Internet bullying

Im tired of being bullied, I have printouts of the entire internets where anyone has ever said anything bad about me over all time.  Since I moved my family to a new home I have been using my old home to store all of these printouts and though there almost no room to walk around it has shown too provide suficient space.

I have emails from my own mother that she would send me from her cancer deathbed saying bad stuff about me, that lying bitch.  Im going to show all of these to the police including my threats of pysical harm and they will see that Im justified in my tantrum.  Even the judge will ask why is every spewing bile at me and lying that I should have everyone arrested and restarined.

They even bully me on my own blog where a few poeple who dont like me and I visit.  I contribut most to the bullying of me so hopefully the judge will give me a good spanking.


One thought on “Internet bullying

  1. “Yet more deliberate lies and derision designed and posted to deliberately hurt another person. You don’t need to bother Mary, Sqeamouss little lie and the resultant months of you all screaming “Stalker” at me repeatedly have already pushed me past the point of inaction.”

    I mean you dont understand the fact that I HAVE too come here and read this stuff every day. You know I have no free will in the matter so why do you force me to come here and read it, huh? This site is about me, how can someone as vain as I avoid coming here? Your going to make me repeat this over and over again Mary I just know it. Youll never learn so maybe the police can hlep you too understand.

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