The CPS definition for “remind” is to insist on a delusion until everyone else comes into complaince with what Dave beleaves.  The sooner it happens the sooner I can stop reminding everone of everything.


One thought on “Reminder

  1. It’s not a delusion, it’s fact. Admitted by chavis on your board.

    She sent him a message implying I was stalking her.

    At that time, there had been no posts by me at her. (except for the pornographic threats but that was only so I could get her to message me)
    At that time there had been no responses to her posts by me.
    At that time there had been no attempt at personal contact between me and her. (since I was trying to get her too message me, its diffrent)

    None of those above conditions existed for months after her nasty little private message.
    None of those conditions existed until after SHE had publicly revealed that she was ‘that woman’. I had too drive all the way too her residents too get her to fess up.
    None of those conditions existed until after she had betrayed publicly that at one time the relationship we had was sexual. (Although the evidence on the board suggests she had revealed that privately sometime previously).

    The definition is clear.

    And since I endlessly repeat shit, I’ll repeat something with at least some accuracy

    – to locate personal information about a victim; (I made sure to leave info she knew around the internet so that I can accuse her of this)
    – to communicate with the victim; (I had to drive all the way to her place to get her to finally get her to break this one)
    – as a means of surveillance of the victim;
    – identity theft such as subscribing the victim to services, purchasing goods and services in their name; (Ecru, ecrruuuuuu, eek eek eek eeeeeekkkkrruuuuuu)
    – damaging the reputation of the victim; (I believe it was she that damaged my reputation since anyone that talks too me would only find out that I’m a vain, confused misogynistic, scarred, angry lillte man. Without her input, nobody would have known that I actually was able too have a female friend at any point in my life and thats vary damging to my reputation)
    – electronic sabotage such as spamming and sending viruses; or
    – tricking other internet users into harassing or threatening a victim. (When I told my stalking story I was making myself sound cool, she tricked all of you by not liking my visit)

    Point 7 was the nasty shitty little lie Squeamous to chavis. I know she sent him a lie even though I cant read anyone elses PMs and dont know what any of it said. You know its true because I said it and I dont lie.

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