Stop banning people that are not me

Manker you powermaniac those people you are banning are not me.  Also, stop removing my posts when I tell you it’s me and I’m not hiding.  It’s no fair, I called timeout and I’m not playing anymore.

I’m glad you’ve finally seen your mate/my mate for what he is: a nasty, pathetic little man who only lets you post what he/common decency dictates is acceptable and won’t let you throw shit all over whoever you want, whether you want to or not. But if you refuse to let him chuck and more bile and shit at you he’ll just hate you, and I know why he wants to hate you, I know why he wants to hate you. I know why he wants to hate you. Because hate is all the world has ever seen lately.

-limp impetus


61 thoughts on “Stop banning people that are not me

  1. I don’t hate Dave. Manker doesn’t hate Dave. Chalice? Nope. Mary? No chance. Idol? He’s Canadian.

    In order to hate something, there is a certain amount of hierarchy involved. You can hate your peers at work because, to a certain extent, you are equals and competing for the same resource (promotions/position/raises). You can hate an idea, or something that is being done. Certainly, there is no shortage of hatred for child molesters. Many who lived under the regime in the former USSR hate communism as they lived through it.

    Here’s the thing. I don’t think it is possible to hate something that is less than yourself. Sure, one could “hate” stupidity, but that would be a pointless exercise as “hating” it would do nothing to change the, well, inflicted…

    Here is where Dave comes in. He is not a peer to any of us. He is not a peer in terms of work. He is not the embodiment of “evil”, stupidity (debatable point here), and he is certainly not in a position of power that would make anyone hate the concept that is “Dave”.

    In fact, the only way that anyone’s position of relevancy is “tested” is on the forum(s). It is here where each individual shows their merit, and ultimately, their place in the “hierarchy” that is The Lounge.

    Dave has done NOTHING to show his “superiority” over anyone else on the Bored. In fact, he is about as flaccid as Darth Cicero’s peen at a teen bikini contest. There’s just not much going on with the guy.

    So, there you have it, Dave. No one “hates you”, or spreads hatred towards you for the simple fact that you are not worthy of our hatred.

    I hope this eases your mind on the subject. :console:

    • MBM, that might have held some water had you posted on FST, but posting it on Marys nasty hate site, a site created specifically for the expression of bile and hateful statements about me, makes it just fucking laughable.

      You all love the expression of hatred so much, unless someone is doing it at one of you, then you’re standard cowards, falling back on the old adages of coward bullies. “It was a joke” etc, etc.

      What Mary said there tonight was nasty hateful shit, making defining statements about me when he doesn’t know anything at all about me, except the nasty shit you lot have made up as you’ve gone along. Tell me why is it OK for Mary to do that, but you all go whining like children when I do it towards anyone of you? Are you really all so fragile that you can’t handle what you dish out?

    • Oh! And I did love your snidey little dig at me not being your peer in terms of work. Tell me MBM, what do I do for a living?

      • Says the man who knows nothing about my relationships with my children, but who presumes he can pass judgement about them. Yet who will whine like a fucker should I dare to point out that I am a better father than he will ever be.

        Now do you want to tell me what I do for a living? Or are you just going to demonstrate what an ignorant yet judgemental prick you are again?

      • Your home life is a fucking disaster- through info you’ve shared, Dave. If you really gave a fuck, you’d concentrate on spending time with your family and FAR LESS time obsessing over a long-finished affair you had.

        You are [i]the[/i] faildad, Dave.

      • In my fucked up little mind MBM, my home life is perfectly happy, and my children call me the best Dad in the world. If they don’t say it, I punish them.

      • I have so many problems Mary, I don’t quite know where to begin.

        Lettuce start with the continuing editing of the words I write up in here, y’all. What do you think that does? It obviously doesn’t bother me, as I keep on posting up in here, boyz! What’s best from my POV is that you think you have to edit what I say to make me look mental, when I do an AWESOME job all by my self. Gonna live all by my self. Gonna laugh all byyyy myyyyy self. Shows how stupid you’re cliams about me being mental are.

        Then there’s the sheer stupidity of your common position, the one MBM tried his best to represent earlier, you know the one about how nothing I post is worth anything, and therefore it can’t be classified as ‘readable’. I can’t believe a scientist can be stupid enough to go around making such stupid statements, whilst maintaining the idiocy of stating exactly the reverse is true of things that I say up here. If what I say is hateful and mental, then hateful statements are also mental. Duh, boyz!

