still I haven’t given you anything at all about her real life. No bewb phoaties, no revelations about her sex life with her ex. No revelations about the sex life we shared. No hurtful insights whatsoever. Better yet I can tell you now, you’ll never get any from me, just as I’ve repeatedly confirmed you’ll never get to see that phoatie.

    Such an act would go against the very core of who I am. Whilst she is free to betray my trust, I don’t betray trust which has been entrusted to me, not even when it’s the trust of someone like her, who has done everything she could possibly do to betray my trust, and hurt me. Both in real life, and out here.

    Now if you still want to delude yourself that I am trying to hurt someone about whom I’ve made no hurtful revelations, feel free old chap. If you still want to sit there telling me I am taking it all to seriously, when you’ve seen behind the doors that I’m not feel free. Don’t however go accusing me of doing hurtful things like stalking a woman whom I ejected from my life… cause like that’d be just the most mental thing ever… I mean what were you all thinking?

    I tell her to “Now fuck off” (<- exact wording btw,) then stalk her :blink:

    I know where she lives but need to stalk her :blink:
    I know where she works but need to stalk her :blink:

    I'm threatening her… and my immediate reaction was of horror that she might read such an accusation and have cause to worry about all that I knew about her… albiet I didn't know it had come from her paranoid moment at that point in time.

    You're not going to read any of that 😀

    • Oh and chavis, just so you know. You’re not the only one she went off revealing stuff to via PM. Which is something she thinks I don’t know.

      • ——————————————————————–
        Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

        That’s the only reason I can come up with for the psychotic behaviour she has been exhibiting throughout all of this.

        1). She sent a PM to chavis telling him she was the woman who I was talking about when I was talking about a woman fucking me over.
        2). In that PM she told him I was threatening her with something she knew I couldn’t do.
        3). She then makes out (all over the board) like it’s me who is going around breaking her trust.
        4). She posts up about how sad she feels that her personal life is all over the board, that she put it on.

        I know they say “Women are meant to be loved, not understood” but ffs!

      • Boring, Dave. I thought you had left. Now you are back spewing the same lame, nobody-but-Dave-cares shit.

        Can’t you just fuck off and go lick your wounds. You became an internet joke. Fact. There is NOTHING you can say that will make you look like anything but a joke.

        Thanks for the laughs, Jokeboi…

  12. Good evening MBM. Good evening manker.

    That hate filled post of yours MBM, and mankers lastest banning at the behest of that nasty complete piece of crap bitch was the final straw.

    Established facts.
    chavis has published her lie filled PM above, it was those lies which led to you all screaming stalker at me for months. You were so intent upon doing that, that you converted the entgire FST lounge into a site on which every single thread was about spewing hatred at me. Pouring nasty comment after nasty comment all over every single aspect of my personal life.

    she fed my real name to manker, thus allowing you all to personalise the hatred you spewed at me.

    All of that is why I’m banned. Once the truth came out I was banned to protect her.

    Well now you’ve got your work cut out, You can’t stop yourself pouring out your bile at me on her behalf. It’s about time I recruited some people to return to her that which she has had brought into my real personal life.

    People who experiment on animals for a living really shouldn’t go around telling lies, and leaking personal details, to start hate campaigns against those who also have the capability to tell lies and leak personal details. I’m expecting to find animal rights campaigners who will be very interested in her personal details quite quickly, but we’ll see.

    @ Cabalo / Tesco

    I’m sorry FST is going to be targetted in this, but you did allow it to be used as a platform for bullying people, and you then promoted one of the bullies to be an moderator. So from where I’m sitting you’re as validf a target as she, manker, and the individual members who have driven this hate campaign are.

    @ Squeamous

    You do remember all them years ago when I stated that “If you treat someone with complete and utter contempt you have no right to expect them to not treat you with complete and utter contempt in return”

    I have no idea what you think I did for you to shit all over my real life thoughts and feelings for five years, I have no idea why you thought you could feed that pack of lies to chavis, or why you thought I would forever have to sit back and take the shit your scum friends have spewed forth at me as a result of that. I have no idea what on earth you were thinking when you decided you coud feed some complete piece of welsh scum my personal details.

    You’ve had opportunity after opportunity to explain, or to show the tiniest smidgen of decency towards me. Times up. Now it’s my turn to treat you to the same kind of contempt which you’ve treated me with.

    • You just aren’t getting the fact that you are an internet joke, not because of what anyone said about you, but what you have been saying of yourself.

