I know that deep down Snee lilkes me just as much as he likes MBM and that Mary loves me like she loves Idol, but sometimes I just feel like I don’t want to be the butt of the joke all the time, you know? This brilliant wheeze by manker about banning me is hilarious :glag: but sometimes I just want it too end. He’ll lift the ban soon but I miss my friends. I think I’ll just make some more new accounts with my friends’ names in them to make myself feel better :glag:

Typical of the lies and hate my subconscious spews is the dream I had when I thought that no-one liked me and it made me sad so when I woke up I smashed my wife’s keyboard up and she wouldn’t buy a new one so now I have too use my 8 year old daughter’s. I hope she doesn’t spew any hate or bile at me because it’s the last keyboard left. That fucking bitch probably will though.

5 thoughts on “Badinage

  1. “Seriously? That is so piss poor Mary. I told you you should have created me an account here, I could have done much better than that. You need to pick up your game here old chap.” :glag:

  2. :console:

    ’tis OK MBM, anyone looking around this site can clearly see Mary hasn’t got any kind of clue at all. So no one will believe it.

  3. Thanks, BD! Maybe I could begin stalking Snee. That is the [i]surefire[/i] way to get someone to change their opinion of you. :yup:

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