        I can’t be bothered covering the rest of it, to be perfectly Frank I don’t think I should be driving while typing all of this onto my Blackberry. Put succinctly, I can’t claim my spouting of hateful comments is any better than my spouting of stupid comments, and making myself look like a completely mental knob by having gotten banned on a site that has almost no standards only shows that.

  2. You nasty hate filled piece of shit.

    You worthless piece of scum, you spew nasty shitty names at me, when you spew forth the kind of fucked up deluded nasty shit you spewed forth with this hate site of yours.

  3. I think it’s about time we saw what you worthless pieces of scum are made of. I recently learned that I’m mostly water. I tried to put my head in a bucket to see what it would be like if I were all water, but kids started laughing at me. I shouted that they were all pieces of scum, but they hit me with Wacky Noodles so I ran out. Bullies.

    manker, I am very sorry for behaving like such a buffoon on your site. I have learnt how to use toilet paper, so I will try to be a man. I REALLY don’t want to be an embarrassment to my wife and family anymore.

  4. OK manker, there are three monkies jumping on the bed. One fell off, and the doctor said. No more monkies jumping on the bed! Two of which were apparently not jumping on the bed, so we won’t focus on their bile and hatred.

    I’m assuming you all found my new site?

    I guess that as you’re such a coward that you won’t want to see pictures of my miniature sausage. Basically, I’m like a midget, except the rest of my body is full-sized. I was rather embarrassed of it during high school and the military, but since I’ve started taking it out in public, I’ve gotten a lot of comments like, “How cute” and that has made me feel better about it.

    I’m obviously willing to drive across the country to show just how much of a twit I am. I’d like to show it to the girls in your office- which will UNDOUBTEDLY get me arrested for a VERY LONG TIME, so I KNOW I shouldn’t do that. Let’s see if I’m right. I’m guessing you REALLY don’t want to see my balls either. However, I want you to spew your man juice all over my supple, shaven chest.

    Woop. Woooop! Piece out.

    • OK so I’ve got the mentality of a cucumber sandwitch, but that you already knew. Many thanks for providing confirmation…

  5. Cheers Mary, if any of you never wish to find me, I’ll be the raving lunatic smearing feces all over himself and disturbing pedestrians.

    • You’re excepting manker and Squeamous from that I assume Mary, being as how you’ve confirmed who one of them is for me, and I know how to find the other slag whenever I want.

    • Now, why would such a sweet guy such as yourself elicit yet another person to dislike you, Dave? It’s not like you came to FST spewing shit about hating women, or something else…

      You poor thing, you. Everyone just picks on poor,poor, innocent wittle Dave. :console:

      • No they don’t MBM, it’s just you cowards who can’t cope with a dose of your own medicine who feel the need to go around spewing nasty shitty hateful posts about someone else. Someone who you won’t allow to respond in kind because you can’t handle it.

  6. MBM, you object to me labelling vast swathes of humanity as worthless scum, you might want to examine that objection given how you and your friends have treated me. You yourself have proven my labelling of the vast majority of humanity as complete and utter scum to be accurate.

      • I have personally experienced plenty of people who have behaved like you do MBM, so many. I have had my trust betrayed over and over again. Tell me again why I shouldn’t behave towards others as so many have towards me? As you do. Tell me again why I shouldn’t take all of my personal experience of betrayal and learn that trusting anyone is stupid. Sorry MBM, if people like you didn’t want people like me to become what I am, you should have all considered that before so many of you set about me. I am entitled to my views and opinions, I’ve paid the price of experience to get them.

      • Have you considered joining a Neo-Nazi group, Dave. There, you’d be able to share stories of hatred, stalking, betrayal, revenge, limited mental bandwidth, bigotry, etc. That group (as a hole) gets “mistreated” everywhere they go, too.

        You’d fit in, Dave. Heck, you could even exaggerate war stories with ’em.

      • In summary then, your position is that you can:
        Wander around the internet stating any particular individual (of your choosing) is detestable, and making nasty comments about them.
        Wander around the internet stating any particular group (of your choosing) is detestable, and making nasty comments about them.

        But I am not entitled to behave in exactly the same way?

        So you can see why you calling me mental for my statements is incredibly accurate.

    • When the “group” you are referring to is 1/2 the world’s population, and you used that position to intentionally make people dislike you, then yes. Enjoy your position of being eternally shit upon. You asked for it- at multiple places on the internet.

      • I’m OK with that, I hope you are too? You see just as it’s OK for people like you to shit upon people like me, so it’s OK for people like me to return it back to you.

      • Here you go MBM, you’ll love this.