      Look at all of the FST meme’s on this site, and tell me how many came from your own comments…

      Thanks for yet another laugh, Jokeboi

      • Stop showing yourself up for the ignorant tosser you are.

        Spew came from Squeamous
        Bile came from Squeamous

        Balustrade came from me, if you remember correctly you worthless tosser that’s what I was leaning against when I went to aggressively stalk her. At least according to you worthless tossers leaning against a balustrade is aggressive.

      • Wrong again, you dumb shit.

        I had every right to ask her to live upto the promise she made to me in real life.

    • None of it matters, Dave. Regardless of anything, you are a complete joke. You have your own parody site. How cooool is that, Jokeboi?

      We mock you. You make us laugh. Say something else funny, Jokeboi… Dance. Dance. Dance!!!

      • And that’s why your piece of shit friend, the slut who pats you on the head regularly for being a good attack dog, is now going to pay the price. You did such a good job of being a nasty vicious piece of shit towards me you worthless piece of scum, that there is no price not worth paying for your slut friend to get the fruits of your labour on her behalf.

      • Here’s the thing, Dave. Personally, I treat you like a naughty pet monkey because it pleases me. I’ve never had a pet monkey, and owning you online is FAR cheaper and cleaner than having a real-life pet.

        Be good now, and I’ll upload you a banana.

        Good boy. Gooood boooy. :patonhead:

  13. Hmmm now I have a problem manker.

    See what I think I should do is play you as the Nazi you have shown yourself to be, so that you fit in with the Nazis who are members of Stormfront. You do after all share the Nazi ideaology that you can shit all over other people for no reason other than the nasty thoughts that float around inside your own head.

    However that poses me a problem, because if I play you that way, I stand no chance of getting any white wolf to take an interest in you, and they’re the people I really want to take an interest in the accountant from Risca.

    It’s either that or I play you as the Nazi that you are, and try to attract the attention of the radicalised lunatic left. Which would you prefer, to be targetted by lunatics of the left or right?

      • Oh! Noes, manker the wanker won’t lift his completely unjustified ban on me.

        In case you didn’t notice, he had no grounds for banning me in the first place, you’re the hate filled pieces of scum who filled the lounge with venom. Not me.

        He can shove his ban up his arse. You can all shove your crappy little hate filled site up your arse. It’s only purpose now is to be a target where you scum can be found, and hopefully hunyted down by hate filled pieces of scum like yourselves.

  14. Oh! MBM, I almost forgot to say, you’re going to have to wait a bit. I don’t know to much about the white supremists of America. You know like which groups believe in direct action and that, so I need to do some research before I can choose a relevant group for you.

    • You are the one with the good job who gets head-hunted, Dave. Enjoy being an idiot. Make that, CONTINUE enjoying your life as a “picked on” idiot…

      • Oh! It’s not me who’s going to be picked on anymore MBM. No that pleasure goes to your lovely hate filled piece of shite female friend. She started all of this.

        Feeding her home address to people who hate her just because of what she does, so much that they’re the kind of people who might well torch her home is something she earnt, and fully deserves. I can only hope they do it when she is asleep. From where I’m sitting she earnt that as well.

      • You do realize if anything happens as a result of you directing individuals at her, you are liable, right? Not that you have any credibility with these threats. However, wouldn’t it be fun for you to have to pay her money for the rest of your life. Hahahahahahaha!


      • And you realise I’ll die in the gutter before your complete and utter piece of shite hateful piece of scum friend gets a funking penny out of me, right?

        At some point MBM you and your scum frinds behaviour towards me was always going to be worth paying any price for.

      • Actually MBM, that’s quite a funny statement coming from a worthless piece of scum whom she directed at me.

        Let me remind you of the facts (again). Your friend is the one who authorised me to leak her personal details to any old piece of scum I chose, when she decided she could leak my personal details to that complete piece of scum manker.

      • You dying in a gutter would coincide nicely with the progression of your OBVIOUS-TO-EVERYONE-BUT-YOU mental illness.

        Tell me, does England have good mental health facilities, Dave? If so, maybe the next time you move your family you should relocate to a district that has something with a nice garden and leisurely activities you enjoy. Just saying.

        Then, after you are declared incompetent to handle your own finances, manker can do up the proper paperwork, and Squeams can begin collecting ALL of your hard work. Just saying.

      • Enjoy yourself MBM.

