Soliloquy of a Baseball Bat

The last five threads I made were nothing to do with the lie that woman spewed to chavis in PM, yet manker banned me anyway, I don’t know what I have too do too prove it to manker that my last five threads were spew free. I could write them on his face with a baseball bat and then he’d know :glag:

Typical of the lies and hate he spews was the last time I got banned from a place where people talk to me, he said it was for not ever being funny :glag: but I am funny, I keep posting :glag: after my words and that makes them funny. Also people keep laughing at me :glag: I think I’m the only one who gets it, they don’t get it. I’m fucking hilarious :glag:

7 thoughts on “Soliloquy of a Baseball Bat

  1. “Mary,

    You should consider making me a proper account here you know, so I can put proper posts up.”
    I’m running out of keyboards to smash up.

  2. “Mary,
    What’s this I hear about you reporting my posts on FST? Don’t tell me you’re another one who can dish it out, but who can’t take it back? Like so many of your sad and pathetic mates.”
    Okay, so I report manker all the time for spewing hate and bile on the internet, prolly like 10 times already, and I’ve reported chavis and mbm to but omfg this is so sad and pathetic

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