        My wife has just informed me that her cousin has just got engaged. This is a cause for celebration amongst the women in her family, because they know she (the cousin) now has a man whom she can live off for the rest of her days. See that’s what women do, they leech off of men. So finding one who is gullible enough to be fooled into thinking the woman actually gives some kind of fuck about any other than herself, is a cause for celebration.

      • I have to admit not knowing an awful lot about Neo-Nazis, maybe you (with your obvious knowlegde) can educate me about them?
        Do they support people like you being allowed to roam around spewing forth nasty bile without consequence?
        Do they support people like Squeamous being defended from the consequences of her own nasty shitty behaviour?

      • I understand you are not well read, Dave. Basically, they are angry white Europeens who feel persecuted, and lash back at anyone they perceive to have it “better”, or “easier” than themselves. You’ll feel right (extreme right) at home.

      • I bow to your greater knowledge MBM.

        I’m afraid as I’ve never been one to go around spewing nasty hateful comments at people I don’t know I was never going to much about the subject.

        Of course with you being a man with a wealth of experience of that type of behaviour, it was immediately obvious to me that you would know all about them.

        There’s also the small problem of me being politically a centrist, I could never fit in with extremists like that. As I said the going around spewing bile and nasty statements at people I don’t know is something it’s taken me a long time to step upto, and I am still learning how to do it. That’s why I love you all so much MBM, with all of your obvious expertise at spewing forth bileous hateful statements I have learned so very much from you all.

  7. What is it you lot have against the members of FST being able to read the truth?

    manker himself confirmed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx members were taking xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Why shouldn’t xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with any xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? Not even in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    I can’t help wondering xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx after some FST xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx someone who should xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Come on manker, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, so that the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx what the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx are.

    • Well, well, well. It seems manker was lying (according to his latest claim), presumably chavis was too? Despite his love of the truth 😆

      Ergo my real name was fed to you all by Squeamous, just as I’ve stated all along.

      • Yeah, yeah, yeah. What you’re missing is what has actually happened MBM. manker threw himself and FST under the bus in some vain attempt to defend the scumbag behaviour of Squeamous. Why? He wouldn’t have done that if it’s been any one of you blokes, would he. No he did it because like all you knobs he’s been indoctrinated to believe he must defend women, even from the consequences of their own shitty nasty behaviour. That’s why I’m banned, so that his nasty little slut friend doesn’t have to face me posting nasty shitty comments about her, and you wonder why I laugh at you all.

      • No, Dave. It mainly comes down to you being a boring, repetitious, dumb ass.

        Now you know the truth. We were all trying to keep from hurting your feelings with it, but you dragged the truth out. Well done, Shirley Holmes. :dry:

        Yer still banned, though. And, if you don’t come up with something new, fresh, interesting, Mary is going to ban you here.

      • The lies have had an interesting side effect. Cabalo feels personally insulted by the suggestion that an Admin Team member has leaked my personal details.

        Of course why he feels he should be exempt from feeling personally insulted is beyond me, he did sit back and allow you all to personally insult me for months upon end. And of course all I actually did was ask a question which was created by two of his mates, all over a board Cabalo has control over.

        Oh! BTW, YOU claiming I’m the boring repiticious one when it’s all of you who have spewed this all over thread after thread in the lounge is just fucking hilarious.

      • It’s OK MBM, I’m sure manker and chavis will apologise to Cabalo for insulting him by publicly lying that an Admin Team member leaked my personal details to them.

  8. No I’ve admitted to having about five particularly vociferous people (who oddly enough were all friends of Squeamous, making me wonder if she was the creator of all of that as well) from a.n.other site spew bile and hateful statements at me. Just like so many of you, they’re all a bit odd as well. Albeit they’re not quite sad and hateful enough to spend time creating a speshul hate site for me, such as Mary did here. They were much more limited in their capabilities and could only manage a facebook hate page, and a few relatively mild posts compared with the loveliness of all of your efforts. That’ll be because they’re not such good retards as you.

    I’m guessing that’s part of the FST attraction for you all? The opportunity to really study this art of spewing forth bile and taking it to the absolute extremes that you all so love to do. There certainly don’t seem to be many sites with so many whom specialise in taking it anywhere near as far as the speshul members of FST do.

    I am trying MBM, I hope that one day I might be as proficient as you all are at spewing forth nastiness, I’m pleased that you can see my efforts to be an ass like you are starting to bear fruit.

    • What are we hating here, Dave? This is a shrine to you being a funny little man-like-thing with a nasty temper, a limited vocabulary, and an indefatigable love of echoing words that have lost all their original wit by the time you find them.

      The place wouldn’t exist if you had more than 2 dimensions.