        No really, make the most of being able to provide your vicious mistress with some entertainment. It’ll give her some nice things to think about as she giggles herself too sleep planning too spent my children’s college fund.

  15. Haven’t been here for a few days and those massive bricks of text are approximately as likely to be read by me as next week’s issue of Farming in Somerset.

    Dave, an update if you will.
    If there’s nothing you think worthy of my attention then don’t bother. I won’t mind a bit.

  16. manker, mong story short…

    Whether through lack of imagination or utter frustration, or both, Dave has threatened to re-channel racial and political extremist view points through the lounge. Pretty ambitious, if you ask me, but that’s Dave, innit. It’s all rather quixotic and based on self-delusion.

    Also, Dave made up his own word. ‘Earnt’. Whatever the fuck that means, like. I’m sure it makes perfect sense in Davesville Concentration Camp. However, Davesville has survived this last year on what I chose to feed them, so it’s hardly a shock that they’re rather malnourished in the information department.

    • roflelol.
      Cheers for the update, should be fun to see him thrashing about with futility.
      It usually is, anyhow

      See, Dave. How hard was that.

    • Earnt is an old English word chavis, I wouldn’t expect you to know it. Simplified past tense of “earn”. You were probably educated to use “earned” instead.

      There might well be some thrashing about, I’m told that’s what burning people do. I am of course being ever hopeful.

  17. Yeah, I don’t speak old English, Dave. How old are you really? 425? You were taught ‘learned’ too. You were too busy counting your mum’s tumours to really worry about the ins and outs of your language. That much, at least, is painfully obvious.

    • You have such a way with words chavis.

      I particularly likes the “painfully obvious” part of that. That is after all what I’m hoping will happen.

    • I shall pass on many things to my mother next time I talk to her chavis, but the regards of a rather sick and twisted Irishman who thought using a pack of lies he was fed to shit all over my life was the right (and fun) thing to do, isn’t one of them. No offence intended old chap.

  18. None taken, Dave. Coming from yourself, I take it as a compliment.

    You still can’t grasp that it was never personal with me, Dave. It still isn’t. You’re fuck all but a series of inept sentences to me, Dave. Just another notch on my whacking stick. Well, I might put you down as two notches, due to the doubly successful nature of the overall whacking.

    Also, apologise to her for me, for the tumour inducing nature of my gloriously radioactive cawk.

    • Oh! I understand fully you never intended it to be personal chavis. Unfortunately that choice wasn’t yours. You just followed the crappy path that bitch set you up for, when she fed you that pack of lies. I’ve even repeatedly given you credit for being the only one to recognising that what was going on was a real life thing, not some meaningless internet crap.

  19. She didn’t lie, Dave. Let’s break it down as per her pm.

    You were an ex of her’s. You did post that thread to wind her up. You did get all pissy when it got moved. She was nearly gonna get a restraining order for whatever you’d done previously. You can be rather unpleasant.

    Where’s the lie, Dave?

    • That post had nothing to do with her chavis. It couldn’t have possibly been she knew I had no porn of her. Now I know some of you aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box, so let me explain it to you. I couldn’t have threatened her with uploading porn, because she knew I didn’t have any. She’d known for years.

      As I’ve pointed out before there was no contact between us and hadn’t been for sometime, when she fed you that PM. So the restraining order thing is a lie as well.

      She lied chavis, whether you like it or not.

      Stop trying to excuse the behaviour of the bitch chavis, what she did was deliberate and malicious. Done sneakily behind the scenes, whilst sitting out in public giggling at the reaction your incorrect and false accusations were getting from me upon me.

      Since when she has repeatedly patted her pat vicious attack scum on the head.

      Not to mention telling manker my real name, which went on to be used to personalise the verbal abuse she was so enjoying having got you lot to pour onto every aspect of my real life.

    • Come on chavis, admit it.

      It isn’t possible to threaten someone with something they know you can’t do.
      It isn’t possible to threaten someone with something they’ve known you couldn’t have done for years.

      It isn’t possible to get a restraining order against someone with whom you have no contact.

      That’s right I was such an unpleasant bastard to her, she kept asking me to come and see her. Like I said chavis, you little lot have been wading around in stuff you haven’t got a clue about. It wasn’t me asking her if I could come and see her next week, it was her asking me if “she could see me”.

      So next time you want to tell me I was unpleasant to her you might want to try and figure that one out. Let me know if you do, cause I’m fucked if I understand why a ‘friend’ would completely shit over me given that I never demanded anything from her (contrary to the complete lies she has fed you lot), and I never treated her badly.

