Funny how MBM, manker and Mary all seem to have temprorarily stopped spewing bile and venom and rancour and malice.  I told them the time for words have passed, and I never lie.  That’s why I had to come back and remind all of you that the time for words have passed.

Monday, ohhh I bet you cant wait too see what happened on Monday.  Come one, why isnt anyone asking about Monday.  I know the suspence must be killing them at least hafl as much as its killing me.  I will show you, I will show you all this passed Monday!  NO MORE WORDS!  I’m escalating the point that I no longer use words!


7 thoughts on “Monday

  1. “I love how predictable you all are Mary, no matter what I say, no matter what I do, you’re always there ready and waiting to respond to my latest poke with a pointy stick, you’re nearly as entertaining as chavis was… nearly, but not quite. manker on the other hand… now he’s really good, as good as chavis, in fact I think he’s even better than chavis now. With his new enhanced position, complete with super powers over the content of FST, now he is fun. I don’t think I shall ever tire of poking him with a pointy stick. How could I, he responds even when I’m not poking him :glag:”

  2. “Mary,

    What makes you think it took me a long time too get anything? Quite the contrary old chap I got that you and your scum friends are worthless pieces of shit very quickly.

    Here’s a question for you? How long do you think it’s going to take manker to realise that I am actively stalking him and am actively going to take a baseball bat with me because he seems scary?”

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