      • nasty temper? Really? What gives you that idea MBM? If I have such a nasty temper, how come you’ve still not seen her bewbs? Surely I would have posted them out of nastiness? Or maybe I should have spouted off some comment about her sex life with her husband in a fit of temper… maybe in response to her posting comments about my sex life with my wife. I could have done that, if I had a nasty temper couldn’t I MBM? So how come I haven’t?

        Get a grip man, you’re lost in a quagmire of hate generated by a lie which wasn’t even told to you.

      • You are the only one making death/physical harm threats, visiting people’s place of work, and hanging out in front of someone’s house.

        I guess we can add forgetful to your list of charming traits, Dave.

        Why is it I feel like your only friend, and I don’t even like you? :unsure:

      • Stop talking bollocks MBM.

        I distinctly remember both her and chavis consipring to have me killed, then later on chavis conspiring to send Peter Sutcliffe around to visit me, amongst varioius other serial killers. You shouldn’t believe anything you read on the internet MBM

        I haven’t been anywhere near her place of work since just after I ended our friendship, and then tried to return her stuff to her, so that’s yet more bollocks.

        I haven’t hung aorund in front of anyones house, so that’s yet more bollocks.

        Keep trying MBM, I’m sure in your hatefilled little mind that sooner or later you’ll find a reason which might bear some resemblence to reality.

        As for my wife’s sex life, you do remember what happened the last time you decided you could spew bileous posts at me about my children. The “I’m a victim” act you felt you needed to play when you eventually got one comment back. Do you really want to try that again? Cause I can do it for your wife as well if you want?

      • [quote]As for my wife’s sex life, you do remember what happened the last time you decided you could spew bileous posts at me about my children. [/quote]

        Bileous=”Go spend some time with your children before they get older, and you miss the chance.”

        The sad thing is, you have been so obsessed with what a long-over affair, and a few of her online few of her online chat friends that you have continued to miss out on those once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

        As far as I understand, this is a completely no-holes-barred site. Spew forth your most vile, putrid, grammatically reprehensible, and facts-be-damned posts your semi-literate mind-of-sorts can come up with.

        Too the pain, Dave. Too the pain…


      • Trying to paint yourself and how you behaved towards me in a good light by selecting the mildest example of what you posted about my children isn’t going to work when you’re talking to me MBM. I remember those foaming at the mouth CAPSLOCKED RANTS you spewed forth at me.

        I’m also not sure quite how you work out that me being out on the internet means I am neglecting my children, surely if that is true then you too are guilty of neglecting your children by being on the internet.

        That’s right MBM, your nasty suggestion that I am neglecting my children is easily recognised for what it is. That you’re stupid enough to comment upon my relationships with my children, something you know absolurtely fuck all about, something I know you can’t know fuck all about. By suggesting that I neglect them whilst being stupid enough to not realise the suggestion, if true for me, must also be true for you, speaks volumes about you MBM.

        You keep repeating that crap about me being obsessed over some long-over affair yet can’t produce anything to support that. No posts at her, other than ones asking her to stay away from me. No posts lamenting my loss. I’ve also repeatedly told you all that what I believed I had with Squeamous was a friendship. not an affair. That was what she told me we had, although I now know that was a lie.

        Do try to at least have a grasp of the stupidity which you spew forth MBM, all this repeating of simple truths to correct the incorrect crap you are throwing around is boring.

    • [quote=MBM]This is a shrine to you being a funny little man-like-thing with a nasty temper, a limited vocabulary, and an indefatigable love of echoing words that have lost all their original wit by the time you find them.[/quote]

      I appreciate the fact the only one of my points you [i]attempted[/i] to dispute was the “nasty temper”. We’ll just consider the rest to be mutually accepted points, then. :happy:

      • You lot should try to co-ordinate the shite you spew forth, you all hate me for differing reasons. Honestly manker, get a grip of them, try to provide some leadership man, tell them the reasons and make sure they stay on message.

  9. When is our deluded friend going to understand that it was him who left clues all over the internet as to his identity and that’s how everyone knew his name.

    I bet it’s not after this post, oh no.

  10. I’ve just covered that in the Reporting Section of FST with/for manker and Cabalo.

    I’m not whining about you having found out my last name, I couldn’t really give a toss. I’m not particularly arsed about you finding out I was manicgeek. It’s that first name bit. Simply because that was the starting point. There are only two possible sources for that. Her and the post in the Reporting Section as manicgeek.

    Given either one of them (my first name or manicgeek) you were always going to be able to find out the rest.

    I even gave you the source I’m fairly sure Barbie used to find out my real full name. That was after manker the mentalist banned me though.