      I do however now intend to be exceptionally unpleasant towards her now, as I’ve explained given what she has done, those deliberate sneaky and malicious lies, and the resultant shit storm you lot have rained down upon me, I think she has [s]earnt[/s] earned it.

  20. I only read the first sentence, Dave and stopped fucking dead. You admitted that it was aimed at her before. This is where I get off. You’re a lying fucking cunt, Dave, and that’s one thing I haven’t declined into.

    Goodnight, Dave, you sorry bastard.

    • No I didn’t chavis, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have admitted it was aimed at her, because it wasn’t. It couldn’t have been.


      So it wasn’t possible for me to admit it was aimed at her, anymore than it was possible for me to aim any such thread at her.

  21. Dave, Dave, Dave, why do you care? You care because you’re unbalanced.

    I’m watching the Mastermind final and I got four questions right on the specialised subject round about Tom Lehrer. I’m drinking Bacardi and orange juice, I’m smoking Northern Lights and I’m highly wopped and contented. My seven year old is bounding about like Tigger, the freak child has gone to London on an educational scholarship, the fifteen year old is probably watching porn at my expense.

    You’re pissing blood cos I got you pwnt. I win, Dave.

      • Spefcifically because manker decided this was such a big issue that I had to be banned. Until that happened I was quite happy to ignore it. The truth was out, and whenever you lot threw your shit at me, I could just point to that and move on. That wasn’t acceptable to manker though, so he made it an issue, he banned me. Banning me was the one sure fire way to make this something of great importance to me.

    • Fuck me, mate. That’s impressive to me for two, nay, three reasons.

      You were watching Mastermind, you got four questions right in the final and I don’t know who Tom Lehrer is.

  22. Jesus, Dave, you are one boring motherfucker.

    All of this would’ve gone easier on you if you’d gathered just one single ounce of charisma. Your jokes are shite.

    This is why you can’t get through. you’re just a chronically tedious cunt. I mean that in a nice way.

    • True tho, innit. There isn’t a haw of humility, a shred of a sense of humour nor a pip of panache.

      I think you said it before. He’s a metronomic marvel.

      • Oh! I see you were expecting me to laugh along and appreciate you pouring out vicious comments about my personal life.

        It’s difficult to be anything other than repetative when I have to keep repeating the same old answers over and over again, against the same old nasty accusations and vicious comments. All of which came from you lot. So if you think it’s boring imagine how fucking tedious and unentertaining it has been for me.

        I know you’re Welsh but FFS manker, that’s way beyond the dumbness of your average Welshman.

    • Chronically tedious… now that’s fukcing hilarious coming from a man who made thread after thread about my personal life.

    • It wasn’t last night which was the final straw, that was several weeks ago. And two weeks ago. And last week.

      Oh, you’re trying to say that it was last night as well – but that you’re serious this time.

      I must point out that I do hope that this time isn’t such an anticlimax since the other ‘final straw’ moments were something of a damp squib – what with you doing absolutely nothing except write shitloads of stuff that no one reads about the woman you’re frantically and unrequitedly in love with.

      • You should have read my posts manker earlier when I told you. If you did you’d know how completely ridiculous that claim is. I hate her, and I mean seriously hate her. More than I could ever have imagined it was possible to feel hate. I am at times very nearly consumed with hatred for her.

        She had no right manker, no right to lie to chavis like that. No right to go giving you my real name. No fucking right at all. For the repeated and deliberately vicious betrayals of my trust I hope she burns in hell for all eternity.

      • Oh! And you’d also know that I have now finally accepted that I am just as entitled to spew forth her personal details to worthless pieces of scum, and that she deserves that I should do that to her. It’s all detailed above.

      • Yeah whatever, you looovvveeee her you want to marrrryyyy her, you want her baaaay-beeeeees.

        I’m assuming you contradicted me. Your posts were too long for me to read. They looked long. Did you say anything of import? Fuck’s sake; update me Dave. This issue isn’t just going to resolve itself.

      • Is that what she is telling you manker? That I love her? I mean she posted that delusion on the board way back when, but I can’t believe she is still thinking that. Not after all that has been said. Not after all she has brought about?

      • All that she’s brought about. That’ll be nothing, then.

        You master of irony, you. You know that if you did anything but post drivel that she never reads, you’ll be explaining away a restraining order to your wife and kids.