    What I don’t get is why none of you are man enough to just admit it was her? I know it was her, you know it was her, she knows it was her. Probably inadvertantly in that nasty little PM she sent to chavis (I’m guessing).

    Anyway, given that it’s been obvious for a while where it came from, and yet I still haven’t broken her trust and posted the topless pic, or spewed forth all sorts of intimate personal details of her life, I can’t see why you’re all afraid to just admit it? Like it’s going to change anything. We all know where it came from.

    @ manker
    That latest ban excuse is the lamest evar… we already covered that not all topless phoaties are porn. FFS! Mate, do try to keep up.

  11. OK shall we work out the reasoning for all of you hating me here, so that we can put some coherency into the different versions of utter crap you’re all spewing forth onto the internet.

    I’ll start by summarising the existing positions.

    manker hates me and has banned me because:
    1) He doesn’t find me likeable.
    2) He believes that I am on FST to take out my ire on a girl.
    – By NOT posting nasty posts at her.
    – By NOT sending her nasty PMs.
    – By NOT posting the photo of her bewbs.
    – By NOT posting personal intimate details of her life.

    MBM hates me because:
    1) I generalise about distrusting women, which he interprets as me having stated I hate all women.
    2) I post nasty shit in my posts, just like the kind of nasty shit he and others so love posting at me.
    3) I’m sure there’s another reason but I can’t quite remember it at the moment… some neo nazi crappy thing… I’ll be honest that one lost me completely, simply because it’s so incoherent.

    Mary hates me because:
    1) I am a man whom he knows just about nothing about, but who has exactly the same characteristics as his father.

    chavis hates me because:
    1) Actually chavis doesn’t hate me, he dislikes that I have dished his shit back to him on a plate, but beyond that he couldn’t care about me at all.

    Now where would you like to start with forming this into some kind of coherent set of reasons for you all hating me?

    Is it because I am deliberately targetting a specific individual, aka mankers version?
    Is it because I am being far to general in the expression of my ire, as per MBMs version?
    Is it because I share the family traits of someone or other within your family whom you dislike?
    Are you really here just because you’re obsessed with venting your imaginary frustrations about how crap your life really is, and you felt I (being such a happy and lucky chap) make a good target for you to vent at?

    • Dave, you are forgetting one KEY point. None of us NEEDS any reason at all to dislike, or as you are fixated on saying, hate you. I repeat, no reason necessary.

      You came to FST and mumsnet with the SOLE intent of verbally riling people up. Even your choice of user name was meant to indicate your “I’m an ass!” intent.

      Say all you want, and pretend like everyone has chosen to “spew” at you because of Squeams, but you brought all the “spewing” on yourself. Face it, you wanted DESPERATELY to follow Squeams around like a little lost floor pissing semi-retarded puppy dog, and you’ve managed to do it even though you got your dumb ass banned.

      • All this thinking is really fucking with your mind isn’t it MBM?

        You’re even contradicting yourself within the same post now. Look at that one, where you have me coming to FST to spew bile around at everyone, and coming to FST to follow Squeamous around like a lost little boy. All in the same post.

        I’ve covered why I came back to FST over and over again. My reason is proved by the posts I made when I came back. Which is why none of you can find any post to quote at me to prove your wild fantasies about why I started posting on FST again.

        The only point you posted there which is of any interest is the first one, none of you need any reason to dislike me, yet apparently I must like you all, and if I don’t and I post at you as you do at me, I’m being nasty towards you and should be banned. Seriously that’s the completely fucked up way you lot think, and you don’t even realise how mental that is.

      • No I came to FST for chavis.

        I have only ever responded to you in pretty much the same way as you posted at me. Hence my constant references to you not being able to take what you dish out.

        TBH this discussion is utterly ridiculous. Nothing will be gained from it. You have condemned me for your suspicions. Suspicions which you can’t produce a single piece of evidence to support, but that doesn’t seem to matter. That you have suspicions is enough.

        You are all the kind of people who go to a paediatricians house and abuse him, because you’re too stupid to understand that the thoughts floating around in your heads, the ones you can’t support with facts, the ones which bear no resemblence to reality, aren’t real. Just lIke this mob did.

        So either produce the evidence that I have stalked her, or accept that you’re just another mob handed twat, no better than KKK members, or those who mob handedly attack innocent people, because of your own ignorance, and the delusions you create in your heads.

        I suppose you could all join up to a Neo Nazi group, you know all about them so you can advise which one, I hear they like dushing out mob justice, for their imaginary prejudices.

        You should be proud of yourself MBM, you’ve all shown yourselves up nicely.

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