        If you were a chemical, you’d be argon.

        That’s a bit clever for you, I’ll explain it if you want but if google doesn’t help and this is required, make a post where it’s the only question you ask with none of the blather. You’ve got half a chance of me reading it, then.

      • That’ll be because you’re stupid enough to believe that you and your scum friends pouring nasty shit all over my real life is ‘nothing’. I on the other hand have a completely different opinion about that.

      • Too drunk to read?
        Damn it, Dave. I need you to be alert if I’m going to fritter away literal seconds deriding and humiliating you.

    • I wish it wasn’t true chavis, but it is. This woman whom I cared very deeply about at one time in my life, has turned on me so viciously. I can’t help what I feel chavis. What did you all think all of this was doing? What did she think it would all do? All them deliberate betrayals, did she really imagine that each one wasn’t going to feel like am knife to me?

    • There I was being a dull naive prick, sending her a PM asking her to stay completely away from me, as she had promised she would, and as I had done for her. Pissing away hours of my life driving to see her to ask her to her face to stay away from me, to live up to her promise. And all along she’d already stuck a fucking great big knife in my back with that lie filled PM.

      • Well you got one thing right MBM. I did start posting on FST again.

        However she didn’t frequent FST, she hadn’t been near it in two years.
        I didn’t follow her, in fact I was trying to avoid her.

        As long as there are scum like you who go around spewing lies about what actually happened, in favour of some completely false theory that floats around inside your twisted little fucked up head, then no that won’t be the end of it.

    • I don’t know how good your memory is chavis, but if you remember back, the first time you called me a stalker, and the claims of a “source” came about in that thread of mine.

      I was horrified, I couldn’t figure out how you’d linked me to her. I’d made no posts at her. I’d made no comment about her anywhere. Yet you were obviously talking about her “a female member of the board” and of course she was the only one posting.

      I figured she’d said something innocuous to Ben, and that he had said something, adding 1 and 1 and making 3. That in time it would all be set straight. That behind the scenes she would correct the completely false claims about me stalking her.

      Then there was the comment by Kev, which kind of supported my thoughts that this was something you’d got via a third party. From the same source as he had obviously got something from. Something which had been misinterpreted into something it wasn’t.

      How fucking naive was I to not realise she had fed you that pack of lies. That she was your “source”.

      • Maybe, just maybe, you SHOULD NOT HAVE FOLLOWED HER TO A SITE YOU KNOW SHE FREQUENTS. Again, you followed her.

        You crossed the line because YOU couldn’t “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM [HER]”. What is she supposed to do, leave the site because you decided to start posting? She is a long-time member with friends- YOU ARE NOT.

      • Know what, Dave? I’m a gonna go back and read that first thread again with the hindsight you’ve just furnished me with. It’ll be so much sweeter the second time, when I’m graphically assured of the effect.

        I don’t usually get a post-mortem from suckers like you. It’s always left to conjecture, and I can never be quite sure I’ve done a number on some cunt.

        Wonderful. And good morning.

      • In fact fuck it, you are such a vicious little fucked up man MBM, a man who ignores that facts in favour of spewing nasty vicios comments at others, because you are a cunt. I hope nothing but nasty (and I mean realy nasty shit) happens to you throughout your life. You deserve it.

      • You’re welcome chavis 🙂

        I can’t see why you shouldn’t revel in your little part of that nasty bitches viciousness towards me. As I’ve said before I can see you were just used as a tool to deliver her vicious attacks, so it’s not your fault.

    • Last night I sat down and typed up an email, with the intention of sending it to them animal rights activists. The ones I posted the link for above. It details who she was, where she worked, the position she holds, what she did for a living and how she killed the animals, thousands of animals. Her home address, her home telephone number, her facebook page, and I attached a nice photo of her to ensure they could identfy her.

      The only thing that stopped me sending it is… and I don’t know the answer to that anymore. I feel that I had every right to send it, I feel that she deserved for me to send it.

      I don’t know what delusions you all have about all of this, but I am coming dangerously close to doing what I always counselled her to be careful of. Of making a decision which I can’t take back.

  23. Dave, I stopped reading when you confused the context of ‘whom’ in the first sentence. Feel free to rape the English language in this blog. I’ll be here to guide you. Until I get distracted.

    Dave, you’re not quite up to the measure of your native tongue, son. Get back to school and approach me when they’ve beaten a semblance of sense into you.

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